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Is Live Online Job Another Internet Scam?

Is LiveOnlineJob Another Internet Scam-
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Is Live Online Job a Scam? I wanted to find out…

IS this another INTERNET scam-

Here’s the backstory:

I was on YouTube browsing some videos the other day and in one of the comment sections someone had posted that they were making money with a website called Live Online Job. This intrigued me, so I went to see what exactly this website was and how this person was making money. I wanted to know if Live Online Job was a legit website, or just another scam.


(Big Sigh)



Sadly, I was extremely disappointed in what I found – but I imagine that you found something similar somewhere on the internet and you have the same curious questions I did.


Well, it’s a GOOD thing you’re here. I’ll explain what exactly is and why websites like this exist.


What is Live Online Job?

Live Online Job is simply a linking website.

What is a linking website? It’s a website that shady affiliate marketers create trying to pass other people’s products off as their own. While Affiliate Marketing ISN’T a scam when done correctly, the way that Live Online Job does it is HIGHLY Illegal.


See: What is Affiliate Marketing.


Here’s Why this site will most likely be shut down…

Live Online Job is really a website that contains NOTHING. By NOTHING, I mean that they TRY to pass themselves off as a legit company, but all they really do is place their affiliate links on the site.


Every tab or button on the website is directly linked to a Clickbank affiliate account. This means that an affiliate marketer has signed up with Clickbank, created a website and is directing other people to their affiliate links. (This means that they will get paid each time someone joins one of these other programs.)

clickbank hoplinks


In fact, every single link contained the same hop link ID number – meaning that they all belong to the same person. I REALLY hope the person behind this website finds this post because what they are doing is ILLEGAL!

hop link ID


The type of marketing they are doing is NOT illegal – it’s because they don’t have an affiliate disclosure located on their website.

According to the FTC anytime you could make money from someone’s purchase through your affiliate link, YOU MUST DISCLOSE. You must have a disclosure on your website and you must disclose before you give out your actual link in any post/page.


FTC Disclosure Policy

You can read all about the FTC guidelines HERE.

If this person gets caught by the FTC they could be fined up to $50,000! That’s not worth the few dollars they’re making on those sales!


Ignorance, or SCAM?

I really wanted to give this website the benefit of the doubt, so I did poke around a little to see if I could find SOMETHING that made them legit. I thought maybe they’re just an uneducated or new marketer trying to make a quick buck – but sadly again, I think the mastermind behind the site is just another internet scammer trying to pass this off as a legit company.


What I Found

Besides the direct hop links, there were 3 other tabs located at the bottom of the website, other than the home page.

Company – Services – Contact Us

Under the Company Tab

It seems as if they are trying to pass themselves off as some kind of accounting company for internet marketers. I imagine this is how they’ve been hiding, or staying under the FTC’s radar so far.


company at a glance


Under the Service Tab

Service tab was completely blank. This is a big no-no. Website design 101 – you NEVER have a blank tab/page/post. It’s just unprofessional.


Contact US Tab

I did send an inquiry requesting more info about their services, but I have yet to receive a reply. That was almost a week ago when I considered doing this review. I wanted to be sure because I would hate to slander someone’s name for no reason. But I’m confident that this is NOT a legit company.

Also, see how their contact us page is set up…

Contact Live Online Job


Is Live Online Job Legitthumbs down

Nope. While they can legally market their affiliates with a website, the way they’re doing it is ILLEGAL.

This website’s sole purpose is a shady – or I would say LAZY way of trying to do affiliate marketing.

The BEST way to go about promoting these Clickbank products is to try them out for yourself, then write a thorough review based on what you find. Then you can direct others to either purchase the product, or to stay away.

This post contains affiliate links. See my Privacy Policy | Disclosure Page for more information.


If you want to know more about affiliate marketing – you can check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review. This review provides detailed information about how you can join a training platform and get started making money online LEGALLY with affiliate marketing.


Yes, if you sign up it will be through my affiliate link. <<< This is my disclosure!


But it’s THE program that taught me everything I know and it’s one I still use because I continue to see fantastic results with their training.

If you don’t want to read my review, you can always click the link below to sign up. All you need is a name and an email address to get started. YOU TOO can SUCCEED at Affiliate Marketing and making an online income.


You can be successful too


If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below. I’d be happy to talk more with you about this opportunity. If you scroll down to the bottom of this page you will find my direct email in the contact section. If you wish to email me, I will get back to your personally within the next 24 hours!


Go rock your day! Stay away from Live Online Job – and find REAL opportunities that will work for you!

 Check out my full list of legit ways to earn money from home!real ways to earn money from home


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Scam Warning! Watch Out For These Work At Home Programs.

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WARNING! The FTC just Shut Down These Online Scams1Many people dream of working from home and finding legitimate work at home programs. But there are MANY scam sites that you need to be aware of too! Here are some Rules you need to follow before signing up for ANY work at home opportunity and some of newest work at home scams that the FTC recently shut down! Meaning that if you come across them – DON’T send them your money!

This post contains affiliate links. See my Private Policy | Disclosure for more information.

You can be successful too


Some Rules of Thumb:

1.NEVER give out any of your personal information before you COMPLETELY understand what it is you are signing up for!


