Stress Free Meal Planning For Every Budget

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Are you looking for an easy, stress-free way to plan your family meals? Do you find yourself cooking the same old thing every week? (not that I’m against Taco Tuesday) … But if you’re like me and challenged in your culinary skills – or you just need some fresh ideas, MyFreezEasy makes meal planning and prep super easy – which saves you time, money (because you won’t be buying things you never use), and gives you back your sanity!


What is MyFreezEasy?

MyFreezEasy is a subscription service that delivers meals plans straight to your inbox – complete with a shopping list and assembly video! It’s designed to give you 10-12 easy freezer meals you can prep in under 1 hour!

The meals change each month and it’s designed to save you money by planning for meals around produce and meats that are in season.


10 meal plans

Meal Plans

The MyFreezEasy basic plan gives you 5 options for different meal plans depending on your dietary needs and/or preference. They offer:

Traditional Meal Plans

Gluten Free Meal Plans

Slow Cooker Meal Plans

Clean Eating Meal Plans

20 Meals Meal Plan (this is 5 meals from each category above)


But it’s not Just Recipes!

What you get at MyFreezEasy

Premium Membership

With the Premium Membership, you have access to all the basic membership plans plus the desktop app. This allows you to swap out meals and create your own unique plan.

Their drag and drop option makes it easy to customize your own plans. Plus, you have access to a My Favorites section which gives you the ability to save the meals you really love and re-work them into your meal plans!

This gives you the ability to Build and Create Meal Plans that Fit Your Family and Your Lifestyle!



I was pleasantly surprised at how affordable this program is! I’m not one to spend money on subscription services – but THIS one is a MUST in my household! You can try it month to month for only $12! That’s less than what you actually save on shopping – and it’s worth having stress free dinner prep!

You can get 2 months free if you sign up for an entire year at a time – but my absolute favorite part is that you have access to everything no matter how you choose to pay! There is nothing offered in the yearly membership that is not offered in the $12/month membership (apart from the discount for the entire year). But you have access to all the videos, all the plans, and even a FREE meal planning video course!

myfreezeeasy membership plans



This is the best meal planning program I have come across and it’s so affordable – especially for what you get each month! But don’t just take my word for it. Here are what others have to say about this program!

MyFreezeEasy Testimonials


So, go ahead – give it try today! You’ll spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your family! $12 a month is worth your sanity!

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What’s your biggest hassle when it comes to meal planning? Let me know in the comments below!

Spread the Love. Share and Enjoy!

4 Comments to Stress Free Meal Planning For Every Budget

  1. shrey says:

    I have a really hectic schedule these days and was looking for some easy ways out for my meals. MyFreezEasy looks like n incredible option. I have never used it before and come across this for the first time but I’m glad that I did because it seems to make things really easy!
    Have you personally tried it before? Are there any other such services?

    • Kayla says:

      Thanks Shrey! 

      I’ve been looking into different meal planning programs for quite some time and I’m very happy to say that MyFreezEasy is my favorite one I’ve come across! 

      Erin Chase (the creator) makes it easy to save time and money with her program and I feel as if she really is the business of helping people! 

      There are similar programs out there, but none that I have found that is as affordable as this program! I really do save more money – and the $12 a month is worth my sanity at the end of the week! Her meals are also delicious and they change monthly – so you’re always getting in a good mix.  I have a lactose and a gluten intolerance – which she offers meal plans around both! 

      It’s been a life saver in my household! I hope you give it a try! Let me know what you think if you do! 

      Best of luck, 


  2. denney. says:

    hi there . I am a single guy and never really thought about meal planning until now, because I am not a cook by any means but I would like to start eating different meals from time to time so I might just have to look into this a bit more, thanks for all the info you have provided, my brother raves on about Taco Tuesday so I hear you there, lol

    • Kayla says:

      Hey Denney! 

      I couldn’t imagine only having to cook for one person! I have 4 kids and I don’t know what I will do with myself once it’s just down to me and my husband. I bet cooking for 2 will be a crazy adjustment! I bet it’s hard to cook to cook for yourself all the time – I don’t even know where I would find single serving meals, lol!

      But I do love the ease of the MyFreezEasy program! It’s nice to take some of the planning out of eating. You could always portion the sizes smaller and I bet you’d get almost 20 meals or more for the entire month. That’s almost ALL your dinner! (Plus, if you ever needed to impress a boo with a quick tasty meal it might be nice to have one ready to go at a moment’s notice. 😉 

      Thanks for your comment and remember to pass this along to friends and family who might want to utilize this service too! It truly takes the hassle out of meal planning for our family! 

      Good luck! 

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