Working At Home with ViaSource Solutions

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Work at Home with ViaSource Solutions

ViaSource Solutions, formerly known as 1NW Contact, is another home-based position that involves taking inbound calls from customers wanting to purchase an order they see on TV or from another media source. You can also be hired as a Lead Generator, meaning you call those who have requested information about a company’s product or service.



ViaSource provides an opportunity for those looking to work from home full or part time. This may be a good position for anyone looking for a work at home position including college students, stay at home moms, or for the disabled who physically can’t commute to work.


At ViaSource there are three types of positions you can acquire.

  1. Inbound Calls

  2. Lead Generation Calls

  3. Specific Company Training


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ViaSource is NOT a ‘drop in when you want’ type of position. You will have scheduled hours (although you can have a say in the schedule), and you NEED to show up during your scheduled times. Even though you will be at home, there is still a level of professionalism that needs to accompany your work ethic. Not just for this company, but in my opinion in EVERY job you do!


They do offer an extra incentive for those working BOTH Saturday and Sunday OR those working later than 9pm. You will be provided with training and a coach to help answer any questions you may have. There is also ongoing training through ‘web conferences’ you might be required to attend.


To see their current openings, click HERE.



Inbound Call

With this position, you would take calls from customers who call in looking to place an order from an ad they either heard or saw. (Think Infomercials and radio ads.)happy girl on phone

As an inbound call agent, you would be responsible for entering and verifying caller information as well as answering questions and resolving any issues a caller might have. You will be able to explain products, complete registration forms and offer other products to upsell a purchase.

You should have a ‘phone-friendly’ voice and a quiet work environment.



Lead Generation Calls

This position is more for extroverted individuals who make outgoing calls based on information a customer has provided through a specific webpage. Think of last time you entered your phone number on a survey inquiry or questionnaire. Did you get call right away? That was someone calling you through a lead generation program. (I don’t particularly like these people who call me – but, hey, they got money to make too!)


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Specific Company Training

With this position, you will learn about the ‘nitty-gritty’ details about a specific company’s product or service. You would be in charge of handling specific questions/comments/or concerns in chat rooms, respond to emails, and work alongside the company performing tasks such as appointment setting, calendar maintenance, etc.



Each position has specific requirements, but most require a high-speed internet connection and updated computer operating system.

You also need at least a high school diploma.




The company has many pros:

  • The ability to work from home

  • The flexibility in the job offers you the ability to create your own schedule, but keep in mind that they NEED certain hours to be filled.

  • They also offer incentives if you work weekends and evenings.

  • They offer weekly pay.



  • The application process can seem rather long.

  • You need to apply online, answer a questionnaire, and be interviewed by a ViaSource Representative.

  • Once hired you will have to complete UNPAID training sessions.

  • As much as I’ve researched, I can’t find way to progress and move up through this company. You might be stuck at $9/hour. – If you have experience with this and this is incorrect, please let me know!


Legitthumbs up

While this company is legit it only has a 3.6 overall rating at People have commented that it’s hard for them to define ‘working hours.’ Some people said they had trouble getting paid on time, while others report that it has never been a problem.

I will say, that since their name change, it seems as if the company is being managed much better. Here is a comparison of the overall rating from when the company was 1NW Contact verses now as ViaSource Solutions.


side by side review comparision



Here is what people had to say who work for this company.


Click HERE to see open positions and apply today! 


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Do you have experience with a work at home company? What did you like about it? What really frustrated you? Let me know in the comments below!

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