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What is Motivation?

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success - go get it

Do ever feel like you’ve been knocked down and it’s hard to get back up? Maybe it’s that special project you’ve been pouring your heart and soul into, but now it just sits on your shelf. Maybe it’s the weight goal that’s taped to the mirror that you look at sadly while eating an Oreo in disgust. – I’ve been there! If you’re down on yourself for not accomplishing that goal that has been sitting in the back of your mind for days, weeks, or possibly years now – you might need some motivation!


What is Motivation? – Define Your Motive.

Boy QuestioningTo find your motivation, you first need to define your motive. The dictionary defines motive as: Something (such as a Need or Desire) that Causes a person to Act!


What is your motive? What will cause you to act – or to take action and plan out the necessary steps to actively move forward to achieve your goal? THAT is what you need. You need to find what drives you to the point of insanity making it as if you HAVE to take these steps to achieve your goal. Make it a life or death matter!


It could be money, a goal weight, publishing a book, or even a personal decision only known by you – maybe one that’s way to personal to even share.


Whatever the goal – whatever you set out to achieve know this:



Make SMART Goals

You’re on a life long journey. Remember that where you are right now doesn’t have to define who you will be tomorrow, a week from now, next year – next decade. You are in charge of your future.

One way to achieve a goal is to make it SMART.


S – Specific.

You goals can’t be to ‘lose weight.’ It needs to be “I’m going to lose 5 pounds this month!”


M – Measurable.

You can’t say, “I’m going to do better.” You need to say, “I am going to do [this] today that will make me better!” (Maybe it’s something along the lines of “I’m going to do 10 push ups today.”)


A – Attainable.

Don’t set your goal too high (let’s take the weight-loss example). Don’t try and say, “My goal is to lose 50 pounds this month!” … not only is that unlikely, but also unhealthy!


R – Relevant.

This is the part where you need to define what motivates you. If your goal is to write a book, having the goal of making it to the gym 3 days this week doesn’t help you with that goal.


T – Time Based.

Give yourself enough time to accomplish your goal – but also set some deadlines. (remember, you can always adjust for when life gets in the way).



I always love music to motivate me. Here is a list of my favorite motivational songs. I have a playlist on YouTube and I will add songs periodically. But so far, these are my favorite!


To have access to your FREE goal sheet Click HERE!

To see how to use the goal sheet, click on How to Be a Better You by Tomorrow!


What are your goals? What motivates you? Drop me a comment below and maybe we can help keep each other accountable!


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Blogging is Hard. But These Songs Help Keep Me Going!

A Tale of a Failed Blogger social
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A Tale of a Failed Blogger

If I died tomorrow and these were the last words I ever got to write – I’d be okay. That’s becuase I want to leave a legacy that inspires and motivates people to be their absolute best. I want you to be able to find motivation for life! So here are my top 7 motivational songs to help give you that kick in the butt you need to keep going!


Do you want the truth? Blogging is hard.

Most blogs only last about 6 months. Why is this?

It takes time.

Life gets in the way.

Most of us are doing it along side other ‘jobs’ or work related responsibiliites with the hope of one day making it our full time income – but that takes time. And after 6 months of practically trying to fit blogging into our already hectic lifestyles – it seems easier to give up and get a night shift job where we can see the monetary gain right away.


Blogging is hard.bury head


I’m in between my 5th and 6th month of trying to blog on a regular basis for business purposes. I’ll be honest, my monetary gain I’ve made so far isn’t even close to what a minium wage job would pay – at least not for the countless hours I’ve spent pouring myself into it.

This past week, my computer’s hard drive went out. I had to install a completely new harddrive. I lost all my blog files. All my photo files. All my designs. Everything that was on my computer where I thought it was safe. I cried. I wanted to give up.


Blogging is hard.

Life is hard.

But if you truly want to make a blogging business work – or any business for that matter – you have to give it time. I know this. But if I can be frank – it still sucks sometimes.


Honestly, I Felt Like Giving Up

I wanted to hide away from the world. I felt like a failure. I felt so ashamed. And not to mention feeling guilty for feeling this way – knowing quite well that I have so much more than others in the world. Talking about my computer problems shows just how silly my ‘first world’ problems are.

So, after pulling myself off the ground and unwrapping from the fetal position,  I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself. I know that if I want this – if I want to believe in myself, I need to keep writing. I need to keep researching.

No matter how hard.

No matter how long.

No matter what!

I am my biggest critic. I am my biggest threat.


I’ll be honest. Blogging for business purposes is hard. You find yourself engulfed in a niche and if you stray away from your topic, it can be hard. Not to mention the guilty feeling you get in the pit of your stomach!

This post doesn’t really fit in with my others. It may be outside of my niche – but that’s okay.

I’m not perfect. I’ve learned a lot in the past 6 months – but there’s so much more to learn! I didn’t have an active social media account when I started this venture. I’ve come so far. But even now, it feels as if I have so far to go.