2. Don’t automatically assume that a program is legit just because they offer a ‘money back guarantee.’

Research the company and see what other people have to say. Scammers will make it extremely difficult, if not impossible for you to be refunded based on their fine print or lack of availability to reach them.


3. Scam sites will often change their names to stay ‘under the radar.’ If it looks like you’ve seen the program before with a different name – BEWARE!scary clown


4. Some work at home companies will offer you a free trial for their paid services. READ THE FINE PRINT. If they offer a $1 special it’s because you will most likely be billed re-occurring if you don’t cancel within their guidelines.


5. If it sounds too good to be true – it IS!

Trust me on this. I’ve researched many work at home opportunities and when I find one that proves to be an overnight success I will jump on it! But even after countless hours – I’ve only found 1 program that worked. (And it wasn’t overnight)



Always see what other people have to say about a particular program. Googling the name of the program followed by the words, “review,” “scam,” or “complaints” can help you determine if a program is a scam or not.


A Scam By Any Other Name…

Most scam sites will simply change the name of their program so they can stay under the FTC’s radar. It’s sad, but true.


Here is the list of recent scams the FTC just shut down. These programs promised to show you how to make money by offering you access to a course for $97. But they are proven to be scams and are no longer allowed to operate. Actually, it’s the same program but it had many different names.




You can also leave me the link in the comment section and I will report them too!

  • Work At Home EDU

  • Work At Home Program

  • Work At Home Ecademy

  • Work At Home University

  • Work At Home Revenue

  • Work at Home Institute


To read the Full FTC Consumer report, Click HERE.


Do you want to know how I learned to make money online? I found a training program that showed me start to finish how to set up my own website, start a blog, and make money through affiliates. This training program is my #1 Recommendation for finding community support, quality training, and affordable education! Anyone can be successful with hard work and determination.


Is it always easy? Nope. See How to Fail At Blogging and avoid these mistakes.


Were you scammed by any programs on the list above? What did you learn from your experience? Are you ready to try something else that works? Let me know in the comment section below!

report a scam

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Zip Nada Zilch is Nada Worth it!

Zip Nada Zilch
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Is Zip Nada Zilch Worth Your Time?

Is Zip Nada Zilch Really Worth Your Time-

So, you’ve heard of Zip Nada Zilch, but aren’t sure what it is. Is it a scam? Is it worth your time? Maybe you found your way here because you were you looking for a Zip Nada Zilch review. This is my personal opinion and review of the Zip Nada Zilch program. I’ll show you what I like, what I don’t, and why I think there are better ways to earn money online.



Is Zip Nada Zilch a Scam? No.

(At least not when you understand how it works)

Is it worth your time? Not mine.


You can be successful too


Are they deceptive in their advertising? Yes.

Do I think there are better programs out there? Yes.


 Here are the claims of you get with this system.

the basics at znz


The Zip Nada Zilch program is what I would consider a multi-level marketing or MLM program. I know they say otherwise, but here me out. Investopedia defines MLM as:

Multilevel marketing is a strategy that some direct sales companies use to encourage their existing distributors to recruit new distributors by paying the existing distributors a percentage of their recruits’ sales; the recruits are known as a distributor’s “downline.”


There are endless debates about whether MLM programs are scams or if they are just for those who get lucky. I want to make it very clear that SOME MLM platforms are legit and you can make money from them – but there are A LOT of other ones out there that will steal your money – so you NEED to do some research before investing in ANY program…. okay, now that I have that out the way – let’s continue.


Getting Started

Zip Nada Zilch is a referral based program – meaning you sign up and the goal is to try and get others to do the same. When you sign up, you are required to complete a trial offer to earn ‘credits.’ Each offer can range from .2-.6 of a credit – so you need to complete more than one to qualify.

offers to sign up for


Why a trial offer?

This is actually where the money comes from that you would be getting if you sign up for this program. Big box companies know that the internet is the #1 place for them to advertise because commercials just aren’t cutting it anymore. Let’s face it – most people can choose to skip through commercials with modern TV devices anyway.

So, what do they do? They take part of their advertising budget and get people like you to place ads on the internet. Zip Nada Zilch has created a platform where all those links can be found in one place. If someone clicks on your link – you get a commission. Let’s call this a ‘finder’s fee’ for sending the customer to the company.


Not only do you try to get them to sign up for the Zip Nada Zilch program – but you are trying to get them to sign up for trial offers being offered by big box companies. You are sending customers to bigger companies who are paying you to ‘advertise’ their trial programs online.


Is Zip Nada Zilch Really Free?

Free? Really?


The Zip Nada Zilch platform claims to be free – and they’re not lying – “technically.” You can complete the ‘trial offers,’ most of which are free – but if you aren’t careful you forget to cancel the free trial memberships, you will be billed for the service you signed up for.


To me, this is very deceptive. And THIS is how you would make money. You would send customers to these ‘free trials’ in hopes that they would forget to cancel, therefore, increasing your commission.


There is a ‘free side’ to the program – but they do try and upsell you to their advanced advertising platform for $20/month.


What I Like

*I like that this program can be done for free – IF you remember to cancel your trial memberships.

