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NexRep Call Center is Hiring Work At Home Positions

NexRep is a company that hires a variety of call center jobs you can easily perform from the comfort of our own home. They ONLY HIRE US residents – so you will need to be able to legally work in the U.S. to get hired. You can make anywhere between $15-$25 per hour based on experience and which position you land.


Company Overview

There are over ten companies, including Priceline and Grub Hub that hire their call center reps through the NexRep Service company. You will be matched with a company based on your experience, expertise, and desired position within the company. You will be hired as an independent contractor as a NexRep Agent. What’s their mission? According to their website:


Through quality, performance and service, NexRep is a revolution in the contact center industry by leveraging an exceptional US based at-home agent workforce. NexRep is proud to provide modern job opportunities in the face of a changing economy – transforming the call-center industry with the highest class of services


There are 3 types of positions you can apply for:


  1. Customer Service Jobs

  2. Inbound Call Service

  3. Outbound Call Service


If you think this is for you and you are interested, you can check out their current needs for specific positions HERE.


You can be successful too


Customer Service Positions

  1. Tier One – Order Statushappy girl on phone

This is your basic customer service position where you will take calls from clients asking about their order status, handle customer concerns, be a social media support, and provide services based on the clients’ purchase such as returns, cancellations, and account status.


  1. Tier Two – Support and Troubleshooting

tech supportAre you a techy? If you’re good at investigating and diagnosing problems, this position may be for you! You will handle advanced technical support for clients through a help desk troubleshoot and resolve any issues a client may be experiencing.


3. Multichannel Support

If you are talented in more areas than one, you may be hired for a multichannel position – meaning you would be a ‘jack-of-all-trades.’

You may handle inbound calls, make outbound calls, provide email support and/or oversee chat support for a specific website. You could also handle the company’s social media platforms.


4. Appointment Settingappointment

This is exactly what is sounds like. You would handle a multi-system environment for clients by helping them manage their appointment schedule, make their reservations, and oversee updates to their calendars.



Inbound Call Service

Inbound salesHave you ever seen an infomercial? Did you ever wonder who takes all those calls when people call in to order a purchase – especially a sale they’re witnessing on their television? That’s right! If you get hired as an inbound call service rep, it means their calls will be routed to your telephone so you can help them make their purchase.

You will also have to be very good at making and closing the sale – as you will be in charge of trying to upsell, meaning get the customer to buy even more items than what they’re initially calling about.


Outbound Call Service

outbound salesThis position requires a little more experience and finesse. This is where you will make calls based on leads acquired through a website. This could be someone leaving their phone number on an inquiry or someone who abandons their shopping cart before making a purchase.

You would be in charge of calling that person. Yes, you will become one of ‘those’ people – but hey, someone has to do it, right? Why not you? At least you will get paid for it. And since this job is the least attractive for people wanting to work from home, they are almost ALWAYS hiring for these positions. This one takes a strong personality!


Requirements From The NexRep Website:

  • You need to live and be able to work in the U.S.

  • A quiet place to work free from distraction and background noise

  • Access to a cell phone or landline

  • Ability to pass a criminal background check at YOUR expense.

  • When you apply for this company, you must pay $25 for your background check to be processed. This is the only drawback to becoming an independent contractor, and is the only fee you have to pay upfront.



  • You need the ability to read documents on Microsoft Word, Excel, and an Adobe Reader for PDF’s

  • A computer with at least 1 GB of RAM memory

  • As of now you will need one of the following Operating Systems (but I’m sure as OS’s upgrade you will need to upgrade with them to keep up):

  • Printer

  • A noise cancelling headset connected via wired USA connection to your computer – not a Bluetooth connection!

  • High-speed Internet Connection by cable – No WiFi connections

PC Users:


Mac Users:


Make sure you have check the NexRep site before installing any of these programs to see what/if any requirements have changed!



Is this Company Legit?thumbs up

Based on the research I was able to find, in my opinion, YES, this is a legit company to work for. However, there are standards that you will have to meet – you need to be friendly, have a great phone voice, and need to be able to assess situations over the phone in order to provide the right guidance for the customer.



There are a few downsides to the hiring process with this company. These are some of the common frustrations people who applied. This information came from what I found on their Facebook page.

Once you apply, it could take up to 10 days before you hear anything, which can be frustrating – but not unheard of. They do get quite a few applicants so they need time to sort through them.

You also need to be in an ‘independent contract friendly state’ so not all U.S. residents are able to apply – you need to check your state’s guidelines.

You do need to pay the $25 for a background check before being hired.



You can make $15-$25 an hour

You set your own schedule – You are your own boss

You have the opportunity to work from the comfort of your own home

They have a great support system and team that is there to answer any and all of your questions when you need help

testimonials from NexRep



So, if you think you got what it takes, click HERE to submit your questionnaire and apply Today!


Do you have experience working from home? Which companies have you tried? Let me know in the comments below!


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