I need to find motivation to keep going. And if I can, I want to encourage others to keep going as well. How do I find the strength to keep going?


Music.girl with headphones

I love listening to music that motivates me and inspires me to keep going – to keep living the life I am because I know it’s the path to take me to where I want to be.

I also try to take it one day at a time and enjoy the little things. Enjoy the smiles on my children’s faces. Enjoy the time I spend outside in the sun.

Today I want to share my favorite motivational songs with you. These are no where near all of them, but it’s my top 7 (for today.) They’ve helped me get up and keep going. I hope you can derrive the same inspiration from them as I do!

Blogging is hard.
Life is hard.
But it’s so worth it!

Enjoy these songs and share this post with your friends or family who need a little more motivation to keep going today!

You can view all these songs on my Motivational Playlist on my YouTube Channel as well. Subscribe and stay updated as I update this playlist!

What are your favorite ways to stay motivated? Please share them in the comments below. I’d love to find new ways to be inspired!

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How to Teach Kids About Money

talking with your kids about money
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Teach Your Children Success

It’s no secret that in today’s world kids are growing up with a misrepresentation of how money should be saved, spent, and handled in order to ensure long-lasting financial success. More and more younger people are starting their adult lives with enormous amounts of debt and relying on credit. It’s not necessarily that parents aren’t teaching kids about money, but I believe it’s a lack of understanding of HOW to teach kids about money.


This post contains affilaite links.

How To Teach Kids About Money


What We Do

In my household, we started teaching our children about money at a very early age. We allow them to choose what they spend their money on (within reason) and we teach them the value of saving.


My children both receive a ‘commission’ for the work they do around the house. They are required to complete a set of chores each morning and they receive a ‘payment’ every other week. (We try to mimic a normal ‘job’ as close as possible.)


They also have 3 envelopes each hanging on their wall. One is labeled “Spend,” one is labeled “Save,” and one is labeled “Give.” They are required to stick a certain amount in each envelope.


The “Spend” money they are able to use to buy little trinkets – a soda at the store, some gum, etc…

Save, Spend, Give

Their “Save” envelope is for bigger purchases. We teach them to choose something they really want and then research the price at different stores – Amazon, WalMart, Target, etc… Once they’ve found a price they (and my husband and I) are comfortable with, then they know how much they need to save. This makes their purchase even more special since they worked hard towards their goal.


These are valuable life lessons for our children. They need to work hard and save for purchases – not rely on credit cards that they will pay off later. We believe that this is an important aspect of teaching kids about money. I want to set them up for financial success so they can be independent later on in life.


We believe in a Biblical foundation for giving money. Their “Give” money goes towards our local church.


Each aspect of the “Save”,”Give,” and “Spend” method is important. Our children learn the value of saving money, the excitement of spending their hard earned money, and we are teaching them that money isn’t everything. We should give what we can to those in need.


Where We Learned Our Technique

Most of these principles that we rely on come from Dave Ramsey’s teaching on money. I would highly recommend reading all of his financial books, but when it comes to teaching your kids about finances, I would suggest grabbing a copy of Dave Ramsey’s Smart Money, Smart Kids.

If you’re looking for a fun interactive way, they also have a game set called Finanical Peace Jr. which is a fun way to teach kids the foundations to financial success.


Another Great Resource – The Millionaire Next Door

8 Principles from The Millionaire Next Door

Another great resource for anyone trying to save money or who is looking to lay a foundation to financial success is a book called, The Millionaire Next Door.


See my other related articles on this book.

Live Like a Millionaire – Even if You’re Broke!

How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur 


Within the book are 8 Principles for teaching your kids about money and tips on how to handle your child’s financial situations as adults. Here are those principles:

kid super hero

1. Tell your children that there a lot of things more valuable than money – including themselves!

Always and Often

2. Don’t try to compete with your adult children financially. Encourage them for their own successes!


3. Stay out of your adult children’s family financial matters – and never try and borrow money from your children. You are the adult and need to be financially independent.


4. Never give cash or other significant gifts to your adult children as part of a negotiation strategy. Money is not a tool to be bargained in reward for certain behaviors or outcomes.


5. Minimize discussion of the items that each child and grandchild will inherit or receive as gifts.


6. Assure your children won’t realize you’re affluent until after they have established a mature, disciplined, and adult lifestyle and profession.


7. No matter how wealthy you are, teach your children discipline and frugality!


8. Never tell your children that you are wealthy


While all of these principles might not apply to every household and every family, I believe they offer good advice and words of wisdom.

Teaching your children about money will help set them up for a successful financial future. Even if they never make a 6 figure income, teaching them to be content with what they have is also very important.


If you always stress about the life you don’t have or worry about money in front of your children, then they will grow up to be adults that worry about money – and may even prize money over everything else.