*I see the potential in this program and I believe that it CAN work.

*I really like the fact that you can skip through each of the videos and you’re not forced to watch a spammy video in its entirety before having access to the program.


What I Don’t Like

*I think that their platform is very deceptive. The videos claim you can make good money while spending more time ‘outdoors’ or with your family – but the fine print tells the REAL story – that it’s by hard work and effort. You can’t just sit around all day and expect to make money for doing nothing!


*This is the most complicated program I’ve ever come across as far as their sign-up procedure. It’s almost as if they couldn’t come up with a name for the program. The initial web address is cash2flow, but the headings seem to change based on which training you watch. For example, I could easily see how this program could be called:


Get Paid Daily – Daily Income Career Network – Internet Payday System

get paid dailiydaily income career networkinternet payday system








*For someone just starting out, the false promise of being paid right away can be very disappointing.


*The initial videos seem to be outdated, i.e. The pictures displayed look like they’re from the 80’s.


*It’s not as easy as the video claims. Here’s the fine print that tells a more accurate tale:

[results] are not typical and do not constitute an income guarantee

znz fine print


I will say that I made it as far as the getting to the trial offers and then didn’t continue to give up my credit card information. Therefore, I can’t attest to the type of training you will receive with the ZNZ program. But they wanted my name, address, phone number, etc… and that was just way too much information for me to feel comfortable handing out for a program that I don’t feel 100% confident about.


Is There a Better Way?

While the Zip Nada Zilch system could earn you money – I think there is a better (and more ethical) way to earn money online.

Affiliate Marketing – when done the right way – can prove to be a very successful way of making a residual income online. All you need are the right tools!


What is Affiliate Marketing? Click HERE to find out more.What Is Affiliate Marketing





The training you receive at Wealthy Affiliate is designed to help you build your own website and TEACH you how to become an effective affiliate marketer. They don’t promise you’ll make a lot of money because they know it’s up to you – it’s YOUR hard work and effort that you need to put into place that will help you be successful.


See Continuing Education | Online Business Marketing Courses.Online Business Marketing Course





I do love Wealthy Affiliate’s step-by-step training program. They give you the steps you need to be successful. And it’s easy to sign up – you literally just need an email address and choose a password. There’s no sign ups through other membership programs.

It really is that easy


You can start for FREE at Wealthy Affiliate and they give you the foundational skills you need to get started. If you decide to become a member, you will have access to their ENTIRE training program that is constantly being updated to meet the needs of the ever-changing internet.


Even if you decide that you don’t want to pay for the program, you will ALWAYS have access to the starter membership trainings and 2 free websites to use for your solid business foundation.


Inside Wealthy Affiliate is an entire COMMUNITY that is dedicated to helping you succeed. You have support 24/7/365 – I’m on the live chat feature daily helping newbies answer questions, as are many other members that have personally helped me along the way.


So, there’s really nothing to lose – you can try it out for FREE today. You can start training and get your very own business website up and running with all the tools at your fingertips. If you decide it’s not for you – no harm no fowl. However, I will say that once I gave it a try – I was instantly hooked. The program was so easy to follow!

Check out the video of how to become a Wealthy Affiliate HERE. 



In conclusion, the Zip Nada Zilch – or any other name you want to call it – is NOT a scam. But I personally don’t like their way of doing ‘business.’ You might be able to make money – but I can’t say that for sure.


I can say that I have been able to make a sustainable income based on the training I received inside Wealthy Affiliate. That’s a program that works, and while I’m always looking for new ways to earn online, Wealthy Affiliate has been my #1 Recommendation thus far.



Have you used the ZNZ program? What was your experience? I’d love to know in the comments below!


Do you have any questions about how you too can become a successful affiliate marketer? Drop me a comment and I’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


Now, go out there and rock your day!


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Is Affiliate Millionaire Club a Scam? How to Become an Affiliate Marketer!

The Affiliate Millionaire Club
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The Affiliate Millionaire Club Scam

Is Affiliate Millionaire Club a Scam?


Maybe you’ve been searching the internet for REAL WORK AT HOME COMPANIES – or you’ve heard of affiliate marketing, but aren’t sure how to get started. Maybe you’ve seen a video advocating for the Affiliate Millionaire Club and now you’re wondering, “Is Affiliate Millionaire Club a Scam?”


Click HERE to read What is Affiliate Marketing? 


Rest assured, there are REAL WORK AT HOME JOBS on the internet. But is the Affiliate Millionaire Club one of them?


If you ARE interested in Affiliate Marketing…

Here is my review of the Affiliate Millionaire Club – what it REALLY is, and how you CAN get started in Affiliate Marketing and make money from home…but here are some reasons why you might want to pass on the Affiliate Millionaire Club platform.

This post does contain affiliate links. See my Private Policy | Disclosure
Page for more information.


question markLet’s first define the word ‘scam.’ The online dictionary defines SCAM as “a confidence game or fraudulent scheme, especially for making a quick profit.”


When I first came across the Affiliate Millionaire Club – it reeked of scam status – here’s why.



