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Alright ladies, who doesn’t love long lasting makeup? The problem – most makeup wears off within a couple hours. You leave the house twinning with Angelina Jolie – and by the end of the day you look more like Jabba the Hut!

Okay, so maybe it’s not THAT bad, but it is annoying  when you take the time to doll yourself up only to have about half the amount of lipstick left by the end of the night.

So what if you could wear long lasting makeup AND make money selling it at the SAME time? No sales experience, NO PROBLEM!


Kodi rocks life wearing many different hats. She is a full time mom of many – biological, adoptive, and foster children fill her home. She is a full time wife and a full time bank manager. So why is featured on our WAHM page?

Let’s look at THE SIDE HUSTLE.


When someone signs up to be an independent sales distributor, it simply means that a ‘parent’ company enters into an agreement to allow an individual to purchase their products at a discounted rate and sale them for a profit or commission.

Most independent agents are allowed to sell a company’s products via their own business strategy. You can create a company and sell the products without having the same name as the parent company, and you have the freedom to do it all on your own time in your own way.


Kodi owns her own home based business called KISSES AND WISHES. She is an independent distributor with a company called Senegence. What is their best selling product? – LipSense.


While Senegence offers many different beauty products, they are most well known for the their product called LipSense. What’s LipSense? It’s an all day, long-lasting lip color that truly doesn’t budge!


Kodi started as a proud customer of LipSense and when she began wearing it to work and around town, she noticed everyone was always asking her about her lipstick. She had previously been asked to become a sales distributor but turned it down because the thought of adding another thing into her already crazy life seemed impossible.

But once she noticed she was sending customers to someone else, she quickly changed her mind and signed on to be a sales distributor. She found wearing the product was the best way to promote and sell it!

With Senegence, the commission rate can be as high as 50%, so this is a business opportunity that will make you good money AND is fun at the same time. Who doesn’t love lipstick, right?


The start up cost for this company is very low, only $55! You could be spending hundreds more for access to other company’s products. Listen to Kodi’s words of wisdom:

How many success stories do you have to read before you write your own? I’ve bought a lot of things for $55 but only one of them has ever given my a paycheck! I’d love for you to join my team.


And you can be part of Kodi’s team TODAY and start your very own business on YOUR terms.

Or, if you just love the product, contact Kodi and get your LipSense TODAY!

Head over to Facebook and Check out Kodi’s Kisses and Wishes page.


This is legit company and a fantastic way to earn some extra cash on the side!





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