Top 6 Money Saving Resturant Apps of 2017

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Save Money At RestaurantsDo you love to eat out? You may be throwing money away if you aren’t using these top money saving apps of 2017! Before you head out to your favorite restaurant, check out what savings you might unlock with these top 6 apps!


Forks App6. FORKS

Forks is a mobile coupon app that immediately lets you browse coupons from a number of different restaurants from chains to locally owned diners. It’s a centralized app that connects you with deals that are being offered from other money saving websites such as Groupon, Living Social Restaurants, and Valpak.

If you’re traveling on vacation, you can set your location with the app and browse the different coupons being offered in your area. It’s a FREE app and you must redeem your coupon within 60 minutes of obtaining it.Forks App on iphone

It’s easy to use. Just set your location, browse local deals, and choose what’s for dinner! Once you enter the store, just show your phone to your server/cashier. No clipping, no paper, just savings!


5. RESTAURANT.COM is a great way to score a discounted gift certificate on your selected restaurant. When you get the app, you can download your certificate straight to your phone!

It’s easy to use and very user friendly! You just have to put in your zip code or your city and state and browse the discounts for restaurants in the area. You can even read reviews people have left for those specific restaurants straight from the app!

You do have to pay ahead of time, but here are some examples of the discount gift certificates you can score!

  • $5 gift card for $2

  • $10 gift card for $4

  • $15 gift card for $6

  • $25 gift card for $10

  • $50 gift card for $20

Each restaurant has its own terms and conditions, mostly being a minimum dollar amount you have to spend – so be sure to read the fine print before you buy. But you can score a great deal for less than half the price if you play your cards right!



open table app

Open table is an app that lets you make fine dining reservations to selected areas in the U.S and other countries around the world. First, you choose your geographical region, select your restaurant and make your reservation.

Open Table App iphoneWhen you reserve a table through the app, you earn points towards eGift cards for discounts at their member restaurants. You can eat, dine, and earn cash back rewards at the same time! Why not impress important clients or your date – and get something back for it in return?!?!





Tastebud is one of the more sophisticated apps when it comes to discounting your entire bill at participating restaurants. Simply download the app and link your VISA card to the app.

Search for discounts near you BUT once you lock in your discount you only have 60 minutes to redeem it. So don’t search for deals unless you’re ready to leave and take advantage of it right away!



After you lock in your deal, simply go to the restaurant and order! Pay with the same VISA card that is linked to your app – ***Make sure you choose Credit when paying (no pin #’s). Your Visa will be automatically refunded directly to your card at a discount of 30%.

There are no rebate forms to fill out and your waiter never has to know that you are getting a discount! You also automatically get $5 for every friend that you refer and you can take advantage of their Party Discount when you and your friends use the app together!

They are working on getting the app ready for other types of credit cards – MasterCard, etc…, so keep checking back if you don’t have a VISA.



If you’ve ever wanted a fun way to choose where to eat or you simply can’t decide, THIS is it! With the Spotluck app, you customize your location and food preference and then you spin the wheel to see what discount you just unlocked!



You will have a few different options with discounts ranging anywhere from 10-15% off your meal purchase. The deals change depending on what time of day it is, so make sure you redeem your discount ASAP.

You can also see reviews of each restaurant from the app and it includes a tip calculator as well. Another fun feature built directly into the app is the ability to contact an UBER driver to pick you up directly!



out to eat with kids

Okay, so I will admit that I am a little biased when it comes to choosing this as my TOP Restaurant Money Saving app. But I have kids, and if you do too then you’ll want to check this one every day!

Simply type in your zip code or city/state, select your search radius, and finally the day of the week for which you want to view the results. They have compiled a list of every restaurant that kids either eat at for FREE or at a Discounted rate based on daily specials! You can even search by state – which is extremely helpful if you’re planning on vacation or road trip.

I have 4 little ones running around, so I know that the bill can pile up when we take the family out to eat! Out to Eat with Kids is one of the best well maintained sites that is constantly being updated. Don’t plan another family meal out without researching the best ways to save and keep money in your pocket! (plus, then you can go out for ice cream!)


Do you agree with this list? Is there a favorite app of yours that didn’t make the cut? Drop me a comment below. I’d love to keep adding to my list and updating it!

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