By using the principles found in both of these books you will be on your way to teaching your kids about financial success and setting them up for a great future!

Also check out: Rich Dad Poor Dad


How are you setting up your children for financial success? Do you have other resources or wisdom you would like to share? Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear them!




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Live Like A Millionaire – Even If You’re Broke!

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You Heard Me Right! Here are the Reasons Why You Should Live Like a Millionaire – Even if You’re Broke!

Live Like a Millionaire

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I want to be a Millionaire!” Who hasn’t, right? Well, if you’ve ever wondered How to Become a Millionaire, you might be surprised by these 7 Principles that modern day millionaires live by.


I’m not talking about your “Hollywood” or Tony Stark millionaire…I’m simply talking about the millionaires who are living next door! You’ll probably never notice them or even think of them as “millionaires,” but in today’s world, becoming a millionaire is easier than you think!

This post contains affiliate links.


You can be successful too


These seven Principles come from William Danko’s, “The Millionaire Next Door.” I highly suggest purchasing your copy TODAY and set yourself up for a brighter future! Who knows…you might just be the next Millionaire Next Door!


7 Steps to Living Like a Millionaire

  1. Live Below Your Means

This one sounds a bit counter intuitive. We often think of millionaires as being able to spend money whenever they want on whatever they want. But it’s simply not the case!

Frugality Translates into Wealth.


Needing ways to save money? Check out these 50 ideas to start saving today!


  1. Allocate Your Time, Energy, and Money Effectively in ways Conductive to Building Wealthy

Simply put – Are you spending your time and energy on things that will help you build wealth – like investments or building a business, or are you simply “Spending” your money?


  1. Believe that Financial Independence is More Important than Social Status

Strangely enough, very few millionaires will spend money on things like “New Cars” and houses with extra space they simply don’t need. Take a look at this table below. This is a statistic given in the book, “The Millionaire Next Door.”

It states that over 50% of millionaires drive a car that is at LEAST 2 years old.


millionaire vehicle purchases


  1. Millionaire’s Parents Did not provide them with “Economic Outpatient Care”

This means that they how to get where they are on their own WITHOUT relying on “Mom and Dad’s Money.”

They know how to work hard and go after what they want! They stopped relying on other people – including the government – to give them money


  1. Teach Your Adult Children to Become Economically Self-Sufficient

Children of millionaires can be surprising self-sufficient when it comes to managing their funds. This is because their parents taught them how to do so. When you teach your children how to handle money – they will grow into adults who can be financially independent.

On the flip side, if you have a child who is an adult and they just can’t seem to live below their means or follow the basic principles of spending less than what you make – it’s okay to QUIT giving them handouts. That way, the money you save when your children are young will be there for YOU to enjoy when they are grown and out of your house.


  1. Be Proficient in Targeting Marketing Opportunities

I’ll be honest, this one is hard for me. I’m NOT very good at the stock market. But we HIRE someone to handle our investment accounts. We interviewed several people before we decided on who to trust with our money.

Make sure that IF you hire out that you choose someone who you KNOW without a doubt will have your best interest in mind.


See my post on How to Retire Like a Boss!


  1. Choose the Right Occupation

Yes, you should choose a job that you love and that will bring your joy. But let’s face it – sometimes those jobs are not reliable and you can’t just sit around waiting for your “Big Break.” (otherwise you might find yourself waiting tables)

Find an occupation that will provide a stable financial income and one that will give you MORE money than what you need to live on. (Remember Rule #1).

can you spot the millionaire next door


I love what I do as an online social influencer and blogger! I can write about subjects I love and I can provide some financial stability to my family.

If you want to try out affiliate marketing – or are just interested in learning the ‘ins and outs’ of making money online, I suggest you Try Out Wealthy Affiliate’s Training Program. You will have access to 10 videos that will TEACH you HOW you can start earning an online income. You can Get Started for FREE Today!


Also see How to Build Your Own Online Business.


Another great Resource to learning how to save and spend below your means is Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover. This is a MUST READ for anyone in need of helping them create, plan, and stick with a budget. You’ll also learn about saving for your financial future!

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Are you ready to become the next Millionaire Next Door? Let me know in the comments below how you are setting yourself up for future success!


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Read the PDF of The Millionaire Next Door Here! 

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How to Be A Successful Entrepreneur

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5 Daily Mantras of Successful Entrepreneurs

This post contain affiliate links. See my Privacy Policy for more information.

Are You Wondering the Secrets Behind How to Be a Successful Entrepreneur?


Let’s face it! Sometimes, being an entrepreneur is HARD! It’s hard to know how to be a successful entrepreneur when you’re faced with so many “unknowns.”

But, whether you’re just starting your own business, or you’ve been around a while, sometimes you just need to get your head back in the game.


