How to Be A Successful Entrepreneur

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5 Daily Mantras of Successful Entrepreneurs

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Are You Wondering the Secrets Behind How to Be a Successful Entrepreneur?


Let’s face it! Sometimes, being an entrepreneur is HARD! It’s hard to know how to be a successful entrepreneur when you’re faced with so many “unknowns.”

But, whether you’re just starting your own business, or you’ve been around a while, sometimes you just need to get your head back in the game.


You can be successful too


Go back the beginning…what was “it” that got you started in the first place? What is the ONE thing that drives you to get out of bed every day and challenges you to be a better person? How do you rekindle the passion of a lost love?

If you find yourself stuck, or you just need a little encouragement, here are 5 Daily Mantras for Successful Entrepreneurs. Print them out, hang them on your wall and remember these 5 words of wisdom and engrave them in your brain!


5 Things to Say to Yourself Every Day to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

successful entrepreneurs mantra

Do you ever find yourself scared that you’re in way over your head – or stressing about your next ‘big break?’ Want to know a secret? Me too.


I know you can be successful! I used to think that if I knew something, then everyone else must know it too. I’ve always thought that if I achieve something, everyone else must be doing well too – because I used to not believe in ME or my abilities as an entrepreneur.

But if someone like ME can be successful, then I KNOW YOU CAN TOO!


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What’s your biggest fear you face as an entrepreneur? Let me know in the comment below and let’s conquer our fears together!


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4 Comments to How to Be A Successful Entrepreneur

  1. Tal S. says:

    Honestly, my biggest fear is “running out of gas”, as they say. I’ve never been one to stick to a hard path for very long if I have a choice to get out.
    My (admittedly short) life has taught me that I will NEVER be content as someone else’s employee. I despise the very notion of having my working hours or activities decided for me by some superior whose authority is imposed upon me without my choosing.
    After a short foray into freelancing, I came to the realization that passive income is truly the name of the game. That’s why I’m a blogger now, faced with many months of fruitless labor until the internet finally starts noticing my efforts. I’m sure you can relate to that, Kayla. I just hope I have enough mental energy to pull through until my online business is making enough money for me to escape the 9-5. Well, 10-7 in my case…

    • Kayla says:


      I appreciate your honesty and your feedback. Yes, “running out of gas” is a huge fear that I think all of us in the entrepreneur business face – especially in the beginning. But if you put in the time and effort – you can be successful.

      Try and give yourself a realistic goal. Do you want to be able to leave your job in 6 months? A Year? Try and make tangible goals that will help you actively work towards your dream! I know you can do it if you put your mind to it!

      Try and this Article: How to Fail At Blogging and What You Should Know Before You Try. You might derive some inspiration. Time and patience my friend. Your efforts will begin to pay off in the end! 

  2. Mallory says:

    Great quotes to live by! Becoming an entrepreneur is really scary. I currently write a blog but with my jobs I find it hard to always make time for writing. I always go back to why I started – to make a career that I can do from anywhere. I know it will not come right away but if I’m consistent then progress will follow. Thanks for sharing this! It really motivated me to get up and kick some butt today!!

    • Kayla says:


      Thanks for stopping by and thanks for leaving a comment! Yes, being an entrepreneur is very scary and when we’re just starting out, we have other life responsibilities that can sometimes get in our way. 

      But stay focused! Keep you goals posted somewhere where you can look at them every day. Then, one day you’ll be looking at your achievements! 

      Go kick some more blogging butt today! 

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