The first reason I was hesitant about The Affiliate Millionaire Club was the video…you know the ones – the annoying videos with no way to fast forward and no option to move on until you’ve wasted a good 10 minutes of your life.


video with 8 spots left


And then there’s the countdown to how many spots will be given out in one day. It started with 8 spots left available to join and counted down until there were 2 spots remaining by the time it gave you the option to join their program.



red flagFirst off – companies WANT you to join their program. Think of it this way, if you were selling something and wanted to make the most money possible, would you only offer a limited amount a day and turn away customers?


Sure, if you ran out of the product you would have to ask the customer to wait, but wouldn’t you hustle to make sure you were meeting demands and that it wouldn’t happen again? Plus, in an online program, there is no ‘running out.’




Oh, the good old ‘one-time fee’ trick. Also known as the ‘bait and switch.’ By the end of the video, you are asked to pay $47 as a ‘one- time fee.’ This may seem like a good offer because they said the original price was $495.


one time fee



red flagLet’s look at this logically for a moment. If you had a product that people were willing to pay almost $500 for, would you really lower the price to less than $50? You would have to make 10 sales at the discounted price to make up for 1 sale at full price.


If you had a product that worked, it would be in high demand. If it is in high demand, you can raise the price. Since they are LOWERING the price this tells me that either:


1.  The product is not in high demand (but if it worked, wouldn’t it be?)


2. This is a ‘confidence game’ that they are playing (remember our SCAM definition?)



When you look at the fine print, you will see that they actually have the right to bill your credit card monthly for a ‘subscription.’ Yes, you might pay a ‘one-time fee’ of THAT specific amount, but rest assured that you WILL be billed monthly!

bait and switch



I did not pay for access to the membership service, so I cannot personally attest to what happens when you do. I’ve seen far too many programs like this over the years to be fooled into giving up my money for the promise of a ‘quick buck.’


I’ll admit, I almost paid for it to see if I would be able to get inside and then get my money back if I needed to. But here are what some others had to say about the program.


what the customers are saying


After reading their reviews, I didn’t want to take the risk.



You might be wondering how companies like this can legally get away with making false promises. This is where you need to check THE FINE PRINT.

the fine print

Even though the video promises you success – the fine print says otherwise. Look at these phrases:

“We do not guarantee income or success”

“…examples in the presentation do not represent an indication or promise of future success”

“The typical purchaser may not make any money using this system”



CONCLUSIONthumbs down

I honestly can’t say that this is a SCAM because it says it right there in the fine print that you are not guaranteed to make money. But if we went back to our definition of “What is a Scam?” this fits the bill perfectly!


The techniques used are very deceptive. Even the video states that “I am going to prove to you that I will make you money online.” This contradicts the fine print – which, legally, that’s what the courts take into consideration.



Affiliate Marketing IS a very legit way of making money online. But it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, training, and patience to learn how to do it properly. It’s actually how I got started in the online business world. I found a training program that taught me HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE.


They didn’t promise me I would – because they knew I had to put in the effort if I wanted to make it work. There is NO trick to making money online. Anyone can be successful with the right tools.


If you want to see how I learned to make money online, click HERE. You can be successful too in affiliate marketing. You just need the proper tools and some support. I can help you!


What You Get

Try out my program for FREE. You get 10 Beginner’s lessons and 2 FREE websites to get you started. And you ALWAYS have access to the starter program.

Because if Free is all you got, Wealthy Affiliate is all you need!



Check out these other SCAM reviews!

How to Spot a Scam. Earn 3K Today Review. | Is 500 Cash Club a Scam?  | Is the WHA Program a Scam? 

Or check out this video of 5 Dumb Scams People Fall For. 

I hope you enjoyed this review and now you can decide for yourself “Is Affiliate Millionaire Club a Scam?”


If you have any questions about how you CAN get stared with Affiliate Marketing drop them in the comment section below.


Have you had experience with the Affiliate Millionaire Club? Let me know what you thought about the program!


Got a SCAM to report? Drop it in the comment section below!

report a scam


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Is The WHA Program a Scam?

The WHA Proram
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Work At Home Special Report!

If you’ve been searching the internet for ways to make money online, you might have come across some programs that seem promising. If you’re reading this review, I’m assuming you came across an article (and maybe even sat through the video presentation) online claiming that a stay at home mom is making thousands of dollars a month from a program called the WHA Marketing System. So, is the WHA program a scam? In my opinion, YES.


But if you want to know why, and then learn how you CAN start your own profitable online business, READ ON!


You can be successful too



The WHA program is another MLM – or multi-level marketing – scheme. This is your online version of a pyramid scheme. In short, you order their program and then you turn around and ‘sell’ their program to other people.


Red Flag #1: The Sense of Urgency.

The article insisted that the ‘expiration date’ to join the program just happened to be the same day I visited the article. I’ve actually come across this same program in the past and it’s always expired ‘same day.’ That was part of my reasoning for writing this review!

fake expiration date



Red Flag #2: A video I HAD to watch without the ability to fast forward or move onward without having to watch it first.

What is their program? After watching the entire video start to finish – I’m still not sure what they were trying to sell. All I know is that they wanted me to pay for it.

However, I was able to submit a site support ticket through their website asking for more detailed information. (that was over 24 hours ago and I have yet to receive a reply. But I’ll update this post if/when I do.)

my site support ticket



Red Flag #3: Let’s begin with the ‘landing page’ or the initial funnel that brought you to the website.

