HOW TO SPOT A SCAM – Earn 3k Today Review

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How do people fall for scams?

What does a scam look like?


I’m going to walk you through another internet scam and show you the common techniques scammers use so you know what types of products to avoid! The example I’m going to walk you through is Earn 3K Today.



Earn 3k Today is another internet scam that has been popping up over the internet. They use flashy sales techniques and promote false promises to entice people to buy their product. Let’s see how it works:


1.They start with a video. This video clearly states that just by watching it to the end, you will get $500.

make money guarantee

I figured this was too good to be true – another sign that it’s probably a scam – but I watched it to the end to see what they were offering. And this was a video that you can’t just skip through to the end either…so annoying.


2. They make it sound like you can earn a lot of money for very little work!

video you have to sit through

Unfortunately, I haven’t come across many things in life that were worth doing without having to put in the effort and work for the result. And outside of anything illegal or immoral – I just don’t believe there is something that exists that will make you money for doing next to nothing.


Seriously, if you know of something – send it my way. I’d be interested. But most likely it’s just another person trying to take advantage of other people.


The video also kept saying (very repeatedly) that this offer was just for a few select people for a very limited amount of time. They want to draw you in on a personal level – but seriously, have they ever met you? How do they know who you are or that you would be the right person for their product?

Simply stated: They are looking for the next vulnerable person to come along and steal their money!


3. They offer you a sign on bonus!

Remember the $500? All you have to do is put in your email address!

offer a sign on bonus

But wait… here’s the catch.


4. You have to pay for the product… so you don’t get $300 just by watching the video.

you have to pay

And what happens when you go to buy the product?


5. They offer a Money Back guarantee! …But it’s really a Clickbank product.

Clickbank is a third-party website where you can advertise other people’s products for a cut of the profits. It’s not the person or company responsible for what’s being sold.

Yes, they offer a money back guarantee, but check out the terms of Clickbank’s money back offer.

clickbank 3rd party no contact info on supplier

You have to contact the company directly. Even after sitting through an almost 15 min. video, I had no idea how to contact the Earn 3K today company or what they were actually trying to sell me!



Earn 3K Today is an online SCAM. And the techniques they used to make money from innocent people are the same techniques being used by other internet scams. So please, if you see any of these prompts from a website promising to earn you gobs of money… RUN. Run far, far away!

Don’t fall victim to another scam website or money-making hoax!


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I will keep posting reviews of products and websites that work, along with those that don’t – so keep checking back!


Have you been scammed? Drop me a comment and report it below! I’ll add it to my list of things to stay far, far away from and we can help others not fall victim.

Do you have a great way to earn money online? Let’s talk! Drop it in the comment section below. I’d love to hear your ideas and what’s working for you!



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