You can be successful too


Go back the beginning…what was “it” that got you started in the first place? What is the ONE thing that drives you to get out of bed every day and challenges you to be a better person? How do you rekindle the passion of a lost love?

If you find yourself stuck, or you just need a little encouragement, here are 5 Daily Mantras for Successful Entrepreneurs. Print them out, hang them on your wall and remember these 5 words of wisdom and engrave them in your brain!


5 Things to Say to Yourself Every Day to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

successful entrepreneurs mantra

Do you ever find yourself scared that you’re in way over your head – or stressing about your next ‘big break?’ Want to know a secret? Me too.


I know you can be successful! I used to think that if I knew something, then everyone else must know it too. I’ve always thought that if I achieve something, everyone else must be doing well too – because I used to not believe in ME or my abilities as an entrepreneur.

But if someone like ME can be successful, then I KNOW YOU CAN TOO!


For a FREE 10 Course Training Series on how to successfully launch, or revive your online business, click HERE! YOU TOO CAN BE SUCCESSFUL!

Online Entrepreneur Certification - Getting Started Level 1


Want to read more about becoming a successful Entrepreneur? The inspiration from this post came from the book, “The Millionaire Next Door.” Grab your copy today! 


What’s your biggest fear you face as an entrepreneur? Let me know in the comment below and let’s conquer our fears together!


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How to be a Better You by Tomorrow! 

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Get Serious About Your Future! Retire Like a Boss!

Are You Prepared for Retirement Featured Image
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Are You Prepared for Retirement-

Do I need to save for retirement? Yes. The answer is ALWAYS yes. Unless you have a rich uncle that will leave you millions of dollars – AND you are REALLY good at budgeting and managing your own money, then you should be setting at least something aside for your retirement each month in an investment fund. Personally, I prefer setting up a Roth IRA for investments. (see why below)


Topics Discussed in this article:


How much Should You Save for Retirement?


What is the difference between a Roth IRA and a Traditional IRA?


What is the difference between a Mutual Fund and an Index Fund?



Why Invest Your Money?question mark

I guess you could always just open a savings account at your local bank and begin setting extra money aside – or stick cash in an envelope under your mattress. I don’t suggest these methods because you won’t earn any return on your investment this way. See the scenario below.


Plus, it makes its tempting when you can have access to these funds. I suggest investing in a retirement fund – meaning placing funds in the stock market and leaving them there to earn interest over time. We’re talking 20-40 years!


My husband and I started investing in our early 20’s – and even then, we could only put away roughly $50 a month. But it was $50 a month going towards our future! Every little bit helps and the sooner you develop the habit of saving, the better off you’ll be.




How much should you save for your retirement?

This is dependent on a couple of factors.

  1. Your current age

  2. The age you Plan to retire

  3. How much you have saved already

  4. What your estimated return on your investment should be (historically, this will be anywhere from 7-11% return on your investment for the average investor)


Here is a Dave Ramsey Retirement Calculator where you can you input the above numbers and begin to play with these different amounts.

Remember that as your income increases over the years, the more you will be able to invest. So don’t worry if you’re numbers look low right now – you can always contribute more as your income increases.

Ideally, you will put away 15% of your total income into a retirement fund. Most employers have a retirement program – so know what your employer offers and ask questions!


Once you’ve played around with the numbers on the calculator, ask yourself, “How much do I need a year to live comfortably?” This answer will vary person to person.


Just for fun, let’s input the following numbers into the investment calculator. If you were 25 years of age and you had saved up $10,000 towards your retirement and you contributed $300 a month until you were 67 – let’s be safe and say a 7% return…. here are the results.


example of investment


Doing a little math, you would have contributed $161,200 of your own money and your investment would yield over a million dollars. That’s assuming you NEVER add more into the account as your income ideally increases over the years.

THAT is the reason I suggest investing.


Now, take that total and divide by 20 (this is assuming you live until you’re 97 years old.) That will be the amount of money you would receive each year is you divided up your funds evenly over the course of your retirement.

If we keep with the above scenario, you would retire making with approximately $53,000 a year.


To find out how much you should save for retirement, just play with the numbers until you’ve found one that would yield a nice retirement for yourself. Then, you can set your goals on how much you should start saving. Even if you can’t afford to save as much as you’d like right now, just starting is the important part!


Setting Up an IRA

You have options when it comes to setting up a retirement fund. I prefer a ROTH IRA account, but you can use the traditional IRA as well.

There are differences between Roth IRAs and Traditional IRAs. See the chart below to compare the differences between the two.

Traditional IRA vs. Roth IRA


There are some other terms you might come across when it comes to investing. There are multiple funds to choose from when investing some sort of money. One common question that is asked is what is the difference between a Mutual Fund and an Index Fund.

Here is an easy explanation.


Mutual Funds

buffetThink of these as your ‘buffet.’ You can pick and choose which stocks to buy into. These accounts are actively managed – meaning your investment provider should be watching these to make sure they are placing your money in the stocks that will lead to a higher return on your investment. This is why it is extremely important to find a provider you trust!


