How To Make Money with Craigslist | 50 Side Hustles to Launch Your Next Business

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50 Side Hustles to Launch Your Next Business

How to Make Money with Craigslist – 50 Side Hustles to Jump Start Your Very Own Business!


Can you really make money by posting ads on Craigslist? Absolutely! If you are self-motivated and you have a skill set that you are willing to outsource, then yes! You can offer your services and find people who will pay you for something you are really good at – or simply for something they don’t want to do!


Here are 50 great ideas for starting your next Craigslist Business. But don’t worry, if you don’t want to utilize Craigslist, you can always print flyers and go door to door – hustling is just part of the game and if you’re a people person, you can make doing ANYTHING – literally! Are you ready to jump start your next business? Here are 50 ideas to get you started + marketing and advertising tips!


Are You a Pet Person or Animal Whisperer?

dog 1. Dog walking

Try targeting dogs (or other walk-able pets) owned by the elderly or people who work during the day and don’t want to leave their pet in a kennel!


2. Picking up Poop

Yep! People will pay you if you’re willing to clean up their yard. Someone’s got to do it! There’s a whole service truck that goes around my neighborhood offering to clean up after your animals.


3. Pet Boarding

I have 2 sons that have actually made good money (they are 8 & 10) by placing ads on Craigslist as a pet boarder. We keep well-mannered pets at our house so people can go on those weekend vacations!


4. Pet Grooming

If you can wash and dry a dog, then you can start a good business! I know I hate giving my dog a bath (that’s why my kids do it), but if you’re a pet whisperer, then this might be a great job for you!


Get creative with your ads! Don’t just place them on Craigslist, but hang up flyers at your local pet shops, vet offices, and community boards in your town!


Do You Own a Car?

Young driver in his shirt in a nice modern car in motion5. Grocery Shopper

Offer to pick up groceries for people for a fee. (You already to go there anyway, why not make some extra cash by picking up other people’s items and then delivering them?)


6. Teach a Driver’s Ed Course

If you’re willing to let teenagers drive your car and get in the practice they need to pass their driver’s test, then you can make a lot of money! This is especially powerful with parents to who don’t own their own vehicle – and advertise within your local foster care community and youth programs.


I fostered a teenage girl but didn’t want her driving my huge van, so we outsourced her practice to someone with a smaller car.


*Make sure to double check your insurance plans first!


7. Give People Rides Locally

There are always elderly or disabled people who need rides to places within the community – the library, grocery store, work, etc.… You can always go with a program like Uber too (if your car meets the requirements needed)


8. Take People to the Airport

Offer to give people rides to the airport so they don’t have to pay the daily parking fee.


9. Haul Away Junk

This might require a truck. You can always start small and earn your way to a bigger vehicle if you need to, but offering to take loads of things to the dump for people is a service I would use (and sometimes do!)


Do You Have Skills? Use them!


10. Tutoringpapers

If you’re skilled at Math, Science, or ANY other subject, offer your services. Hang flyers at your local library and ask the permission from the schools in your area if you can leave business cards for them to hand out!


11. Teach English

I live in a diverse neighborhood and we often have families where the parents don’t speak English (or at least not very good.) Offer to teach the parents, or even the kids how to communicate effectively within your community!


Click HERE to see other ways of making money by Teaching English Online.


12. Private Lessons

If you are talented in a sport or musical instrument, offer to teach lessons either privately or in group sessions. This is a great way to make money doing something you love!


13. Edit and Proof-Read Papers

If you have a knack for the English language you might enjoy this!


Do You Have Style?


14. Make-up Artist

If you rock at applying make-up, then offer your services. You can target High Schoolers (especially around Prom and Homecoming season) but also for weddings and other special events. Get creative – offering ‘First Date’ Make-up tutorials is just ONE route you could go!


15. Hair Stylist

Same thing applies here. You could offer BOTH Make-up AND hair services and charge extra!


16. Wardrobe Stylist

Offer to shop for people who need their wardrobe updated or who just need the latest fashion tips! (Because we ALL know someone who could use THAT service!)


17. Lifestyle Coach

If you can motivate people and offer sound advice, you can coach anyone!


Do You Love Working Outdoors?


18. Mow Yards!

If you already own a mower, why not make some extra money with it?


19. Landscaping

If you have an eye for outdoor flower beds, water gardens, or fish ponds – then offer to design the perfect outdoor oasis for those of us who aren’t gifted in that area.


20. Shovel Snow/ Rake Leaves

Pick your season – or offer both. No one likes to do these, but they always need to be done.


21. Weed Removal

Offer to clean up other people’s yards so they don’t have to! Especially people who are trying to sell their home and want to make their yards more appealing.


22. Start and Maintain a Garden

I hate gardening! I love the idea of gardening – but I don’t have a green digit on either hand! I would love to outsource a garden and not have to do the work!


Do You Like Kids?


kids23. Start an In-Home Daycare

If you have littles of you own and you already stay home, why not make some extra cash by offering to watch other people’s kids too?


24. Offer 3rd Shift Babysitting Services

This can be in HIGH demand, especially in larger cities. Plus, for the most part, the kid will be sleeping – so it’s a little easier in some ways than a daycare during normal awake hours.


Odd-Job Services

repair jobs25. Gutter Cleaner

Just make sure you’re not afraid of heights!


