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Have you been searching the internet to find real work at home jobs? There are many companies that hire people to work from home, but finding LEGIT WORK AT HOME JOBS can be difficult! Maybe you’ve even considered transcription work that you can do from home. Well, you’re in luck! If transcription work is something you’ve been wanting to try, here is a company that will hire Entry Level Transcription Workers from home!

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What is Transcription Work?

Transcription work consists of listening to audio recordings and then typing what you hear – and sometimes what you don’t hear, i.e. [long-pauses].

Transcription work varies by field – from medical to legal transcription jobs. Specific transcription jobs generally require some sort of training (i.e. medical and/or legal), but there are companies that hire entry level transcriptionist.

Allegis Transcription is one of those companies!



You can be successful too



Allegis Transcription

Allegis Transcription works specifically with insurance companies. The work that you would perform at Allegis would be typing up audio regarding insurance property claims. It might not sound like the most thrilling work you can do – but it just might pay those extra bills!

Allegis has been in business over 20 years and is a very reputable company.

If hired, you can have the freedom to choose your hours. The convenient online portal allows you to choose audio files 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

They hire both Entry Level transcriptionist and Experienced Transcriptionists.


What’s it Like to Work At Allegis?



  • To be considered you MUST live in the United States.
  • You also need a WINDOWS based PC with Word 2010 or higher…sorry Mac users.

requirements for allegis


If you have what it takes, CLICK HERE to submit your application and apply!


Allegis Transcription Reviews

From what I can tell, Allegis has its perks but as with any other company, it also has its cons.



Some of the Perks include:

  •  It’s a fairly easy job

  •  You get paid on time

  • The hiring process is simple and easy.

  • While it doesn’t specifically state on their website, according to Glassdoor Reviews you will make somewhere between $14-$16/hour starting out



  • This company seems to OVER-HIRE and sometimes there is not a consistent workload

  • There doesn’t seem to be any way to be ‘promoted’ or move up the pay scale


Here are some reviews from people who have worked for Allegis.


I do want to caution you on their “Featured” review from Glassdoor. This review is from an ‘anonymous’ employee who rated it 5 stars and stated that there are no “cons” to working with this company.


This seems to contradict the other reviews and – in my opinion – seems to be planted there by the company verses from an actual employee. So just a word a word of caution when you find a review like this one – EVERY company has its flaws. It’s just life.



Conclusionthumbs up

Allegis seems to be a LEGIT work at home company. Since they hire entry-level positions, it might be work a try if you’re looking for work. However, according to the other reviews, I wouldn’t bank on making this your full-time job just yet – since they seem to over-hire. But for a side gig, it might be worth it!


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Have you tried transcription work in the past? Which companies have you found successful? Let me know in the comments below!


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6 Comments to Transcription Jobs – Work From Home!

  1. Song says:

    Hi Kayla, thanks for an very easy and interesting read. When reading I immediately thought about my sister-in-law who does a regular part time online work for 2 hospitals.

    While she is not a transcriptionist, she complies and summarizes doctors’ reports about a patient into one report. It’s an important side-income for her to supplement the family’s expenses.

    I think you’re doing a great service to your readers who may need part-time work to cope with rising costs. Well done!


    • Kayla says:

      Hey Song, 

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your feedback. While this post was for beginning transcriptionists, your sister could do very well in a medical transcription position. I know of people who make a full time income doing medical transcription work! 

      It might be something for her to look into if she is ever interested!

      Thanks for the compliments and have a great day! 

  2. Song says:

    Hi Kayla, never thought about that. I will inform her of this opportunity. This could be a back-up or additional income stream. Thanks!

  3. RN Didi says:


    these reveiws are from May 2017, do you know if the situation has changed at Alllegis? Are they still hiring? Is there still the shortage of work?

    I’, really thinking about becoming a stay-at-home mom, I’m looking for a way to secure some kind of monthly income. Allegis seems to be an option, but only if the situation has changed.

    Thanks for replying!

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