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MEET KELSEY! The Essentially Blessed Oily Momma

Essentially Blessed Oily Momma!
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Essentially Blessed Oily Momma


Have you ever wondered if there are any REAL work at home moms out there? Sure, you’ve heard of them – but are they just some mythical women who don’t actually exist? Are you someone searching for REAL work at home jobs for moms?

Well look no further! Yes, Virginia – there is a Santa Clause, and Yes, Real work at home moms do exist!

Allow me to introduce you to one of those women who are rocking their at home business and see what you can do to get started too!


Meet Kelsey

Meet KelseyKelsey is a sales distributor for Young Living Essential Oils. She runs a Facebook Page called Essentially Blessed Oily Momma where she educates others about the benefits of essential oils and how they can use her products to cure every day ailments naturally and increase your overall daily health.

You can request to join her Facebook Group HERE!


What is Young Living Essential Oils?

Young Living Essential Oils is a company that provides essential oils to help benefit your overall well-being.

Essential oils are a great safe and healthy alternative to the toxic OTC products. There are many uses for Young Living Essential Oil products including health and wellness, cosmetics, dietary supplements and natural home cleaning products.

All products are 100% plant based and have all-natural ingredients.


Why Does Kelsey Believe in THIS product?

I {Kelsey} got started with Young Living shortly after I had my oldest child. He had many minor health issues that were very persistent and recurring.

I had read several things about essential oils and how amazing they were. I decided to give them a try and to this day I am still finding new ways to use them.

They just fit into our lifestyle and I love that it gives us a healthy natural route to everyday problems. Naturally, I just wanted what was best for our children and Young Living Essential Oils has given us exactly that!

And now Kelsey is sharing her new-found knowledge of Essential Oils with moms just like YOU!



Do you love Essential Oils?

Head on over to the Young Living Essentials Oil website to place your order today!


Are you ready to become one of those REAL work at home moms?

Do you think THIS business is right for you?


There are 2 options to getting started.

The first option is by signing up for free where you can purchase the products at retail price.

The second option is the purchase a Premium Starter Kit for $160. The starter kit includes 11 5ml bottles of oil, a diffuser, lots of samples, educational resources and a wholesale membership – that’s a 24% discount!!!

Premium Start Up Young Living Kit


Do you want this to be YOUR next Business Opportunity? Click HERE to sign up!


Benefits of Becoming a Young Living Distributor


Take a look at what’s in store for you when YOU become the next Sales Distributor!

Generous Compensation: Young Living offers an industry-leading compensation plan with generous commissions and bonuses

Wholesale Pricing: Save 24 percent off retail pricing on Young Living products, and save even more money with exclusive specials and promotions every month.

Essential Rewards: As a member, you are eligible to enroll in the Essential Rewards program and earn as much as 25percent each order back in Essential Rewards points.

Exclusive Experiences: Participate in unique events such as the Global Leadership Cruise and our annual International Grand Convention, and experience our Seed to Seal process firsthand at farm harvests and plantings.

Community: Enjoy a close-knit community of support. In addition to your sponsor, the entire Young Living family is ready to assist and encourage you in your journey.

Education: Young Living provides ongoing health education opportunities through conventions, seminars, and newsletters to keep you informed and assist you in your wellness progress.

Recognition: As you expand your organization and advance toward the prestigious rank of Royal Crown Diamond, you will enjoy special recognition for your accomplishments and leadership!


What does Kelsey have to say about this business?


I love that this business benefits both my family and myself by allowing us to live healthier lives and also getting paid to share that with other people! I would love for you to join my team!


Kelsey with kids


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Jamberry Nails
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Jamberry NailsTake a look at your hands. What do you notice about them? You use them everyday – from hugs and kisses to chores and dishes, they serve you well throughout your daily tasks. But do they get the love and attention they deserve?

Sure, going to the salon would be great! But from running after toddlers all day to cooking meals and sifting through endless amounts of housework, paperwork – heck, just work – ain’t nobody got time for that!

Do your nails need a boost? Here’s the perfect solution for your ‘mommy nails’ when you just don’t have the time or money to pamper them at a salon…


Sarah runs a business out of her home as an Independent Sales Consultant for Jamberry.

Jamberry offers a solution to your hands’ mundane mommy blues – giving your nails the face-lift they need.

She offers nail wraps that are heat activated so they adhere to your fingernails. And the best part – they can last up to 2 weeks! (You can’t find promises like that anywhere else!) And in case you wanted to do up your toes, the wraps can last for as long as 6 weeks!

Sarah became interested in Jamberry after her son was born. Spoken like a true woman, she loved getting her nails done, but trying to find time to sit in a salon all day with a baby at home was next to impossible.

Sarah started out as loyal customer, but fell in love with the product so much that she decided to sell it out of her home!

These wraps do not chip or crack like nail polish and there is absolutely no drying time – which makes things easy since I’m chasing around a toddler!


Watch the YouTube video above to find out how easy these wraps are to apply. Plus, they’re cheaper and healthier than manis and pedis you will get at a salon.

WHAT’S THE COST?exclusive product

1 sheet of wraps will you give you 2-3 manicures and 2-3 pedicures. The average wrap will cost you around $15.