It begins with a “Work At Home Special Report” said to have been reported by CNN, USA TODAY, FOX NEWS, and other main stream media channels. They even provide videos you can watch of their ‘special reports.’ Sounds promising, right?


WRONG! And here’s why. I actually watched the reported videos by ABC and the second news channel and while those videos were REAL reports from those news channels, they had NOTHING to do with the WHA program. In fact, they didn’t even mention it!

Real Videos, but Nothing to do with WAH program

But I’m sure it gets your attention by making you think the WHA program is legit, right? I know it caught my attention. Sadly, it’s just another rouse marketing campaigns use to try and lure in unsuspecting customers.


Red Flag #4: You have to PAY. (even though the ad said it was FREE to register)

So, I sat through the video – which was longer than other ones I’ve seen in the past. They are all the same. The nice picture of a mother and son (which is an I-stock photo by the way) gets you to click on a video with a completely different person explaining the program.

In the video, she wants you to sign up as an ‘affiliate’ of hers through the WHA program.

There are many affiliate programs on the internet, in fact, I’m going to introduce you one that I use and that I have made money from, BUT, you should be very weary of having to pay to be an affiliate.


Red Flag #5: The Condition of the Website.

After the video, I did poke around on the website – or at least the portion I had access to without shoveling out $97 to join.

Here’s what I found.

The latest update in the news section was from Feb. 2013. (As I am writing this article, it is 2017) This means the website hasn’t had any news updates for over 4 years!inside WHA latest updates

I also looked up their Knowledgebase tab. And to my surprise, it came up COMPLETELY empty. Website design 101 is NEVER make a tab on your website that leads to NOTHING. It’s just bad taste!

no knowledge



The WHA program is NOT legit and YES, it is a SCAM.

Can you make money from this? Probably. But only for those people who are sitting at the top of the pyramid (and possibly the actors they have promoting their product in the videos!)

If you’ve fallen victim to a scam, don’t worry. You’re not the only one. Read THIS ARTICLE to see what kind of people fall for scams and be reassured that you aren’t the only one!

Want to stay updated on the latest Scam or Work At Home news? Subscribe Below!

Subscribe to stay in the know! You’ll get my weekly Money News Update, plus a FREE info Graphic of 50 Ways to Save Money!

* indicates required

The Good News: Here’s What You CAN do!

Do you want a REAL work at home program that works? Wealthy Affiliate is a program the TEACHES you how to build a successful business online. In fact, it’s how I got started without ANY prior knowledge of creating a website, content marketing, or affiliate marketing.


Is it EASY?


Well, yes and no. If you want to make a lot of money overnight without any effort, then Wealthy Affiliate isn’t the place for you. (But if you DO find a program like that, come back and let me know. As I’ve said before, I’d gladly jump ship for a legit program that I can make fast money overnight – legally and morally that is.)


I’ve tried other programs in the past and none has surpassed the community of support I have inside Wealthy Affiliate. Just as an example, I have submitted multiple site support tickets when I have had questions and they have always answered within 10 minutes or less.


Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t promise that you’ll make money. The reason – because people give up after a month of trying and not making a million dollars! But if you do their training, build your website and give it TIME, you can successfully create your own online business. BUT, it is a business and any business takes time to grow.


The best part – it’s absolutely FREE to get started. The creators behind Wealthy Affiliate know that not everybody fits into the same box. Maybe website building is not for you. But you will never know if you never try. Click HERE to see my full review and learn exactly what Wealthy Affiliate teaches and how you can get started today.


Remember, if FREE is all you got, Wealthy Affiliate is all it takes!


Click HERE to see other REAL Work at Home Options that are NOT scams!real ways to earn money from home social



I hope you found this review helpful and I hope you found it before you signed up for another scam program. If you have any questions or would like more information, please leave them in the comments sections below.

Have you been scammed by other programs out there? Please let me know the name so we can warn others! Report the scam in the comment section below!


report a scam

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is 500 Cash Club a Scam?
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Is $500 Cash Club a Scam?

500 Cash ClubThis post may contain affiliate links. See my Private Policy | Disclosure page for more information.


Is $500 Cash Club a Scam?

My $500 Cash Club Review.

Well, it’s another day and another internet scam has surfaced. If you want the short answer…YES, 500 Dollar Cash Club IS a Scam!


Are there legit programs online that will make you money? YES.


Let’s walk through what 500 Cash Club is really selling. I’ll show you how to spot other scams that use this same technique and introduce you to a REAL online money system.


Initial Thoughts

Once I was directed to the 500 Dollar Cash Club I said to myself, “You’re not going to fool me because I have seen it ALL before.”


See How to Spot a Scam the Earn 3K Review


So, instead of being bummed because I knew it was a waste of time, I decided to write a review about it so others don’t have to sit through the video. And if you did sit through the video – sorry. But if you’ve found your way here, your time has NOT been wasted! I have some great news for you!

Stay updated on ALL my Scam and Work At Home Position Alerts!

Subscribe to stay in the know! You’ll get my weekly Money News Update, plus a FREE info Graphic of 50 Ways to Save Money!

