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Are you looking for Cheap Cell Phone Plans with NO contract?

Look no further!


Do you want to save money by cutting down the cost of your cell phone bill? Cell phone plans are ridiculously expensive these days and can cost well over $100/month per line! But did you know that there ARE cheap cell phone plans with NO contract involved? Yes, they do exist. I just discovered one and I’m SO excited to share it with you!


Let me introduce you to Republic Wireless. It’s seriously the next best thing in cheap and effective cell phone coverage!  Take a look at your old cell phone bill and see how much you could save today! They have plans starting at $15/month!

Cell phone plans from Republic Wireless


Republic Wireless is not just another cell phone company. They truly focus on the importance of the customer and want to create a community with outstanding customer service. Check out their mission statement!


Our goal is lofty: To be less of a phone company and more of a phone community. If you’re into transparency, honesty, collaboration and trust, come join Republic.


How Republic Wireless is so affordable


How do can they compete with the big companies at such low prices? They offer a WiFi talk and text model – which simply means that they connect your phone to available WiFi hot spots for usage instead of relying on data. But don’t worry, they still have cell tower service for when there is no WiFi around! (But seriously…there’s WiFi everywhere)


wifi is everywhere


Their newest feature is their Anywhere Program – which allows you to text and manage your cell phone from other devices – tablet, computer, etc…


anywhere features of republic wireless


So, if you’re tired so spending hundreds of dollars on a cell phone plan – Republic Wireless might be good fit for you.


These plans are perfect for people on a budget, seniors, kids, families – absolutely everyone can benefit their service. So go ahead – choose your phone and start saving money today!


choose your phone


Don’t want a new phone? No problem! You can bring in your old phone!



Click HERE to head to Republic Wireless and make the switch TODAY!


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Questions? Comments? How much money can you save by switching to Republic Wireless? Let me know in the comments below!




Spread the Love. Share and Enjoy!


  1. Bradley Boschma says:

    I like the idea of saving THAT much money on my cellphone bill very month. Is the billing easy? Does this service have good networks so the phone gets good reception? You’re doing a good job. Thanks!

    Brad Boschma

    • Kayla says:


      Thanks for your reply! Yes, saving on your cell phone bill is really easy with Republic Wireless. 

      It’s very easy to pay your ball – online or automatically. They have an app that lets you see your billing statement and reminds you to pay. 

      The phones have great reception, because they not only use Hot Spots for WiFi, they also use cell towers, and they have a system to try and stop a dropped call before it happens!

      Great Questions and Thanks for your comments! 

  2. You could try Cricket Wireless, I really like them.

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