How To…Affiliate Marketing Start Up

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HOW TO...Affiliate Marketing

If you’ve been around the internet a while, you’ve probably heard the term: Affiliate Marketing. If you’ve ever used the internet, you’ve probably been a part of affiliate marketing – maybe without even realizing it! Maybe, you’ve heard you can make money doing it, but what is affiliate marketing? If you’ve ever wondered how to learn affiliate marketing, you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading and even start your FREE course Today!


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How To: Affiliate Marketing

First, we need to define ‘affiliate marketing.’ The term Affiliate simply means ‘partner.’ If you’ve ever clicked on an Advertisement that took you to another website where you could purchase something – THAT is affiliate marketing.consumers and users

Simply put, it’s selling other people’s products for a percentage of the purchase price. We can call this a ‘finder’s fee.’


A great way to facilitate this idea is with a WEBSITE.

You can create a website about absolutely anything! You can find products and/or services to advertise on your website – and when someone makes a purchase, you get paid!

But aren’t websites hard to create? Nope! Go ahead, type in the name of your webiste and start builiding it today!

It’s really THAT simple….well, maybe not quite.


A Website

Sure, a website is fairly easy to build once you know what you’re doing but that’s just the first step. You need to get traffic. How do you get traffic to a website? There are few ways to accomplish this.


First, tell people about it. That seems easy enough, but what about people on the other side of the world? How will they know about YOUR website?question mark


Research and/or Training….

If you want to learn how to effectively manage a website and learn how to drive traffic to your website – you need to know the little hacks or secrets behind managing a website Google and other search engines will be able to trust.


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Online Entrepreneur Certification - Getting Started Level 1


If you want someone to explain things in plain English, then I suggest finding a program and/or group of people you can trust. This means a program that has been around a while and that’s willing to help you past the basics.


At Wealthy Affiliate, you can access a FREE 10 Lesson Video Course that will show you HOW to set up your website start to finish (even though it’s ALWAYS a work in progress, so you’re never really ‘finished.’)


The best part is, you can start Affiliating for that program right away. (Which means if someone signs up for the paid features or the more advanced lessons, then you can get paid!) You could never spend a dime to enter the paid features of the program, but still learn the basics of affiliate marketing AND keep your website!

Literally, you can start making money for $0! It’s truly the best free deal on the market today!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I Really Need a Website?

Need is a very strong term. Yes, you can do affiliate marketing without having a website. You can place advertisements on Facebook, etc.

BUT having a website makes is easier to reach more people and will increase your monetary potential.


Does it cost to become an Affiliate?

Sometimes. There are some affiliate programs that will charge a monthly fee or upfront fee for the right to sell those products. BUT, there are so many OTHER programs that are FREE, I wouldn’t recommend paying for any program if you’re a beginner.


How Do I Find Affiliates?

By going through THIS TRAINING, you will learn how to become an affiliate for almost ANY TYPE of product or service you want to promote. The best way is to Google search “product + affiliate program” and see what comes up.

A few good programs that give you the ability to sign up for multiple programs at once are CJ Affiliates, ShareASale, and Clickbank. These programs might seem confusing, here is a lesson on how to navigate specifically CJ Affiliates. (all you need is an active email to view the video!)

Plus, if you join this program – even for FREE, you can start using their banners and links. You can promote this on social media platforms too…hence you can start making money even if you don’t have a website!


How Long Does it Take to Start Making Money?

Keep in mind that a website takes a long time to gain trust with search engines. There are millions of websites on the internet that people have created. MOST of those are abandoned websites people started, but never really finished.

Most people give up within the first 4-6 months of creating their website. Why? Because they have unrealistic expectations. My first month I made $8. And I put in A LOT of work for that $8. But that was a start. Some of the posts I worked on in my first month are still making me money today – and I’m not doing anything!

So yes – it takes time. Sometimes a lot of time. But if you stick with it, you can make a residual income in the long run. Plus, if you take Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Marketing Courses, you can learn the skills to begin making money even faster!


How Much Money Can I Make?

You need to have realistic expectations when it comes to managing a website. There are many factors involved:

Are you running a one-man website, or are you working with a group of people who can accomplish more in a faster time?

How much time can you realistically devote to a website?

Are you devoted enough to push past the hurdles and constantly learn new ways of doing things and new techniques?

I can say the ‘sky is the limit’ – but realistically, most ESTABLISHED websites make about $1000 per month. (those being a single owner/contributor in their ‘spare’ time) HOWEVER, there are bloggers on the internet that make over $100 per hour they spend working on their blogs… most of them are at least 5 years old. But the potential is there if you’re willing to learn and make it work.


What other questions do you have? Leave them in the comments below!


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