Is Live Online Job Another Internet Scam?

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Is Live Online Job a Scam? I wanted to find out…

IS this another INTERNET scam-

Here’s the backstory:

I was on YouTube browsing some videos the other day and in one of the comment sections someone had posted that they were making money with a website called Live Online Job. This intrigued me, so I went to see what exactly this website was and how this person was making money. I wanted to know if Live Online Job was a legit website, or just another scam.


(Big Sigh)



Sadly, I was extremely disappointed in what I found – but I imagine that you found something similar somewhere on the internet and you have the same curious questions I did.


Well, it’s a GOOD thing you’re here. I’ll explain what exactly is and why websites like this exist.


What is Live Online Job?

Live Online Job is simply a linking website.

What is a linking website? It’s a website that shady affiliate marketers create trying to pass other people’s products off as their own. While Affiliate Marketing ISN’T a scam when done correctly, the way that Live Online Job does it is HIGHLY Illegal.


See: What is Affiliate Marketing.


Here’s Why this site will most likely be shut down…

Live Online Job is really a website that contains NOTHING. By NOTHING, I mean that they TRY to pass themselves off as a legit company, but all they really do is place their affiliate links on the site.


Every tab or button on the website is directly linked to a Clickbank affiliate account. This means that an affiliate marketer has signed up with Clickbank, created a website and is directing other people to their affiliate links. (This means that they will get paid each time someone joins one of these other programs.)

clickbank hoplinks


In fact, every single link contained the same hop link ID number – meaning that they all belong to the same person. I REALLY hope the person behind this website finds this post because what they are doing is ILLEGAL!

hop link ID


The type of marketing they are doing is NOT illegal – it’s because they don’t have an affiliate disclosure located on their website.

According to the FTC anytime you could make money from someone’s purchase through your affiliate link, YOU MUST DISCLOSE. You must have a disclosure on your website and you must disclose before you give out your actual link in any post/page.


FTC Disclosure Policy

You can read all about the FTC guidelines HERE.

If this person gets caught by the FTC they could be fined up to $50,000! That’s not worth the few dollars they’re making on those sales!


Ignorance, or SCAM?

I really wanted to give this website the benefit of the doubt, so I did poke around a little to see if I could find SOMETHING that made them legit. I thought maybe they’re just an uneducated or new marketer trying to make a quick buck – but sadly again, I think the mastermind behind the site is just another internet scammer trying to pass this off as a legit company.


What I Found

Besides the direct hop links, there were 3 other tabs located at the bottom of the website, other than the home page.

Company – Services – Contact Us

Under the Company Tab

It seems as if they are trying to pass themselves off as some kind of accounting company for internet marketers. I imagine this is how they’ve been hiding, or staying under the FTC’s radar so far.


company at a glance


Under the Service Tab

Service tab was completely blank. This is a big no-no. Website design 101 – you NEVER have a blank tab/page/post. It’s just unprofessional.


Contact US Tab

I did send an inquiry requesting more info about their services, but I have yet to receive a reply. That was almost a week ago when I considered doing this review. I wanted to be sure because I would hate to slander someone’s name for no reason. But I’m confident that this is NOT a legit company.

Also, see how their contact us page is set up…

Contact Live Online Job


Is Live Online Job Legitthumbs down

Nope. While they can legally market their affiliates with a website, the way they’re doing it is ILLEGAL.

This website’s sole purpose is a shady – or I would say LAZY way of trying to do affiliate marketing.

The BEST way to go about promoting these Clickbank products is to try them out for yourself, then write a thorough review based on what you find. Then you can direct others to either purchase the product, or to stay away.

This post contains affiliate links. See my Privacy Policy | Disclosure Page for more information.


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Go rock your day! Stay away from Live Online Job – and find REAL opportunities that will work for you!

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6 Comments to Is Live Online Job Another Internet Scam?

  1. Strong post. There is no question where you stand on these guys. At least these guys are working hard to make money from the internet. You are spot on. They give everyone trying to earn an honest dime online a bad name. Thanks for the info AND the warning.

    • Kayla says:

      Hey Warren!
      Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate your time.
      However, I don’t think these guys are working very hard at all – I think they set up a website and now they’re just linking off of other people’s YouTube videos (not even their own!). I think they’re trying to take the easy way out of affiliate marketing – but YES, they are giving the rest of us a bad rap. It’s so sad. It’s already hard enough for people to sort through the scams on the internet – and they are not making it easier for those of us who promote the GOOD programs!
      Again, here’s my #1 Recommendation for anyone looking to earn a REAL income with affiliate marketing the ETHICAL way that is up to the FTC’s standards.

      Good luck!

  2. Thanks for the info! Reading this sure makes me proud of my website and all the hard work I have put into it, just as you have yours. Thank you to WA as well for keeping us all on the right path! Not sure where my site would be had not been for the training and all the help I have received from the Wealthy Affiliate!

    • Kayla says:


      I couldn’t agree with you more! The information I’ve learned inside Wealthy Affiliate has been priceless! (And the fact that the FTC won’t fine me $50,000 is a nice, comforting feeling too)
      Anyone who is interested in Wealthy Affiliate or their model should check them out! They’ll teach you the ETHICAL way to go about doing affiliate marketing.

      You can see my entire review of Wealthy Affiliate HERE.

      Thanks, and good luck with all your endeavors.

  3. Amber says:

    I can’t believe people actually post sites like the one you explained. It seems to me that they should be fined if they’re not adequately portraying their affiliate links!
    Hopefully, you’ll shed some light and they’ll find your post before the FTC finds their website.
    Thanks for the tip about Wealthy Affiliate. I think I’ll give it a try!

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