Can You Make Money Writing Reviews For Amazon?

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How to Make Money As an Amazon Review

Do you simply love Amazon products? I mean, it’s one of the biggest shopping centers in the world – so who doesn’t love it, right? Did you know that you CAN make money writing product reviews online? But it’s not the ‘typical’ job you might be thinking of. Yes, you can money, but I wouldn’t quit your day job just yet.

But if you’re interested in learning how to make money writing reviews online, let me show you what it takes!

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When it comes to making money writing Amazon reviews, you have a couple options. With the first option, you don’t get ‘paid,’ but you do receive FREE stuff – which is still pretty cool!


Option #1: The Vine

Amazon Vine ProgramThe Vine is an Amazon program that won’t pay you – but they do send you free stuff so you can try a product and leave a thorough product review.


***WARNING – there are vendors on Amazon who will email you ‘special’ deals – some say even 99% off a particular product IF you leave them a 5-star review.

Amazon does NOT endorse this method and if a company DOES offer you such a deal, you should report them to Amazon right away.


With the Vine program, the goal is provide quality reviews for customers based on a product that you have experienced and have insider knowledge about. You are NOT required to leave a 5 star review every time. They simply want your honest opinion and bad reviews won’t affect your ability to participate in the program.


Can anybody participate in the Vine?

No. The Vine is an invitation only program. They offer this to people who already leave quality reviews that others have found helpful. So, if you want to receive an invite – you should already be reviewing products faithfully on the website.


But, after you review a product, you can always turn around and then sell that product back if you wish. Or, sell it through some other avenue – I mean, you did get it for free. Even if you only make a few dollars – it was still free money!

You can read more about their program HERE.


Option #2 – Create a Website and Join Amazon Associates Program

This is my #1 Recommendation for promoting and selling Amazon products online. And the best part, this option is open to absolutely Everyone! It’s so easy to start a blog or a social media page dedicated to reviewing and selling Amazon products.


Sign Up

If you head over to Amazon and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page, you’ll see a category that says, “Make Money With us.” Click on the Become an Affiliate link. Or just click HERE to go there now.Amazon Associates or Affiliate button


What You Need

  • You will need an Amazon account. (If you don’t already have one, it’s free to sign up).

  • You will need a website or blog – but don’t worry, these are not as hard to create as you might think.

  • Want to start your own website now? Choose an awesome name for your website and see if it’s available!

Once you have a website up and running, you can start leaving product reviews and then link those products with your Amazon Associates account. If someone purchases a product through your link, you will receive a commission, or a ‘finder’s fee.’ Amazon will pay you – not the customer. This is money that Amazon has set aside for their marketing budget. You are basically advertising for Amazon at this point.


Read more about How the Process of Making Money Online Works.

the process of making money online


This method takes TIME! You won’t start making money overnight, but you can earn a residual income – meaning that a product you review today can earn you money a few years down the road if someone stumbles upon your review.


Read THIS CASE study, done by Josh. In 12 months, he went from making $0 on Amazon to making at least $500 per month simply by posting 3 reviews every 2 weeks for a year! (and it’s not hard to post 3 times in 2 weeks – that’s $500 you could be making in your spare time!)


Plus, you don’t even have to sell the product you are reviewing. If anyone clicks on your amazon link and purchases ANYTHING within your cookie duration, you get credit for that sale!


Bonus Ninja Tipsbonus ninja

1. Be educated. Learn the skills it takes to create a profitable website. You can start right now for FREE with a 10 lesson video series that will break everything down for you.

2. Choose a specific group of products to review – this is called your ‘NICHE.’ It simply means that if you can attract a certain type of person to your website and generate an interest catered to a specific group of people – they are more likely to come back and re-visit and buy more products from your website.

3. Be genuine. Don’t try to sell people a product just because it’s worth a lot of money and you’ll make more for that sale. If you don’t believe that product will make other people’s lives better – don’t say it will. You don’t have to leave good reviews all the time either – tell people what to stay away from. They’ll appreciate you and respect your opinion more if you do.


I hope you learned a little about how to make money online by reviewing products. It’s not your typical ‘job’ but if you are good and you give it time, this can be your full-time income. I know plenty of individuals who make a LOT of money promoting Amazon products online.


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What’s your favorite thing to buy from Amazon? Let me know in the comments below. OR, if you have any questions about making money online, I’d be happy to answer them. Just leave them in the comments section below.

Go rock your world today!

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4 Comments to Can You Make Money Writing Reviews For Amazon?

  1. I find Amazon very hard to make money from. When you say review 2 to 3 x a week, do you mean an actual review on your website or a review on the product itself on the Amazon website?

    • Kayla says:

      Hey Laurie!
      I agree that Amazon is hard to make a lot of money from because of the low commission rate. However, the sites that do WELL with Amazon are sites that promote Amazon products regularly. So yes, doing product reviews 2-3x a week on specific Amazon items on your own website can help generate a decent income.
      The sites that are KILLING it with Amazon are ones that will run gift guides, for instance – “Top 10 items Christmas to get before they’re gone” types of posts. “Everything you need to throw a Princess Party for your Princess” – those types of posts where you list your Amazon Associates links for people to buy. When you run a website dedicated to Amazon’s Best Deals, you can find yourself making a decent income.
      Hope that helped answer some questions and give you some ideas for your next Amazon adventure.
      Good luck!

  2. A pretty neat article, how can we amazon affiliate for reviewing?

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