* indicates required



First off, there’s the video that you can’t fast forward. But, they promise that if you watch the video in its entirety, then they’ll give you $500!

you get $500 Cash Club Scam


What the Video Promises

  • Money at the end of the video

Think about this for a minute. Do people really have $500 they could just give out to anyone for watching a video???

Think about what you would do. IF you had that kind of money, would you just randomly hand it out? I don’t think so – because if you’re here, you’re already smarter than that.


  • You can do this with No experience or skills required

Really…Really? Think of a job that requires NO skills. Even a McDonald’s worker has to know how to work the fryer.


  • Start earning Immediately.

I’ve researched a lot of ways to make money online over the past few years and I have found many that SAY you can start earning immediately.

I’ve tried programs over the past few years that SAY you can start earning immediately…I guess I have a different definition of ‘immediately’ than the people trying to sell me those products. Because I have yet to find one that works they way they try and sell it to me.


How they SAY it works…

They entice your by saying they have a hands free, legal, mathematical algorithm that allows you to dump money into your bank account.

500 cash club autopilot


Now, I might be considered ‘old-school’ to some of you younger people out there, but have you ever seen the movie Office Space?

Here’s a snippet of the plot from IMBD (emphasis added)

[Three workers who hate their job] plant a virus into [their company’s] accounting system that will siphon money into their bank account gradually. However, after a glitch in the virus causes a large sum of money to immediately transfer to their account, the trio must find a way to solve the problem without going to jail.


500 Cash Club is offering you a similar system. They SAY that it is legal. But it’s kind of like car shopping at a used car lot – if they have to say they’re honest, do we really trust them?


If they have to say it’s legal, then it means that they know their advertising efforts make their program seem otherwise.


But, I did sit through the video. And, not to my surprise, I do NOT have $500. Instead they wanted me to buy their money-making program for $97. And by this time, I still was unsure of what they were actually selling.

you have to pay


The Fake Testimonials

They had some Facebook testimonials on their website too. I was pretty sure they were fake and put there by 500 Cash Club, but I wanted to see for myself.

facebook testimonials 500 cash club

I already had Facebook open, so I just searched the names that were associated with the testimonials. (Remember, all these endorsements supposedly happened ‘yesterday.’ So, you would think they would be easy to track down.)


Here’s what I found after trying to find the first person on the list.

facebook testimonials 500 cash club


No Friends to show, No photos to Show, No check-ins – NADA!

I thought it might be a fluke, so I searched Facebook for every testimonial listed. Either that person had vanished from the face of the earth, the same name was not associated with the same picture as on the website, or their Facebook page was completely EMPTY.

no friends



You pay money > The person who posted that video gets a portion of your money.

It’s that simple. You’re paying for NOTHING.


Want REAL Work at home jobs that are NOT Scams? Click Here!real ways to earn money from home social



If you’re serious about earning a legitimate income online, I can introduce you to a training program that offers REAL advice from REAL people.

Will you be successful over night? Nope. But you won’t find a program like that anywhere. (believe me, I’ve searched!)


Want more of an explanation? See What Does It Mean to Earn Money Online? 


A business is work. It takes time to grow. I began training with the step-by-step tutorial videos and my website up and running within ONE week. I had made my first sale within ONE month.

It took time and persistence, but my online income is increasing each month!


Read my full Wealthy Affiliate Review TODAY and see how you can start earning a serious income online.


When you join, you get access to the Level One Certification website training for FREE. That’s 10 lessons, 2 websites – no credit cards, no payments of any kind.

Online Entrepreneur Certification - Getting Started Level 1

You also get to test drive the premium membership for FREE for the first week. In here, you get access to an entire COMMUNITY of people who are using the Wealthy Affiliate program to earn a living online. Do you want to see my profile? Click Here.


I’m active and in there on a daily basis, so if you join, you’ll get full access to me and thousands of other people willing to help you get your business website up and running.

You can start NOW. It’s FREE, so seriously, what have you got to lose except the opportunity of a lifetime?!?!



Not ready to start your own business, but want to make money online?

Check out these other ways to make an online income.

How to Sell on Amazon.

How to sell on Etsy.

How to Make Money by Writing Online. 


What programs have you tried? Have you been scammed? Report a scam in the comments below and let’s keep warning others about it! report a scam



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HOW TO SPOT A SCAM – Earn 3k Today Review

not falling for it
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 not falling for itThis post may contain affiliate links. See my Private Policy | Disclosure
page for more information.

How do people fall for scams?

What does a scam look like?


I’m going to walk you through another internet scam and show you the common techniques scammers use so you know what types of products to avoid! The example I’m going to walk you through is Earn 3K Today.



Earn 3k Today is another internet scam that has been popping up over the internet. They use flashy sales techniques and promote false promises to entice people to buy their product. Let’s see how it works:


1.They start with a video. This video clearly states that just by watching it to the end, you will get $500.

make money guarantee

I figured this was too good to be true – another sign that it’s probably a scam – but I watched it to the end to see what they were offering. And this was a video that you can’t just skip through to the end either…so annoying.


