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Have you struggled to find a Science curriculum that fits into your homeschool? The costs of some Science programs are outrageous! Granted, there are some great programs out there – but most homeschool families are relying on a single income – or single + part time income. Sometimes you just have to choose which programs to spend money on – and which ones you simply take what you can get.

That is why I personally LOVE The Science Lab of Mr. Q! His program is affordable and I don’t compromise my children’s education!


Mr. Q is a science enthusiast! Better yet, he’s a science teacher who knows how hard teaching science to students can be! He has created a complete 7 year science course for students from the elementary stages all the way up to high school. He begins with a simple Earth Science Textbook and your child can advance all the way up to Advanced Biology and Chemistry!

His books are offered via download – which keeps the cost WAY down from other programs. He has complete teacher manuals along with each book that have all the materials needed to do all the experiments for particular lessons.

This is by far the easiest read and best explanatory science curriculum I have ever come across!

After every chapter, there are worksheets to help enhance your child’s ability to retain the information. And there are unit tests. These resources are built directly into each book – so there is less to keep track of (which, in my house, is HUGE)!


Getting started is easy! Just head on over the Mr. Q’s Website and browse through which book you would like. He offers free previews of each book so you can get a small taste of what the whole program has to offer.

PLUS, you get the whole first EARTH SCIENCE elementary program for FREE! So, you really have nothing to loose. If Science has been a struggle and you need a change, simply download the free copy of the first book. Go through the first couple lessons with your child and if it’s not for you – no harm, no foul.


After you go through the FREE first Earth Science book, you can purchase all other books for $50/each. That includes the teacher manual and experiment list too! If you’re not sure if you would like the program and your child is advanced beyond what the free book offers, you can purchase one Unit – four chapters – at a time to test it out.


My children loves Mr. Q’s book. They are not the standard ‘textbook’ style of writing. They are colorful, easy to read, easy to comprehend, and they also offer ‘jokes’ along the way. (Which is my child’s favorite part! He learns the jokes and then can’t wait to share them with his dad later!)

Some additional cost can occur if you do every experiment. But there is a comprehensive list of what you need for each lesson, so it’s easy to pick up the materials while you’re out shopping.

If you’re looking for a truly easy ‘all-in-one’ way to teach science, this can be a great curriculum resource for you! Or at least, a good starting point!


What is your favorite Science Curriculum? I’d love to hear about it!

Are you struggling with Science? Drop me a comment below. I’d love to talk with you and offer any advice I can!

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Spread the Love. Share and Enjoy!


  1. Jennifer says:

    My daughter wil be in 7th grade in the fall of 2018. Do you think his Elementary books are hard enough for a middle schooler? i was looking at chemistry or physics.

    • Kayla says:

      I think your those are excellent choices for 7th graders. What I like the best is that they are self-guided, so you would have minimal oversight and your daughter will learn independent learning. All curriculum do come with a parent’s guide for all experiments and supplies needed for each unit. I have found that I already have most of the stuff on hand or I can find it cheap at my local store.

      Also, Mr. Q has always been really great at returning my emails when I reach out to him with a question. You could always email him directly and get his opinion as well! His email address is

      Good luck and I hope your daughter enjoys his style as much as my kids do!

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