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Marketing is such a broad term. And how you go about it all depends on what audience you’re targeting.



If your new to the business industry and you’re just starting out, the term ‘marketing’ can get a little confusing. It can mean anything from promoting a product and selling it to research and advertising.


In short, Marketing is:

  1. Telling People about your business! It’s the strategies and actions you take to let people know you are there.

  2. Marketing is what drives people to your business or website.

  3. Marketing leads to traffic – this could be virtual (online) or just getting someone to the source of where you sell your product.

  4. Marketing leads to traffic – and traffic leads to customers!


If you’re looking for an article on ‘what is marketing’ then you’ll most likely find anything ranging from complicated reviews with a bunch of business terms to the good ol’ fashioned word of mouth.


Marketing can be done in many different ways:

  1. Word of Mouth – simply tell people about your business – and not just your friends, everyone you meet

  2. Business Cards – even better, hand out business cards with your website or physical store address

  3. Flyers – Hang up flyers at local businesses: Most ‘mom and pop’ stores have a community bulletin board that allow businesses to advertise in their store.

  4. Craigslist – you can advertise for free in their “Community” section

  5. Social Media Sites – If you have something to sell, tell the world via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – any and all platforms. If you want to reach the most people, your business should have multiple social media accounts linked to it.

  6. Business Website – having a website dedicated to discussing what your business has to offer. Don’t just sell your product – tell people how your product can benefit them in some way.



When you have a product to sell, the first thing to know is WHO you are targeting. What is your target audience and how to do they receive most of their information? For instance, younger audiences tend toward social media.


Don’t just sell your product! Nobody likes a pushy salesman. Instead, focus on selling the solution to their problem. Explain to them how your product or service will benefit them.


Customer Service! Don’t take for granted the digital age of every transaction being done via the internet. Even if you’re selling a product to someone across the ocean, be sure you are connecting with them in some way. This could be a simple Thank You email or reaching out to them after a purchase to get their feedback.


Even if a person isn’t a customer, show them you care about helping them. If you can sell yourself or your business, then they will venture back to you.


You don’t need a business marketing background in order to be successful at promoting a product or service – all you need is passion, consistency, and right tools.


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What’s your greatest marketing technique? Which ones are you going to try next? Drop me comment below! I’d love to hear from you.


Spread the Love. Share and Enjoy!

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