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Road with StartIT’S THE BEGINNING…

It’s scary when you first venture into a new territory, a new opportunity – a new way of life. It starts with an idea. An idea becomes a plan. A plan turns into actions – and before you know it, you find yourself WAY in over your head.

The excitement wears off and reality sets in. The reality that you’ve been here before. The reality that you’ve failed here before. Not ‘here’ in the sense that you’re doing the same thing. ‘Here’ in the sense that you’ve tried other ways – other means of success, but have found yourself back at square one. Now, you’re hoping to find that perfect fit – just this once.

But hope can easily fade. It’s unknown. It’s scary – and the fear of failing, yet again, is knocking on your heart’s door waiting for the chance to pounce and crush any dreams and thoughts that you could actually succeed.

But it’s JUST the beginning.

And so, after you release yourself from the fetal position for the fifth time today, wipe your tears, and pick yourself up from the bathroom floor, you know NOW’s the time.

Now’s the time to start taking names and kicking ass. And in a year from now, you’ll be all out of names.

I’m writing this mostly because I want to remember what it felt like exactly one year from today. 3 weeks ago I stumbled onto Wealthy Affiliate. I took all the free training I could – I soaked up the information like a sponge.

Then, I upgraded to Premium. Two weeks later (today) I decided to make the leap and dedicate a whole year to this opportunity.


Is it scary? Yep! Is it unknown? Yep! But I want the “me” a year from now to be able to look back and remember what it is I’m risking. I want the “me” a year from now to be able to say, “It was worth it!” I want the “me” a year from now to be someone who seizes even more opportunities, who lives life a little fuller, and who loves “me” a little deeper.


Today, I feel like an underdog. Today, I feel as if there’s so much to learn and I’m already so far behind. Today, is a mixture of fear and excitement.


But a year from now, I will be confident in my abilities. A year from now, I will witness first hand the payoff of the initial sacrifices. A year from now, I will have made a difference.

A year from now, I will be looking forward to another year!

Today is the first day of my Monday Motivation series. Maybe none of this meant anything to you – and if you feel as if you wasted your time, I’m truly sorry.

But today is about writing for me. Today is about a leap of faith for me. Maybe you’re just starting out on your journey and you can relate to some of these feelings. If so, keep checking back in and I will record my progress. Maybe we can motivate each other.

Maybe you haven’t decided on your story. Maybe you’re still waiting for the opportunity.

Opportunity doesn’t just knock. Opportunity wants to be sought after. Opportunity runs – and it’s up to you to catch it!


Go today and start your revolution. What will you say one year from today?

Drop me a comment below. I’d love to hear more of your story.

Or, if you want to begin your Wealthy Affiliate Journey, check out the GETTING STARTED page today!

Spread the Love. Share and Enjoy!

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