That’s $15 for 2-3 manis AND 2-3 pedis. That’s a price you can’t beat!

So if you love this product and want to purchase your hands’ next face lift, head on over to Sarah’s Website and put your order in today! Or check her out on Facebook at Jam In Style with Sarah!

GETTING STARTEDDo what you love

If you simply love this product and you think it would be a good fit your next home business or side hustle – contact Sarah today! It’s a great business and it’s easy to get started.

You can email her directly at or give her a call at 573-301-9494!

You have 2 options.

Order the Basics Business Package for $99 plus tax/shipping.

business basics

Or, go straight for the Styles Essentials package for $200 plus tax – but FREE SHIPPING!

You can start your very own business today for under $200! That’s a nice price considering some company start ups are over $1000 – sometimes over $5000!

VERDICT?thumbs up

This is a legit online business opportunity that anyone with a passion to succeed can do! It’s literally AN OPPORTUNITY AT YOUR FINGERTIPS!



Do you work from home, either for yourself or somebody else? Drop me a comment below and see how YOU can be our next Featured WAHM (work at home mom).

Publicity for your business made simple. Because moms helping moms is what it’s all about…okay, so you don’t have to be a mom. We don’t discriminate!

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Kodi with Lip Sense
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Alright ladies, who doesn’t love long lasting makeup? The problem – most makeup wears off within a couple hours. You leave the house twinning with Angelina Jolie – and by the end of the day you look more like Jabba the Hut!

Okay, so maybe it’s not THAT bad, but it is annoying  when you take the time to doll yourself up only to have about half the amount of lipstick left by the end of the night.

So what if you could wear long lasting makeup AND make money selling it at the SAME time? No sales experience, NO PROBLEM!


Kodi rocks life wearing many different hats. She is a full time mom of many – biological, adoptive, and foster children fill her home. She is a full time wife and a full time bank manager. So why is featured on our WAHM page?

Let’s look at THE SIDE HUSTLE.


When someone signs up to be an independent sales distributor, it simply means that a ‘parent’ company enters into an agreement to allow an individual to purchase their products at a discounted rate and sale them for a profit or commission.

Most independent agents are allowed to sell a company’s products via their own business strategy. You can create a company and sell the products without having the same name as the parent company, and you have the freedom to do it all on your own time in your own way.


Kodi owns her own home based business called KISSES AND WISHES. She is an independent distributor with a company called Senegence. What is their best selling product? – LipSense.


While Senegence offers many different beauty products, they are most well known for the their product called LipSense. What’s LipSense? It’s an all day, long-lasting lip color that truly doesn’t budge!


Kodi started as a proud customer of LipSense and when she began wearing it to work and around town, she noticed everyone was always asking her about her lipstick. She had previously been asked to become a sales distributor but turned it down because the thought of adding another thing into her already crazy life seemed impossible.

But once she noticed she was sending customers to someone else, she quickly changed her mind and signed on to be a sales distributor. She found wearing the product was the best way to promote and sell it!

With Senegence, the commission rate can be as high as 50%, so this is a business opportunity that will make you good money AND is fun at the same time. Who doesn’t love lipstick, right?


The start up cost for this company is very low, only $55! You could be spending hundreds more for access to other company’s products. Listen to Kodi’s words of wisdom:

How many success stories do you have to read before you write your own? I’ve bought a lot of things for $55 but only one of them has ever given my a paycheck! I’d love for you to join my team.


And you can be part of Kodi’s team TODAY and start your very own business on YOUR terms.

Or, if you just love the product, contact Kodi and get your LipSense TODAY!

Head over to Facebook and Check out Kodi’s Kisses and Wishes page.


This is legit company and a fantastic way to earn some extra cash on the side!





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Do you love to sew? Did you know that you can make money from home by creating and selling products on websites like Esty and Ebay? But did you know that Individual companies will hire you to WORK FOR THEM – FROM HOME?


Rebekah is a stay at home mom, a homeschool teacher of 5 (Wow!) and professional WAHM. She works for a company out of Lakewood Colorado called The Wunderkin Co. She uses her skills as a seamstress to sew beautiful hair bows for girls and makes money from the comfort of her own home. Here’s what she has to say:

The work is very detailed and intricate, but has been a great creative outlet for me while contributing significantly to my family’s finances.




The Wunderkin Co. specializes in handcrafted, heirloom hair bows. The site’s mission – to make every little girl feel special and beautiful by offering confidence in every hair bow and accessory.

They offer a wide variety of select styles with each hair bow! With over 6 different styles in various colors and designs, you can find that perfect bow for that perfect girl! Shop Now.

The company hires seamstresses all over the united states to create each individual hair bow – and these hair bows are in high demand! (Who knew!?!)



If you’re looking for a true work at home job and you have the skills to create these beautiful head pieces, then head over to this LINK to apply!

They are not always hiring, but if you have the skills, it doesn’t hurt to try. There is no cost to you to submit the application – this is a true WAHM (Work-At-Home Mom) Job.


This a legitimate job – NOT a Scam.  Apply Today!

Who knows? You could be the next Martha Stewart of the hair bow industry!

Get sewing and good luck!


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