Mutual funds have a lower buy in rate, however, the fees you pay your investor will be higher (generally 1-1.5% of your earnings). But remember, your investor wants to make money too – which is why they actively manage these accounts closely!

Mutual Funds also have more volatility – meaning they are more unpredictable. But the average return of your investment is roughly 7%.


***Some people will argue that the average return of your investment is more like 11-12% percent. Which, historically, that is the correct average. However, that includes the 80’s and 90’s where the stock market jumped and the average investment THOSE years were roughly 20%. Which is why the average over time is estimated around 11-12%. But if you only consider the past 10 years, the average is roughly 7%.


Index Funds

same menuIf mutual funds are you ‘buffet,’ then Index funds are more like your ‘summer camp lunch.’ Everyone gets the same thing and a little bit of everything. These accounts are passively managed because they are less volatile and more stable than mutual funds.

Think of it this way. An index fund can include a fortune 500 company. If one branch of that company goes under – there are still 499 that will carry your investment. Because of this, there is a higher buy in – generally $25,000 to begin investing in Index Funds. Exceptions can be made and this number can vary depending on your investor.

But, while the buy in rates are generally higher, the investor fees are lower.


If you don’t understand the stock market, I highly suggest hiring someone to do your investments for you. Click HERE to find some investors near you today and compare rates.


What We Use

We are 100% on a Dave Ramsey Retirement Plan. We use companies and investors endorsed by Ramsey (as linked above) because of his extensive knowledge of the stock market and his abilities to teach someone to plan, save, and setting you up for a great retirement – one that won’t have you depending on the government, or other people in your elderly years.

If you don’t want to have to take on a job after you retire – even though I love my Wal-Mart greeters – you need to be setting SOMETHING aside for your retirement. It’s about living a frugal life now, so you can enjoy the freedom later!

Recommended Reading


Bonus Ninja

bonus ninjaDo you need some ways to increase your income? You can create a website online and learn how to make money in the long term to go towards your investments.

Why not start an online business now – you can receive FREE basic training on how to set up your website and how to start making a residual income online with a website.


Are you looking for a side hustle? You can also check out THIS POST on how to make money doing odd jobs by posting your skills on websites like Craigslist and Facebook.How To Make Money with Craigslist


Or, simply start saving money with these 50 ideas! Sign up to receive a print out of all 50 ways you can save money. Hang it on your fridge and check them off the list as you save money each month towards YOUR future!

Subscribe to stay in the know! You’ll get my weekly Money News Update, plus a FREE info Graphic of 50 Ways to Save Money!

* indicates required

How important is saving for retirement to you? Let me know in the comments below! Comment and tell me what you want YOUR future to look like! What are your goals?

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8 “Not-So-Secrets” to Becoming An Effective Leader

8 Not So Secrets Laws of Leadership
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8 -Not-So-Secrets- to Becoming an Effective Leader

8 “Not-So-Secrets” to Becoming an Effective Leader

Whether you own your own corporation and have thousands of employees beneath you, or you simply know that running your home can be like running your own business – most likely, you are a leader.

You lead your family, your kids, direct employees at work – or you’re an entrepreneur and you know leadership of yourself for your business is what’s going to drive your business forward!


Here are 8 “not-so-secret” Laws of Leadership to help you Be a More Effective Leader in Life and Business!


8 Laws of Leadership

1. Maintain Absolute Integrity

This is not only a law of leadership – but a law of LIFE. In everything you do, you should choose your thoughts, actions, and words so that they reflect your values – not just for personal gain.

It is true that integrity alone won’t make you a good leader, but without integrity, you will never be one. – Zig Ziglar


2. Know Your StuffLearn, Grow, Succeed

If you’re going to set yourself apart as a leader, you need to be confident in what you are selling. You should never stop learning the arts of your craft – whether that’s parenting, internet marketing, or running a fortune 500 company. This world is always changing – and you need to stay ahead of the game!


See Continuing Education | Online Marketing Courses


3. Declare Your ExpectationsI do Declare....

Set the bar high! Let others know exactly what you set out to accomplish and how you are going to lead them to success. Will everyone like it or be on board – probably not. But THAT’s Okay. Know what to expect from yourself and make known what you expect of others.


4. Show Uncommon Commitment

Let’s face it – life is hard. And when it gets hard, do you bail or do you keep pushing through those tough times until you break the barrier? You need to be the person that shows up – even when no one else will!


5. Expect Positive Results

When you expect great things, you will accomplish great things. It’s only when you let your mind talk you out of something great that you will fail.


See Focus on Your Future | The Power of Positive Thinking


6. Take Care of Your People

You’ve heard the saying, “The customer is always right.” If you’re leading for the sake of saying you’re a leader, then you may be in it for all the wrong reasons. When you lead, you need to actively be changing the lives of those you lead for their good.

Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence. – Sheryl Sandberg


7. Put Duty Before Self

Draw People by your humility and honor, not by your position and power. – Alisa Hope Wagner


8. Get Out in Front

You can’t expect to lead if you’re never in front of your people. You need to stand strong and be seen. The only effective way to lead is to do so by EXAMPLE.


And if you still need a pep talk – here’s one of my favorite videos From Kid President on teamwork and Leadership! 

Do you agree with these 8 Laws of Leadership? Why of why not? I’d love to know your opinion. You can leave the answers in the comment section below.


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How To Fail At Blogging | What You Should Consider Before You Try

How to Fail at Blogging And Business
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How to fail at blogging

how to fail at blogging

Are you wanting to learn how to make money blogging at home? Or maybe you’re a blogger spinning your wheels and just can’t figure out why you don’t seem to be moving forward. If you want to know how to succeed as a blogger, first check out why so many people try blogging, but end up giving up.

Don’t make these same mistakes – and if you find yourself in a rut, see if these apply to you and let’s figure out how to break through your blogging block together!

This post contains affiliate links. See my Private Policy | Disclosure page for more information.

Why People Fail at Blogging

1. You Think Working From Home is Easy.lazy

While working at home does have its perks, it’s not the fairy tale land where you can sit on your rump all day and expect money to magically be added to your bank account.

Blogging is WORK. Unless you’re running a personal blog just for fun, (and even in those cases too) blogging takes time, effort, research, and a self-disciplined attitude to bring you back to your computer day in and day out – even when there’s heaps of laundry and piles of dishes that need to be done.


2. You Are Inconsistent

The point of blogging is gain traffic and then turn that traffic into devoted followers of YOUR blog. If you post inconsistently and aren’t reliable, people won’t come back to your blog.

woman holding headOnce you have followers, they will expect you to post regularly – whether that’s once a week or five times a week! Just be consistent – not only with your posts, but also your emails, when you pop into your social media hangouts, etc.… People will get to know your schedule and know when to expect things from you!


3. You’re Not Solving a ProblemHelp

People search the internet to gain information. Usually they have a question they need answered or a problem they are wanting advice on how to solve. If you’re blogging as a business or to make money – you need to be solving your reader’s problems with great content!

Show them you are reliable enough for them to get their answer and then come back to see what else you have to say. Simply telling your reader your opinions may not be enough. You need to SHOW them how to solve their problem by offering practical advice they can then turn around and use.


4. You’re Not Doing Your Keyword Research

seo blocksDid you know that people all over the world will consistently type in the same phrases? Google tracks these phrases and it has a huge impact on which blog content shows up at the top of a Google search.

If you use those same phrases within the content of your blog post – then you have a greater probability of being ranked higher in Google. (and other search engines too!) When you know what people are searching for, then you’ll know what questions you need to answer within your niche.

Go ahead – See what People are Actually Searching for in Search Engines!


5. You Stop Learning

The internet is an ever-changing beast and if you don’t stay on top of the latest trends, newest algorithms, and hottest social media platforms then your blog will seem outdated and you will fall behind very quickly.


See Continuing Education | Online Business Blogging Courses.Online Business Marketing Course


6. You compare yourself to other bloggers

If you find yourself doing this: see this video of Bob Newhart’s best advice! 

This can only discourage you. Yes, visit other sites and get ideas, learn from those people who are successful and implement what you learn from them – but STOP trying to be a carbon copy of them. Your blog is unique – and THAT’s what will drive people to you.


7. You Give Up

According to Grant Sabatier, the average website lasts about 6 months. Many people try blogging – and many give up because of unrealistic expectations. It takes time to build a business. It takes time to gain traffic and it takes time to build a brand.

Grant Sabatier also tells his story of how he spent over 500 hours on his blog before making his first dollar! Now, he makes an average of $100-$200 per HOUR that he spends on working on it!


Why does it take so long?

Remember that Google and other search engines are BUSINESSES. They want to provide their users with the best possible outcomes to their searches too. It can take anywhere from 6 months to a year before you become an authority in your niche. Search engines don’t trust new blog sites. Remember, blogging is about the marathon – it’s not a sprint.


The Good New! You CAN Succeed as a Blogger!

successBut don’t worry. I’m not going to leave you on a discouraging note. Here are some ways we can attack this list and can get your blog back on track and be re-inspired today!

Do you want to get your content ranked on Google? See THIS post on the 7 steps to Google Ranking.Rank Higher

These are things you can do right now to your blog posts and they are FREE! In reality, they’re just SEO hacks – super simple steps to getting your blog back on top!


Do you need to be inspired and break out of your writer’s blog? Check out THIS post on how to choose the right keywords for your website and search engine optimization!How to Choose Keywords for a website

This will give you some creative ideas on how to bring your creativity back and get re-inspired!