2. They make it sound like you can earn a lot of money for very little work!

video you have to sit through

Unfortunately, I haven’t come across many things in life that were worth doing without having to put in the effort and work for the result. And outside of anything illegal or immoral – I just don’t believe there is something that exists that will make you money for doing next to nothing.


Seriously, if you know of something – send it my way. I’d be interested. But most likely it’s just another person trying to take advantage of other people.


The video also kept saying (very repeatedly) that this offer was just for a few select people for a very limited amount of time. They want to draw you in on a personal level – but seriously, have they ever met you? How do they know who you are or that you would be the right person for their product?

Simply stated: They are looking for the next vulnerable person to come along and steal their money!


3. They offer you a sign on bonus!

Remember the $500? All you have to do is put in your email address!

offer a sign on bonus

But wait… here’s the catch.


4. You have to pay for the product… so you don’t get $300 just by watching the video.

you have to pay

And what happens when you go to buy the product?


5. They offer a Money Back guarantee! …But it’s really a Clickbank product.

Clickbank is a third-party website where you can advertise other people’s products for a cut of the profits. It’s not the person or company responsible for what’s being sold.

Yes, they offer a money back guarantee, but check out the terms of Clickbank’s money back offer.

clickbank 3rd party no contact info on supplier

You have to contact the company directly. Even after sitting through an almost 15 min. video, I had no idea how to contact the Earn 3K today company or what they were actually trying to sell me!



Earn 3K Today is an online SCAM. And the techniques they used to make money from innocent people are the same techniques being used by other internet scams. So please, if you see any of these prompts from a website promising to earn you gobs of money… RUN. Run far, far away!

Don’t fall victim to another scam website or money-making hoax!


If you are interested in making some real money online, check out my #1 Recommendation for earning an online income! Or just browse these other ideas of ways to make money online.

How to sell on Etsy.

How to make money online by writing.

How to publish an eBook.

Blogmutt blog writing. 

I will keep posting reviews of products and websites that work, along with those that don’t – so keep checking back!


Have you been scammed? Drop me a comment and report it below! I’ll add it to my list of things to stay far, far away from and we can help others not fall victim.

Do you have a great way to earn money online? Let’s talk! Drop it in the comment section below. I’d love to hear your ideas and what’s working for you!



report a scam

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Boy Questioning
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First off, if you’re reading this, it probably means you’re looking for ways to make a little extra income from home. That’s great! There ARE many avenues you can purse to earn an income online.

Secondly, right off the bat, I will say, YES, you can earn money or equivalent gift cards from survey companies online, but NO, I wouldn’t recommend them.

If you’re looking for any sufficient amount of income, surveys are NOT the way to go. Sure, the extra gift card or two for Christmas is great, but what are you really sacrificing when you sign up for internet survey companies?



First off, NEVER pay to join a survey site. Some survey sites promise you well over $1000/month for a $30 ‘membership’ fee. Sounds good, right? Wrong! These companies are making false promises. They can’t guarantee that you will make anything. Why?

Survey companies want to know more about specific consumers and their shopping habits. Most surveys are looking for specified requirements – and most of the time you won’t find out if you qualify for the survey until 20 or 30 minutes into it.

Never give out your bank or credit card information. One of the techniques that ‘scammers’ use is the promise to direct deposit funds into your bank account. When you give your bank account information over to a company it’s like saying, “Hey, here’s all my money! Take as much as you need.”

If you decide to join a survey company, make sure they offer payment through PayPal. PayPal is one of the most secure forms of online payment and it’s a great way to protect yourself from fraudulent companies.

Always check to see if the survey company has a Private Policy page. All legit websites should have one. Make sure you read over the terms and agreement page instead of just scrolling through it to push the ‘Agree’ button near the end.

Companies make it easy for you to skip over reading the actual information! They do this on purpose! You could very well have just signed your life away without even knowing it.



What is the actual cost you pay for a survey?

    • Time Wasted. As stated previously, surveys want to focus on a particular group of people. They won’t tell you that upfront. They will make you sift through question after question until you are disqualified near the end of the survey.

    • Your Information. Why are you sifting through endless questions only to be disqualified? They are actually gathering information on you to sell to their suppliers. By making the surveys obscure enough to disqualify you near the end, they are actually gathering FREE information on you based on your previous answers.

    • Unsolicited Emails/Spam. Once you sign up for a survey site, the company will continue to bombard your inbox with false offers and third party websites. Even after you request to be unsubscribed, it could take months before you stop receiving third party solicitations.

    • $2 on Average. Even on the legit sites where you can make money, remember that the average payout per survey is $2. Taking into account that most surveys will take you 20 minutes to complete – you’re only averaging $6/hour – assuming you qualify for each survey.


If you join a survey site, be prepared to give up personal information about your race, income, religious preferences, overall health, and educational background. Companies use this information to see what surveys you ‘might’ qualify for, but you’re really just handing over free information.

They can and will sell your information to marketing companies who will give them a hefty profit in return. Your personal information will SELL and you will have given it away for FREE.




Survey JunkieSurvey Junkie was relatively easy to sign up for – it only takes a couple of minutes. They offer a ‘point-based’ system which means you earn a certain amount of points for each survey. It takes 100 points to earn $1.00. The minimum payout is $10 or 1000 points.

