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What does it mean to earn money online? Seems like a pretty simple concept, right? But HOW does it actually work?

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Let me show you the process of how making money online actually works.



Yes. In fact, there are several legit ways to earn money online. The problem comes from all the ‘flashy distractions’ that take your attention away from the REAL ways to earn money online.

Unfortunately, it’s easier to find a scam website online than it is to find an actual way to earn an online income.



While there are many ways, let’s discuss the most profitable and what I have found to be the best avenue.




By creating your own website that is tailored to a specific “NICHE” – or group of people with similar interests, you can write content that your target audience wants to read. Once you have traffic to your website, you can offer them products to purchase.

They don’t even have to be YOUR products. Affiliate Marketing is a term that simply means you promote someone else’s product online and if they purchase it, you receive a ‘finder’s fee’ or small commission.

For more information on this subject see HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH A BLOG.

Take a look here to see how the process works!process of earning money online

Affiliate Marketing can be a powerful tool – especially if you have powerful content that will bring readers consistently back to your website.

If you can offer them good information about products and services, then you can create a long – term customer relationship with them!



You can also install ADs on your website through various ad programs. Google AdSense is by far the most popular. When a visitor clicks on the add, you could be paid anywhere from $0.01 – $15 per click – THAT’S NOT EVEN SELLING ANYTHING!

But please don’t overuse this tool – it will make your website look spammy and ultimately you will drive your visitors away.

Here’s a short video that can explain and break down the consumer/producer process for earning money online.

Click to watch the video directly from a training website. Just scroll down to find the video, then come back see why most people fail at earning income with their website.

The Process of Earning Money Online



1. They focus on the RACE and not the MARATHON

Like any good business, it takes time and effort to build a website, create content people want to read, and to manage and maintain a blog.

Success doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, it can take months of hard work to begin making money online. But if you stick with it, the time it takes you in the beginning can pay off for a lifetime!

Before I started this blog, I had a personal blog that I had installed Google AdSense on without any knowledge of how it worked. Almost 2 years after not touching my blog, I checked my AdSense balance and had made $2.28! For no work! I shudder at the thought of what I could have made if I actually had put effort into that blog!


2. They Jump in without ANY KNOWLEDGE

Creating a website is fairly easy these days – especially with automated programs and site builders.

But simply having a website doesn’t mean you know HOW to MANAGE a website effectively. It’s better to find a training program, or platform that is willing to teach you and guide you every step of the way.


See how I started making Money in ONE MONTH with the training program I use!


3. They Start Strong, but then STOP LEARNING

It’s easy to jump in, find a lot of internet videos on how to get started, but then we fall into this trap of “I already know enough.”

Sure, you can make a little money in the short term, but if ever get to the point where you think you ‘know it all’ – then you’ve stopped reaching your potential and you won’t continue to grow in your online income. This will become frustrating, and eventually people give up.

Even I have to go back and re-watch videos and learn to how to re-do certain things to keep up. Plus, the way the internet runs is constantly changing and you have to adjust with it or you will simply fall behind.


are you ready to start making money online

If you need a website CLICK HERE to watch a video on how to quickly and easily set one up!

If you’re serious about making an income online, I highly recommend the training program at Wealthy Affiliate University. It’s free to get started and they offer a complete guide from start to finish.

Read more about how to GET STARTED HERE! 



That’s okay! Maybe you just need a few extra dollars here and there and want to know some other ways to earn money online.

Learn how you can write for other people and earn extra cash!

Or you can write for Blogmutt!

Are you good at crafts? Click here to see how you can open your own ETSY SHOP today! 


What’s your next business idea? Need help brainstorming a niche? Drop me a comment below! I’d love to help you find your place in the online marketing world?

If you have any other questions or comments, drop them below! Or, just say Hi! Keep an eye out for more tips and tricks on how to start and grow your business!


Spread the Love. Share and Enjoy!


  1. Bob says:

    Hi Kayla,

    Enjoyed your post on WA. 2 questions:

    1. Are websites created in WA blogging websites which educate and refer products to a selling website?

    2. Can I make a website on WA which sells my on products? An example would be short information reports.

    Have a great new year.


    • Kayla says:

      Hi Bob!
      Thanks for your comments and compliment.
      Yes, the training you receive for websites created on the WA platform are geared towards blogging – referring others to products through affiliate marketing. However, you can also use those websites to promote your own product and/or service. You will learn how to target specific locations. So, if you had a small business – you will learn how to target people who do specific searches in your area. And Yes, you can also set your website up to sell your own products. You can learn how to install the Paypal Checkout method (which is what I would recommend.)

      You can try out Wealthy Affiliate for FREE by clicking HERE. You can also always stay a free member too. But the paid membership gives you access to the advanced training and support!

      Let me know if you have any other questions. Good luck!

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