Stay on course! Keep learning how the internet works, what algorithms are changing, and stay up to date!

If you don’t already have a blogging platform (meaning someone working behind the scenes to make sure your blog stays up to date and up to speed) then I would highly recommend bringing your blog into the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

You get access to a great community and they take care of ALL your web hosting needs. They also offer continuous training, with a live training every Friday. (But you can always go back and watch the recorded version if you can’t make the live class)


I hope I haven’t scared you away from blogging. It’s truly a great creative outlet and can make you good money – IF you can stick with it after the first few months. It’s HARD work, but remember, the hard work you put forth NOW can make you a residual income for a lifetime! Plus, it does get easier with time.

When I first started, it took me almost 4 hours to create a post start to finish. (including the marketing side – social media, etc.…) But, I have been able to cut that time at least in half – and I’m getting faster with every post!


If you want to see why Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 Recommendation for a blogging platform, click HERE.


What’s your #1 Struggle as a blogger? Let me know in the comments below and we can brainstorm ways together to get you out this rut!


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ways to increase productivity
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How to Increase Your Productivity – My 10 Step Guide!

Be sure to Pin this post for easy reference later! Print out my info graphic and hang it on your fridge!

ways to increase productivity


Everybody wants to be more productive. It saves time, energy, and gives you a sense of accomplishment. I love making lists, checking things off, and seeing progress – it’s how I stay sane at the end of the day!

Here are my personal steps I try to do every single day. Am I perfect? Nope! Do I mess up on occasion? You betcha! But if you follow these steps you may learn how to increase your productivity on a daily basis.



1. Plan Your Day


Make a list of everything you want to accomplish in a day. Group them into *Important Must-Do tasks and *Want to, but could wait if need be.

must dos vs want tos

Write it down! Don’t just make a mental list because if you’re anything like me, you’ll forget until the last minute.


Spend at least 10 minutes each night thinking about how you will accomplish the next day’s tasks. And think positively about how you CAN do it. Be proactive and stop thinking about how things are going to go wrong. And when you wake up in the morning, start checking things off your list!


See The Power of Positive Thinking.


2. Make Your Bed!


By accomplishing a simplistic, mundane task first thing in the morning you will set yourself for success – because you’ve already accomplished something. It’s a snowball effect. You will feel proud of yourself and you will want to continue to be productive.


Listen to what this navy seal admiral has to say.

If you can’t do the little things right, you’ll never be able to do the big things right. And if, by chance, you have a miserable day, you will come home to a bed that is made. That you made. And a made bed gives you encouragement that tomorrow will be better!



Jeremiah 12:5 says

If you have raced with men on foot, and they have wearied you, how will you compete with horses?


This simply means, if you can’t do the little things, how are you going to expect to accomplish the big ones?


3. Keep a Calendar!


I use my Google calendar for everything! It connects straight to my phone and I always have it on me. But even carrying a PDA or other personal organizer with you will help you schedule important things easily!

I write down birthdays, special events, family dinners, doctor’s appointments – everything goes on my calendar. That way I can plan ahead if I know something will interrupt my normal schedule for that day.



4. Block out Time in Your Calendar for Important tasks


If there is something that I really want to accomplish – either daily responsibilities, or deadlines for special projects – I block out a specific time on my calendar for those tasks. I plan to be BUSY during that time. It doesn’t matter if a friend wants to go to lunch – I can’t make it during my blocked-out time.


5. Respond to Important Emails right away

On average, you will spend more time coming back to an email later than you will responding in the moment.


6. Lump Your Calls

Set aside a specific time of day where you can make all the phone calls you need to make in one setting. That will force you to keep your conversations short, sweet, and to the point because you know you need to move on to the next person.


7. Exercise


Get at least 20 minutes of physical exercise every day. Even if you just go for a walk around the block, being active will help release tension and can help get your creative juices flowing! You can come back to tasks with fresh eyes and a new outlook on how to problem solve!


8. Wash Your Dishes Every Night


Waking up to a clean kitchen first thing in the morning will make your morning smoother and you will feel more accomplished when you fall asleep that night.

A clean kitchen always puts a smile on my face and smiling first thing in the morning is a BIG deal for me (because I’m not a morning person!

#mamma needs caffeine


9. Learn to Compromise


You might not complete everything every day. And that’s okay too! Life is a balancing act and once you learn to separate the truly important from the things you can let go – you can focus your energy on what really matters.


10. Invest in yourselfThe Little Things Matter

Find time every day for yourself. Do something that makes you happy – play a game, read a book, take a nap – get some personal YOU time.



Remember, life is a journey and finding what works for you will take time. And remember, things change in every season of life, so what worked for you a year ago might not work for you today. Heck, what worked for you yesterday may not work for you tomorrow!


Learn to love, learn to give back, and take time to smile every day. You will become a more productive and happier you!


