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Jamberry NailsTake a look at your hands. What do you notice about them? You use them everyday – from hugs and kisses to chores and dishes, they serve you well throughout your daily tasks. But do they get the love and attention they deserve?

Sure, going to the salon would be great! But from running after toddlers all day to cooking meals and sifting through endless amounts of housework, paperwork – heck, just work – ain’t nobody got time for that!

Do your nails need a boost? Here’s the perfect solution for your ‘mommy nails’ when you just don’t have the time or money to pamper them at a salon…


Sarah runs a business out of her home as an Independent Sales Consultant for Jamberry.

Jamberry offers a solution to your hands’ mundane mommy blues – giving your nails the face-lift they need.

She offers nail wraps that are heat activated so they adhere to your fingernails. And the best part – they can last up to 2 weeks! (You can’t find promises like that anywhere else!) And in case you wanted to do up your toes, the wraps can last for as long as 6 weeks!

Sarah became interested in Jamberry after her son was born. Spoken like a true woman, she loved getting her nails done, but trying to find time to sit in a salon all day with a baby at home was next to impossible.

Sarah started out as loyal customer, but fell in love with the product so much that she decided to sell it out of her home!

These wraps do not chip or crack like nail polish and there is absolutely no drying time – which makes things easy since I’m chasing around a toddler!


Watch the YouTube video above to find out how easy these wraps are to apply. Plus, they’re cheaper and healthier than manis and pedis you will get at a salon.

WHAT’S THE COST?exclusive product

1 sheet of wraps will you give you 2-3 manicures and 2-3 pedicures. The average wrap will cost you around $15.

That’s $15 for 2-3 manis AND 2-3 pedis. That’s a price you can’t beat!

So if you love this product and want to purchase your hands’ next face lift, head on over to Sarah’s Website and put your order in today! Or check her out on Facebook at Jam In Style with Sarah!

GETTING STARTEDDo what you love

If you simply love this product and you think it would be a good fit your next home business or side hustle – contact Sarah today! It’s a great business and it’s easy to get started.

You can email her directly at dblbck@yahoo.com or give her a call at 573-301-9494!

You have 2 options.

Order the Basics Business Package for $99 plus tax/shipping.

business basics

Or, go straight for the Styles Essentials package for $200 plus tax – but FREE SHIPPING!

You can start your very own business today for under $200! That’s a nice price considering some company start ups are over $1000 – sometimes over $5000!

VERDICT?thumbs up

This is a legit online business opportunity that anyone with a passion to succeed can do! It’s literally AN OPPORTUNITY AT YOUR FINGERTIPS!



Do you work from home, either for yourself or somebody else? Drop me a comment below and see how YOU can be our next Featured WAHM (work at home mom).

Publicity for your business made simple. Because moms helping moms is what it’s all about…okay, so you don’t have to be a mom. We don’t discriminate!

Looking for more online business ideas? Head on over to our Homepage to find out ways you can earn income working form home!

Looking to start your own online business? Learn how you can Start Today!


Spread the Love. Share and Enjoy!

3 Comments to JAM IN STYLE WITH SARAH!!!!!

  1. Amber says:

    These sound really cool! I’ve never heard of them before. Are they easy to sell?

    • Kayla says:

      I would direct your question to Sarah. Her contact information is in the post. But Jamberry nail wraps will practically sell themselves! Especially if you wear them out and strike up conversations with people about how great they are! Remember everyone you talk to is a potential buyer – even guys looking to get their wife a great gift! If you have or know of someone who has a high school girl, these are great things for them to do at a party! Good luck to you!

    • Sarah Kurtz says:

      Hi Amber! Yes they are easy to sell! Everywhere I go I always have someone commenting on how awesome my nails look. I would be happy to send you more information. What is your email address?

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