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As a mom, I know how hard it is when trying to make that dreaded decision, should I become a stay at home mom, or should I go back to work? Maybe financially, staying at home isn’t an option. Or even worst – the single mom who has no other support or income from a spouse.



There are MANY work from home jobs that will allow you to make a living while staying at home. I will be compiling a list of them with comprehensive reviews of how to get started. As I move along, I will link them to this page! – so keep you’re eye out.



There are many companies that also try to spam you, steal your bank account numbers, and rob you blind! I will also be compiling a list of the greatest scams on the internet. Again, I will link them throughout the site – so be sure to bookmark this page and watch as the list updates!



I’m sure as a mom, you already know the answer to this question. I work at home because I want to deepen the relationship I have with my children. I want to be their main influence in life -not a daycare teacher, not a public or private school teacher – ME. Not that those other people are ‘bad’ and certainly I want to give my children the ability to be influenced by other adults and learn to trust them. BUT I want to be the primary person.

And for me – I can’t do that if they’re gone 8+ hours a day 5+ days a week. For me – it doesn’t work. If I had to be gone all day, I would come home tired, cranky, and worn out from my ‘job.’ I wouldn’t have the energy to spend that quality time with my children.



So for this article, I want to stick with some job ideas that you can easily do – without having to utilize the internet or a computer. (For more ideas check out my WAHM REVOLUTION page)

1. START AN IN-HOME DAYCARE – Sure, you can stay home with your kids, but realistically, not every mother can. If you have some spare room, a kind heart, and the patience to deal with other people’s children, you can make good money. Daycare workers charge upwards of $30/day. That’s $250/week per child. If you take in two or three kids – you can make a decent amount of spare change!

2. START A DOGGIE DAYCARE – Doggie daycares are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Especially for families who have a new puppy and don’t have the time to spend with them during the day. You can offer to watch, or even just walk other people’s pets during the day. Your kids will have fun with this one too -especially if they’re old enough to help out! (This could even be the start of your child’s very own business!)

3. FOSTER CARE – If you and your spouse are willing to take in other people’s children full time, then this can be a very rewarding way to make some extra income. THIS WILL NOT GET YOU RICH. In fact, you don’t make tons of money fostering, and if you are fostering for the money – DON’T. These are kids’ lives we are talking about. BUT, if you have it in your heart, I would encourage you to contact your local Children’s Division today!

4. GOOD OL’FASHIONED LEMONADE STANDS AND GARAGE SALES! If you have some extra clothes/toys/kitchenware laying around, why not sell them? You can set up a stand in your front yard – or even better have a virtual garage sell. Okay, so that requires a computer and the internet, but it still works.

5. TUTORING. If you were good with a particular subject in school, then you can leverage your skills by offering to tutor other people’s children. Many children struggle in the public school systems these days and working parents are always looking for ways to help their children succeed.

6. MUSIC LESSONS OR SPECIAL SKILLS. Maybe you weren’t good at a general ‘subject’ in school, but you were an awesome piano player. Or maybe you are a great singer! Offering to help other parents enhance their child’s abilities (whether they actually have talent or not) can be a GREAT way of making some extra cash! Parents are ALWAYS looking for extra-curricular programs for their kids.



If you are a WAHM (Work At Home Mom) I’d love to hear your story and how you are making money working from your home. I will place featured articles on my website highlighting work from home moms that I know personally, and others who have a good story to share! Comment below for more details. Also drop any questions you have below. I look forward to hearing from you!

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