What are your favorite productivity hacks? What tasks do you NEED to do every day to feel like you accomplished something? Are there thing you can learn to let go? Let me know in the comments below.


Want more? Read my 5 Steps on How to Achieve a Goal.

Or maybe it’s time for a change? Is your Job Literally Killing You?


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5 STEPS ON HOW TO ACHIEVE A GOAL + plus bonus Ninja Strategies

5 Steps for reaching your goals
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5 Steps for reaching your goals


We all have them, but the act of achieving them is hard! (Remember your last New Year’s Resolution? Neither do I)

Sure, we have motivation in the beginning, but how do we stand by our promises when things get tough? When things get down and dirty it’s easy to wash our hands and release ourselves from the grind and hard work it takes to achieve our dreams.

But don’t give up! Don’t give in and let failure become yet another adjective that describes you. You can do this! And if you follow these 5 simple steps on how to achieve a goal – with a little hard work – anything is possible. Let’s go!




1. WRITE IT DOWN!pen and paper

Write down what you plan to achieve. Once you write it down, you have begun to create a plan of action. That’s a great first step. It’s simple, easy, and accomplishable. So go ahead – write it down.

Now, take out your calendar, your day planner, or any other app you use for keeping track of your schedule. Block out time each day to actively work on your goal. Whether it’s a writing goal, a workout goal, or simply cleaning out the refrigerator – if you don’t actively schedule it into your life, it won’t happen!

It’s easy to make excuses or make last minute plans – but keep to your schedule. You might have to start by waking up early, going to bed late, or even skipping your lunch break. But if there’s a will, there’s a way!



jump into actionAfter you’ve written down your goal and have a time slot dedicated to achieving that goal, it’s time to make a plan.

What practical steps can you take to move you closer to where you want to be?

For example, your overarching goal might be to lose weight. But that’s not a plan of action – that’s simply an idea.

A plan of action would be to use your time you have already blocked out in your calendar to create a meal plan for the whole week. You might also use that time to create a list of exercises to do each day – and then go do them!

Your plan is only as good as the actions you are willing to actually do! Try creating an overarching goal and then breaking it down into simpler steps. Create a goal for the week and write down practical steps to take each day.

Give yourself small goals that are achievable every day. It feels good to accomplish something and it will help keep you motivated if you can actively make progress each day.


3. GET RID OF TIME WASTERSstop wasting time

You have a goal to achieve! Get rid of time wasters and time-wasting activities (like worrying if you will make it). You’ve got steps to take and places to go! You don’t have time to be bogged down by negative attitudes or people who aren’t helping you achieve your dreams!

Whether it’s a person or an activity, stop putting valuable time and effort into those things aren’t encouraging and that will weigh you down in the long run. It might even be as simple as temporarily giving up your nightly television routine to make time for what you really want to accomplish.



too legit to quitWhat motivates you? What gets you out of bed in the morning? Find something every day that will keep you motivated and on track for following your dreams. This could be a blog, a video, or simply a friend who is always encouraging!

I like to find encouraging quotes and hang them on my mirror! They are the first things I look at every day and they allow me to start my day in the right mindset.


5. THE IMPORTANCE OF A BREAKrest and rejuvenate

Never underestimate the power of taking a break.

We all need rest and breaks from everyday routines to keep ourselves from getting ‘burned out.’

Think of it this way – when I workout, I usually do short bursts of high intensity training followed by a lower impact move.

If I only did the high intensity, I wouldn’t have lasted long in continuing my workout routine. Sometimes, the only thing getting me through a high intensity workout segment is knowing that in roughly 3 minutes, I will get a chance to catch my breath.



When you’re trying to achieve a goal, try and find these 3 people: 


1. Someone who has been there

Find someone who has already achieved the goal you have set ahead for yourself. Learn from them, grow from their knowledge and wisdom, and they can become one of your biggest motivators.


2. Someone who IS there

Find someone who has as similar goal and who is close to where you are currently. You can help motivate each and share your learned wisdom along the way. It’s nice to have a buddy who you can run through the ‘trials and errors’ with. This is a learning process and when you’re on a journey with someone, it’s easier to stay on task.


3. Someone who is where you were 

Never underestimate the wisdom you have already gained in your life’s journey. There is someone out there who could use your knowledge to help them succeed and achieve their goals. Be someone’s person they can come to for advice.


The Power Helping others:  live each day to make an impact on someone else’s life. Think of it this way: What will you leave behind? What will your legacy be?

If I die tomorrow and this is the last thing I leave behind, the last thing I get to write – I’m okay with that. Live each day like THAT – every day should be an opportunity to make a difference in somebody’s life.


Need some more motivations? Check out THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING.

What are your goals?

CHALLENGE: Leave ONE goal in the comment section below and I will follow up with you to see how you’re doing! Because together, we can make things happens!


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