BEST BUDGETING APPS – Know Your Options!

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Spending your money on an endangered cat species – Optional.


Keeping track of your money with a budget – Not Optional

(unless you really don’t care where your money goes. And if that is the case – I’m in need of a new air conditioning unit. 😊)

budgeting mobile apps

But if you’re looking to stay in control of your money, here is a list of some of the top budgeting apps that can help you keep track of your financial goals.

Note: Budget apps generally have the same core features. They let you set up a budget and help you keep track of your expenses. Most Apps are free with options to pay for the privilege of linking your bank account.

Here is a list of some of the top-rated budget apps. I will highlight some of the features that set them apart from the rest of the bunch.

Choose the one that looks good to you and start budgeting today!


Budget APP Options


  • Wally is a relatively new company that offers an app that lets you compare your income with your expenses.
  • You can set goals directly with the app and see your progress
  • My favorite feature is the ability to scan your receipts
  • You can also keep track of your spending daily as well as monthly


Level Money

  • Level money allows you to link more than one bank account
  • This is your simple, basic tracker
  • Favorite Features: they make predictions for your balances and regular bills. They also have a spendable feature which allows you to label your purchases as ‘essentials’ vs. ‘non-essentials’ which is good if you’re trying to save money and need a quick reference on what items you can cut out of your spending.


Mvelopesmvelopes app

  • This app follows the principles and ideas of Envelope Budgeting
  • There are 3 different versions: Free, Premium, and Coaching
  • With the free version, you are allowed only a set amount of budget categories. If you want the unlimited option you have to become a Premium member.
  • I do like their coaching feature. If you’re really struggling to save and budget, they offer coaching sessions to help maximize your budget and help you plan for retirement.



  • Mint is a more popular budgeting system that prides itself on being the “All In One” budgeting app
  • They do budgets, automatic billing, and lets you track your credit score
  • They offer investment ideas and will even give advice on finding loans and opening credit cards


Pocket GuardPocket Guard App

  • This is a very simple budgeting app. They offer a paid version with more features.
  • The home screen lets you see how much money you have ‘in pocket’ (be aware of the account balances trap)
  • They track your bills, your income, and your outgoing expenses.


Good Budget

  • Relies heavily on the Envelope Budgeting System (my preferred method)
  • They offer a free plan, but their paid plan is only $5/month or you can pay for the whole year at a discounted rate of $45. I would highly recommend this app if you are wanting to mobilize your envelope budgeting method


YNAB – You Need A Budget

  • This is a Paid service. You can try it free for 34 days, but after that you pay $5/month or $50/yr.
  • They also rely on the envelope system.
  • They have 4 basic principles:
  1. Give Every Dollar a job
  2. Embrace your true expenses (i.e. saving for car repairs)
  3. “Roll with the Punches” – a nice ‘don’t sweat it’ attitude.
  4. Age your money – This is the heart of their training. They offer classes to show you how to save enough to begin living off last month’s income.


My #1 Choice

Every Dollar budget app. See how to set up your budget with this Step-by-Step tutorial. EveryDollar was founded by Dave Ramsey who made the Envelope Budgeting system famous. This is what I personally use in my home.

Check out Dave Ramsey’s life changing book!


Did I miss one? What’s your favorite Budget app? If you want more details about budgeting please drop me a comment below and I’d be happy to guide you anyway I can.


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4 Comments to BEST BUDGETING APPS – Know Your Options!

  1. Liz says:

    I have used a few methods by Dave Ramsey but I didn’t know he had an app for budgeting. I’m glad to see budgeting becoming more digital as people are spending more time on there phones. At least they can be a little more productive on them with this app. DO you know if this app can allow you take pictures of receipts? That would be great if it does.

    • Kayla says:

      Hey Liz!

      It’s great to meet another Dave Ramsey fan! The EveryDollar App does not currently have a feature that allows you to take pictures of your receipts, but you can split your transactions into different categories. If you use their PLUS option, you can link your bank account directly too the app so your transaction will show up automatically!

      They are improving the app constantly, so keep a look out – they might add the ability to upload or take pictures of receipts one day. (I really hope they do).  

      Thanks for checking me out! Stay in touch for more budgeting and money saving tips!

      Go be a rock star today!


  2. Marlaine says:

    I’m a big nerd in that I love talking about Budgeting… and I LOVE having a mobile app for our family finances! My husband and I are synced to YNAB. We LOVE it, and tell even strangers how great it is LOL.
    What I like best about it is that it’s a zero-based budgeting system (you tell your money where to go before you spend it) – the big difference from Mint, which we also looked at was that with Mint, you’re basically just tracking where your money WENT – which isn’t really “good budgeting” practice, in my opinion. (But we didn’t dig TOO deeply into Mint, so perhaps it’s more.) Anyhow, with YNAB, we have seriously ZERO fights about money, which is AWESOME. 2 full years of being on the exact same page financially is one awesome thing for our marriage! 🙂
    I love Dave Ramsey stuff too – I find his radio broadcast (I download the podcasts later actually) to be really interesting! Sound, REAL advice! Love it! I love that he’s teaching fiscal responsibility… it’s such a hard lesson for some, unfortunately.
    All the best with your blog!

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