Scam Warning! Watch Out For These Work At Home Programs.

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WARNING! The FTC just Shut Down These Online Scams1Many people dream of working from home and finding legitimate work at home programs. But there are MANY scam sites that you need to be aware of too! Here are some Rules you need to follow before signing up for ANY work at home opportunity and some of newest work at home scams that the FTC recently shut down! Meaning that if you come across them – DON’T send them your money!

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Some Rules of Thumb:

1.NEVER give out any of your personal information before you COMPLETELY understand what it is you are signing up for!


2. Don’t automatically assume that a program is legit just because they offer a ‘money back guarantee.’

Research the company and see what other people have to say. Scammers will make it extremely difficult, if not impossible for you to be refunded based on their fine print or lack of availability to reach them.


3. Scam sites will often change their names to stay ‘under the radar.’ If it looks like you’ve seen the program before with a different name – BEWARE!scary clown


4. Some work at home companies will offer you a free trial for their paid services. READ THE FINE PRINT. If they offer a $1 special it’s because you will most likely be billed re-occurring if you don’t cancel within their guidelines.


5. If it sounds too good to be true – it IS!

Trust me on this. I’ve researched many work at home opportunities and when I find one that proves to be an overnight success I will jump on it! But even after countless hours – I’ve only found 1 program that worked. (And it wasn’t overnight)



Always see what other people have to say about a particular program. Googling the name of the program followed by the words, “review,” “scam,” or “complaints” can help you determine if a program is a scam or not.


A Scam By Any Other Name…

Most scam sites will simply change the name of their program so they can stay under the FTC’s radar. It’s sad, but true.


Here is the list of recent scams the FTC just shut down. These programs promised to show you how to make money by offering you access to a course for $97. But they are proven to be scams and are no longer allowed to operate. Actually, it’s the same program but it had many different names.




You can also leave me the link in the comment section and I will report them too!

  • Work At Home EDU

  • Work At Home Program

  • Work At Home Ecademy

  • Work At Home University

  • Work At Home Revenue

  • Work at Home Institute


To read the Full FTC Consumer report, Click HERE.


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Were you scammed by any programs on the list above? What did you learn from your experience? Are you ready to try something else that works? Let me know in the comment section below!

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2 Comments to Scam Warning! Watch Out For These Work At Home Programs.

  1. Teresa says:

    Good information. I actually never thought about the fact that the scam companies probably change their name to stage under the radar. That makes sense, but I sure never even considered that. I’ve known about several of your other points to pay attention to in order to detect a scam. It makes looking for online work an exhausting process and quite tedious. I’ve tried to get my online work from people who have vetted the companies, but even then you have to be cautious.

    Thank you for the good work here.

    • Kayla says:


      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your comments – I really appreciate it! 

      Yes, it’s so sad that people are sneaky and will just change the name of their “company” to try and steal other people’s money. I wish the world were full of people with good integrity – but there ARE good companies out there (thank goodness!) I’m part of one of them. Here at Wealthy Affiliate everything is LEGIT, LEGAL, and done with 100% Integrity. 

      Good luck and I hope you don’t come across anymore scams! 

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