26. Power-Washer

You can even rent a machine. You can power wash houses, decks, business establishments, etc.…


27. Deck Stainer

We recently just outsourced this job at my house!


28. Clean Houses


29. House Sit for People on Vacation


30. Small House Repair Jobs

Offer to fix things before people spend money replacing them!


31. Wash Windows


32. Clean Cars

People would pay for this – especially if people are trying to sell their used vehicle.


33. Pool Maintenance

Keep those bugs out!


34. Plumbing Services

It’s a dirty job – but someone has to do it!


35. Paint Houses


36. Offer to do People’s Chores

I know my kids would pay for you to come clean their rooms!



Are You an Organized Person?


organized37. Personal Organizer

You can keep someone’s calendar, email folder, and bill payments organized! Or you can literally organize their physical stuff!


38. Budget Keeper

Everyone needs to know how to keep and maintain a budget. But the truth is, it’s not very fun. Offer to keep other people’s finances in order for them.


39. Personal Assistant

Just offer to ‘do it all’ for people. All those jobs they hate doing – from running errands to answering emails and screening phone calls!


40. Social Media Manager

Small businesses need to focus on their customers and their business. You can offer to manage their social media accounts so they can focus on what really matters!


41. Event Coordinator

Offer to book wedding services, funeral services, graduation parties…the possibilities are ENDLESS.



Selling Online


selling42. Make and Sell Jewelry


43. Sell Your Used and Unwanted Items



44. Buy Other People’s Unwanted Items – and Resell them

Open an online thrift store or virtual garage sell.

There is a millionaire in my hometown who made his money by buying and reselling chickens and chicken coops!


45. Good O’Fashioned Bake Sell

If your cookies rock, let them make you money!



Talented Services


46. photographyWedding Cake Maker

If you’re creative and can make an eye pleasing cake, offer to make people’s cakes for those special occasions.


47. Videographer/Photographer

Anything from Weddings to Senior Pictures to Baby’s First Photos – if you invest in a decent camera and have an eye for photography, THIS could be your next business!


48. Graphic Designer

If you have an eye for digital design – offer to do some website designs for small businesses.


49. Private Investigator

Be sure to always be safe and smart when performing these types of tasks!


50. Psychic Reader

I don’t really go for this sort of thing – but this was a REAL service I saw that was advertised on my local Craigslist page.





Bonus Ninja

bonus ninjaIf you want to enhance your credibility, create a website to direct people to. You can put up pictures of past projects, and really show off your services!

If you want to learn about creating your business website, check out my FREE 10 Video courses to get your website up and running.

You’ll get 10 FREE lessons and 2 FREE websites with thousands of designs to choose from! It’s really THAT easy!



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What was your favorite way of starting your own Craigslist Business? Let me know in the comments below!


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4 Comments to How To Make Money with Craigslist | 50 Side Hustles to Launch Your Next Business

  1. Lesley says:

    I didn’t know that Craigslist was open to such a variety of jobs. I should have looked into this sooner. For some reason I thought it only applied to things that you could do online, similar to sites like Upwork.

    Sounds like a great place to promote any type of home business.

    What is the response from job ads like? Are they well received and is it easy to pick up jobs? I know some of the online work places it is not easy to get jobs and takes a long time to earn a good reputation.

    • Kayla says:

      Hey Lesley! 

      Yes, you can literally place ANY service ad on Craigslist. (just make sure it’s legal and ethical) Just place the ad under “Services Offered” or in the local Community section. It actually doesn’t apply to many online gigs as you would think – not like Upwork. 

      The response you get is going to depend on how much you can hustle your ad. Re-posting every day and multiple times throughout the day will keep your business ad near the top of the page. Also, by adding pictures you will have a better chance of your ad being viewed. It could take a long time to build a reputable business, but if you’re friendly and are a hard worker that will cut down on that time because people will recommend you. 

      You can pair this with going door to door in your neighborhood, hanging up flyers, etc… If you work to get your name out there, then you can be really successful. People tend to think it’s hard to start their own business when in actuality it’s harder to KEEP AT IT. Starting is easy. But so is quitting. If you put in the effort, I believe ANYONE can start their own profitable business – online or otherwise. 

      Click HERE To see how YOU CAN BE SUCCESSFUL TOO online – or just to create your own website and start advertising your services!

      Thanks for your comment! 

  2. Andrew G says:

    Wow! this really is a cool site. I am not just saying that because i love the url, how its laid out, easy to read, numbered, and subject content. Now for the content, my idea has been about craigslist, that I find it easy myself to sell things there for myself or others, and perhaps make a commission. But I don’t have the time to really get into it, I’d rather do as suggested and focus on SEO or website creation, as a great tip at the end of this article. But I see all those as great Tips!

    • Kayla says:

      Thanks so much for your encouragement Andrew! It really means a lot!

      Yes, there are so many ways to start your own business – I believe ANYONE can be successful when they give it their all and really put in the effort. I’ve known people who have made money do almost all of these things – some of them have built reputable businesses in my hometown and are big enough to hire employees. It’s truly amazing what we can do when we make up our minds that we want it bad enough.

      SEO and website creation is a great way to make a living – or just a great way to learn how to advertise for your business. You can check out my FREE beginner’s course HERE if you want to learn how to build and maintain a great business website!

      Best of luck to you! 


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