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Congratulations, you’re a mom! Congratulations, you want to homeschool! Congratulations, you want to run a business?!?!


Yep! That’s the reaction I get when I tell people what I do!


You know homeschooling is the best fit for your family. That’s why you’re doing it! But once you commit to being a Full Time Mom, a Full Time Housewife, AND a Full Time Homeschool Teacher – even the thought off adding anything else into the mix can seem daunting and overwhelming.


Sure, those initial phases are so exciting. You’re full of ideas of how to craft any egg carton into an art project worthy of The Smithsonian. But you also know that your kids don’t define you.


We decided to homeschool for a couple of reasons:


1. My husband intimately knows the conditions of the public-school system

2. We couldn’t afford private school


Which left us with the option of homeschooling. Eventually we began opening our home up to foster children in our area. We are a foster family. Homeschooling is a good way to differentiate our biological children from our foster kids.


Yes, we love our foster kids as our own, but eventually they go back to their parents’ homes (at least, that’s the goal). Our bio children are here to stay and homeschooling is a way to make them feel secure in their place within our family.


Homeschooling offers a way to create a special relationship – a bond between a parent and child that is strengthened by day to day interaction. I want to be the most influential person in my kids’ lives – next to my husband. I want the ability to shape their thoughts and morals – and I can’t do that effectively if they’re gone 8 hours a day 5 days a week.


I’m not saying that it doesn’t work or can’t be done in other homes – but not ours.


So, you’ve decided to start your own business!

WAHM purple flowerHow wonderful. Now you can be MOM BOSS. You have passions and desires outside of your kids – and your business is your way of expressing yourself. (Plus, you get to connect with other adults in the world – oh yes, they’re out there)


But you know more than anybody that the only way you can homeschool and run a business is COMMITMENT.


You are committed to your kids, you are committed to your Business, and by doing both you are committed to making YOUR world a better place – a world that YOUR kids live in.


Being a Full Time Mom and a Full Time Business Woman means having a Full Time Heart!



Are you going to succeed in everything? NO. There will be math lessons that frustrate both you and your child to the point of tears – many, many tears. And there will be days, possibly seasons, where your time is so scarce that you hardly feel you have the time and effort to grow your business – or at least find your creative outlet.


But THAT’S okay. Because you know that Failure is just another life lesson. It’s when you allow yourself to give-up; when success becomes an option and not a necessity – that’s when things go south. How can we prevent this? How do we avoid becoming just another failed attempt? You need a foundation with 3 essential ingredients:


1.  COMMITMENT – the initial grit to follow your dreams.

2. DEDICATION – the will to keep going when things don’t turn out as planned.

3. MOTIVATION – when things don’t go as planned (as there will be MANY) you need to have your motivational backup plan.




Whether someone calls you Mom, Wife, or Business Betty – we all know that your REAL title is BOSS. You can learn the tools to run an effective homeschool classroom AND an effective home business – no matter others might think.


One tool you need is a WEBSITE.


At Wealthy Affiliate, you can learn how to create your very own Business Website – they show you step by step how to set it up and get started. And you get 2 FREE websites.


This is a perfect opportunity for any business – because we all know that in today’s world a website is key! And if you’re just starting out, they can show you how to turn your PASSION into a BUSINESS.





Maybe you already Blog about your Homeschooling experience. Great! Why not make money doing it at the same time?


Maybe you already have a business. Great! You can utilize the tools at Wealthy Affiliate to help grow your business. They can show you how you can put in LESS TIME and have MORE RESULTS. Because we all know that time with your kids and your homeschool is important.


Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too!

This blog is about my journey through the online business world – and if you’re looking for an online income (whether you homeschool or not) this is the place to get tips, motivation, and see what has and hasn’t worked for me. Don’t make my mistakes!


Want to get started? Click HERE.


what the future holds

My husband is about to quit teaching to step into a full-time ministry position. It’s an awesome opportunity and we are so excited for this new journey. That being said, looking at our budget, we knew something had to give.question mark


I could stop homeschooling and get a 9-5 job – but the relationship I’ve built with my children is NOT something that I’m willing to compromise. I am not going to give up the time I spend teaching them, the time I spend molding them into the young men I want them to become, the TIME with them.


I knew I had to do something. And here it is. My very own Business website. With no knowledge about the wonderful world of Internet Marketing, I found a program that was willing to train me and guide me every step of the way.


I found a community of REAL people with REAL struggles and REAL dreams.


Let me know if you have any questions or comments below. I will keep updating my story and my journey along the way – so be sure to join the Facebook Page, connect on Twitter, and find me on Pinterest so you can keep up with my story!


To get the full details of how I got started, check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review.


You can also check out my Personal Company Profile HERE.


So what’s my story? I’m just an ordinary housewife with extraordinary dreams!


Questions? Comments? I’d love to hear from you and where you are in your homeschooling/business mom journey. Just getting started? Introduce yourself and I will be here to help guide you the best I know how. Let’s motivate each other!

Along we can do so little. Together we can do so much!

– Helen Keller


Spread the Love. Share and Enjoy!

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