Earning the first 100 points was fairly easy on Survey Junkie. Just for singing up and confirming my email I already earned 100 points, plus if you answer your profile questions, you can earn 5 points for roughly 3 minutes of work.

But once your profile is set up, you have to begin taking surveys. They make you set up your profile so they can offer you surveys that ‘match.’ But already, just today, I have clicked on 2 surveys that were on my profile and immediately didn’t qualify for them.

They even sent me an email about taking a survey. I clicked on it less than a hour after it was received and it said it was already closed. This is a gimmick they use to get you back to their website.



MyPoints is similar to SWAGBUCKS in the sense that surveys are not the only way you can earn points from their site. They offer deals and coupons to shop through their various parent stores and you earn back points by doing so.


See my full Swagbucks review HERE.
Join Swagbucks!
You Can Get Free Gift Cards For Shopping, Searching and Discovering What’s Online at


As for MyPoints, here’s an insight to what it takes to redeem points based on my experience. I am offered a survey that will take an average of 22 minutes. If I qualify for the survey, I can earn 120 points. To earn a $10 Amazon gift card, I need 1590 points.My Points Rewards

Doing the math, if I spent an average of 5 hours taking surveys, I could earn $10! That’s $2/hour. NOT WORTH MY TIME!




I found Harris Poll to be a joke! Their website is hard to navigate and I could not even find a place to sign up to join their company. So, I went to their Facebook page and THIS is what I found.

Harris Poll Facebook Review


So surveys can earn you money or gift cards, but you’re going to put in way more time than what they’re worth. At least, that’s my opinion.

Maybe you are a member of a really good survey site and you can testify to making actual money. Feel Free to Share! I’d love to know what other sites are out there!

Have you taken surveys online before? What are some of the frustrations you’ve come across? Drop me a comment below!

Read More …

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Spread the Love. Share and Enjoy!


Swagbucks has become an international phenomenon. Since it’s birth in 2008, Swagbucks is still one of the most visited websites on the internet. But why? What’s it all about? You can get the inside scoop here with THE SWAGBUCKS REVIEW.

Join Swagbucks!
You Can Get Free Gift Cards For Shopping, Searching and Discovering What’s Online at





Swagbucks is an website that offers it’s users different ways of earning ‘swagbucks’ that can be traded in for various gift cards. There are a few different ways of earning swagbucks, or “SB” for short.


  1. SEARCHING THE WEB. If you’re going to be surfing the web, you might as well earn a little $ while doing so, right? After creating your account, just set Swagbucks to your default search engine.

  2. WATCH ADS AND COMMERCIALS. If you like watching commercials and can sit through their 30 minute videos, you can earn 5 SB for simply sitting on your butt!

  3. SHOP. Who doesn’t like to shop? Want to earn money doing it? If you shop through their ‘parent’ stores on their website, you can earn SB.



Once you earn so many SB, then those can be redeemed for gift cards to stores such as Amazon or Wal-Mart. For example: 300 SB = $3 Amazon Gift Card.



It’s really easy to get started at Swagbucks. All you need to do is create your FREE account and you start earning right away. Click HERE to create your account today!

In order to take full advantage of the earnings, you should set your default search engine to Swagbucks. I mean, you’re on Google everyday right? Why not earn a little just for surfing the web!

Before running out to the store, see if you can make your purchase through Swagbucks. By shopping online through their site at various stores such as Wal-Mart, Amazon, Home Depot, Groupon, (and SO many others) you can earn SB for buying things you were already going to purchase anyway!

And, if you use the site-to-store or online pick up option, you can place your order and then head to the store. It will be waiting for you when you arrive! Forget about browsing the shelves or fighting the crowd! This can save time and earn you money!



  • Easy to use and Easy to earn SB

  • You actually earn SB by doing things you would normally do in your everyday life

  • Refer a friend program. You earn $5 for each person you refer to their website who creates an account.



  • Swagbucks can be very addicting and take up ALOT of your time.

  • In order to earn Swagbucks by ‘playing games’ you have to buy something through their ‘in-app’ purchase options. Usually it’s $1 for 18 SB.

  • The Surveys are long, tedious, and sometimes you make it to the end before realizing that you DON’T qualify – a huge time waster!

  • 5 SB for sitting through a 30 min. video isn’t worth my time.

  • It can take a long time before you can actually redeem your points.

  • Swagbucks is constantly updating it’s website and there have been other complaints of individuals not receiving their full points or payouts.



Is Swagbucks Legit? Yeah, but…

It’s not what I would consider a long term solution or a great way to earn money online. It can be fun for a while and if you’re looking for a few extra bucks here and there go for it!

If you commit to doing something on there everyday, you could potentially earn $1000+ a year. But that’s not really worth my time and effort to make a true attempt. But for now, I’ll use it as my search engine and maybe earn enough to buy a gift card by Christmas.

Join Swagbucks!
You Can Get Free Gift Cards For Shopping, Searching and Discovering What’s Online at


If you’re serious about making money online, check out my #1 RECOMMENDATION HERE.

See all my WHAM (work at home mom) REVIEWS HERE.

Do you use Swagbucks? How much have you earned? Drop me a comment below! I’d love to hear about it.


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