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Is $500 Cash Club a Scam?

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Is $500 Cash Club a Scam?

My $500 Cash Club Review.

Well, it’s another day and another internet scam has surfaced. If you want the short answer…YES, 500 Dollar Cash Club IS a Scam!


Are there legit programs online that will make you money? YES.


Let’s walk through what 500 Cash Club is really selling. I’ll show you how to spot other scams that use this same technique and introduce you to a REAL online money system.


Initial Thoughts

Once I was directed to the 500 Dollar Cash Club I said to myself, “You’re not going to fool me because I have seen it ALL before.”


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So, instead of being bummed because I knew it was a waste of time, I decided to write a review about it so others don’t have to sit through the video. And if you did sit through the video – sorry. But if you’ve found your way here, your time has NOT been wasted! I have some great news for you!

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First off, there’s the video that you can’t fast forward. But, they promise that if you watch the video in its entirety, then they’ll give you $500!

you get $500 Cash Club Scam


What the Video Promises

  • Money at the end of the video

Think about this for a minute. Do people really have $500 they could just give out to anyone for watching a video???

Think about what you would do. IF you had that kind of money, would you just randomly hand it out? I don’t think so – because if you’re here, you’re already smarter than that.


  • You can do this with No experience or skills required

Really…Really? Think of a job that requires NO skills. Even a McDonald’s worker has to know how to work the fryer.


  • Start earning Immediately.

I’ve researched a lot of ways to make money online over the past few years and I have found many that SAY you can start earning immediately.

I’ve tried programs over the past few years that SAY you can start earning immediately…I guess I have a different definition of ‘immediately’ than the people trying to sell me those products. Because I have yet to find one that works they way they try and sell it to me.


How they SAY it works…

They entice your by saying they have a hands free, legal, mathematical algorithm that allows you to dump money into your bank account.

500 cash club autopilot


Now, I might be considered ‘old-school’ to some of you younger people out there, but have you ever seen the movie Office Space?

Here’s a snippet of the plot from IMBD (emphasis added)

[Three workers who hate their job] plant a virus into [their company’s] accounting system that will siphon money into their bank account gradually. However, after a glitch in the virus causes a large sum of money to immediately transfer to their account, the trio must find a way to solve the problem without going to jail.


500 Cash Club is offering you a similar system. They SAY that it is legal. But it’s kind of like car shopping at a used car lot – if they have to say they’re honest, do we really trust them?


If they have to say it’s legal, then it means that they know their advertising efforts make their program seem otherwise.


But, I did sit through the video. And, not to my surprise, I do NOT have $500. Instead they wanted me to buy their money-making program for $97. And by this time, I still was unsure of what they were actually selling.

you have to pay


The Fake Testimonials

They had some Facebook testimonials on their website too. I was pretty sure they were fake and put there by 500 Cash Club, but I wanted to see for myself.

facebook testimonials 500 cash club

I already had Facebook open, so I just searched the names that were associated with the testimonials. (Remember, all these endorsements supposedly happened ‘yesterday.’ So, you would think they would be easy to track down.)


Here’s what I found after trying to find the first person on the list.

facebook testimonials 500 cash club


No Friends to show, No photos to Show, No check-ins – NADA!

I thought it might be a fluke, so I searched Facebook for every testimonial listed. Either that person had vanished from the face of the earth, the same name was not associated with the same picture as on the website, or their Facebook page was completely EMPTY.

no friends



You pay money > The person who posted that video gets a portion of your money.

It’s that simple. You’re paying for NOTHING.


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What programs have you tried? Have you been scammed? Report a scam in the comments below and let’s keep warning others about it! report a scam



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