What You Need to Know Before Transcribing With CastingWords

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 Are you looking for Real Work you Can Do at Home? Transcription work can be some of the Best Work at Home Jobs you can do comfortably from your own computer. But there are things you need to know about transcription work. Find out the Inside Scoop and what you need to know before signing on with any transcription website!

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3 Biggest Critiques or “Hurdles” of Most Entry Level Transcription Jobsstepping in gum

First off, recognize that transcription sites that hire with no experience can be a great place to gain some experience, but don’t put your eggs in one basket.

1.The biggest criticism of beginning transcription sites is that there is not always enough work. That is true. Ideally, you would sign up with multiple sites to increase your chances of having a consistent work load.


2. The second hurdle, is that while the majority of transcription is the same – some companies have different rules for how they want their workers to perform the same tasks. Take time to learn what each company wants!


3. The third critique is that the learning curve can be very difficult – making it hard until you really get the hang of it.


What I Would Do

You can be successful too


If transcription work is your thing, then I would suggest learning more about the type of work you will be performing. Transcribe Anywhere offers a free online mini course. I would suggest signing up and at least browsing the courses to see if this is even the type of work you would be happy performing.


Can You Make Money?

That being said, I believe the transcription business can be very lucrative if you know what you are doing. If this is something you really want to pursue, sign up and give it a try!

Once you have experience, the doors could be opened for higher paying gigs that can satisfy a full time income. But, as with any entry level job – especially those ‘online work from home’, expect there to be hurdles and a learning curve you need to push past in the beginning.


Working With CastingWords


CastingWords is another entry level transcription website that will hire newbie transcriptionists to work from home.

It’s a really easy sign up process – it took me about 5 minutes to create an account. There will be an assessment you have to pass – so be sure to look at the Quick Start Guide and the Sample Test before trying to pass it on your own.


Who Can Apply

You can live almost anywhere in the world and as long as you have access to a good internet connection, you can apply to be a transcriber for CastingWords. If you think it’s for you, go ahead and apply now! 



While you don’t need any special equiptment or any type of training to get started. BUT, you need to be a patient person and willing to learn. It can take a while before you’re making enough money to validate the time you’re going to spend listening to audio and typing the script.


CastingWords Review

Before signing up with ANY company, you should look at the reviews left by real people who have experience working with that particular company. Here are some reviews from Glassdoor. The reviews are evenly mixed, but remember, when looking for this type of work you’ll have hurdles – it’s just the industry.



CastingWords Conclusion: 3/5 – So-So

With any job there will be pros and cons. Yes, I would say this is a legit company – but just like buying a used car, “buyer beware,” except instead of spending money, you’re giving up your time.

I would recommend taking the FREE MINI Course, sign up for a couple different transcription websites and see if this is something you want to do long term.


Here is a list of all the work from home companies I recommend including the transcription websites.

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Is there Something Better?

If you want my #1 Recommendation for learning how to make a sustainable income online, click HERE. You’ll receive 10 free video courses and an opportunity to begin building your own website from scratch! It’s where I started my online money making journey and I believe anyone can benefit from the knowledge they provide!

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Do you have experience working as a transcriptionist? Which company did/do you work for and how has your experience been? Let me know in the comments below!

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