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50 Super Simple Ways to Save MoneyThis post contains affiliate links. See my Private Policy | Disclosure Page for more information.

Whether you’re saving money for a trip, trying to get out of debt, or simply want to keep your hard earned money in your wallet – this is a list of 50 Super Simple Ideas that can save you money each month!


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How to Save Money on Food at Home

1. Keep nonperishable snacks in the car so you won’t be tempted to do drive through.

Make sure your cans have a pop top, or keep a spare can opener in the glove box.


2. Eat at home.

If you plan accordingly, you won’t be tempted to go out to eat if you already have a plan in place!


3. Eat leftovers…or get creative and make brand new meals out of leftovers!


4. Make your own coffee at home.

Skipping the sugary cappuccinos can be better for your wallet, and your waistline!


5. Make large portions of meals at once.

Freeze your leftovers for quick meals later!


6. Brown Bag your lunch and your snacks!

If you take your own lunch to work, you won’t be tempted to eat out or give up your money for a food run!


7. Grate your own cheese…it’s really not that hard.


8. Make your own bread…it tastes better and makes your house smell AMAZING.


9. Go through your pantry.

What’s hiding in there that you forgot about??? You may even find some sweet treasures (or things that really need to be tossed!)


How to Save Money on Groceries

10. Plan your meals and snacks for each week. Only buy what you need!


11. Never go grocery shopping hungry!

That way you won’t be tempted to buy every snack you come across.


12. Buy Generic.


13. Buy Produce and Meat in Season.

See THIS seasonal produce Chart.


14. Buy Meat in Bulk. Take advantage of your freezer space!


15. Save big with Groceries Apps like Ibotta and Checkout 51.


16. PRICE CHECK. Buying in bulk isn’t always cheaper. But when it is, do it!

My favorite things to buy in bulk are Rice, Sugar, Flour, and Dry Beans. We store them in 5 gallon buckets and we generally only have to buy them once a year!


17. Look for coupons in ad sheets and newspapers!

But only use them if it’s something you were going to buy anyway. Remember, you don’t save money by buying something on sale that you wouldn’t have bought in the first place.


18. Price Match at Walmart!

You can even download their app to scan your receipt and you will automatically be credited money for items that are cheaper at competing stores.

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC

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Save Money While Eating Out

19. If you want to eat with friends, suggest doing desserts or drinks and eat your main meal at home.


20. If your friends want to go out, volunteer to be the designated driver.

Most restaurants and bars will give you free drinks (non-alcoholic of course.)


21. If you want to eat out with the family, go for lunch for take advantage of Happy Hour Specials. If you’re going with kids, see where kids eat free on certain days.


Save Money Around the House

22. Keep a spare change jar and every time you find loose change or you get cash back, start filling up your jar.

Make it fun by seeing how fast you can fill it up. Make it more fun by keeping multiple jars for each member of the family and see who can fill theirs up the fastest!


23. Make your own laundry detergent and tooth paste!


24. Drink Water!

Not only is it good for you, but it can also help cut food cravings on unnecessary snacks.


25. Make your own cleaning products 


26. Shop for clothes and ‘seasonal items’ out of season!

Take advantage of clearance racks and save big on next year’s needs.


27. Always check for the latest deals on sites like Amazon and Buy.com.


28. Check for coupons or cash back on items from Groupon or Ebates.


29. Put on a Sweater.

During colder months don’t run to turn up the heat – layer clothes to keep you warm and your heating bill down.


30. Just the opposite, don’t run to turn down the air during the summer.

Spend hot afternoons at your public library (or other places where you aren’t tempted to spend money).


31. Hang your clothes up to dry.


32. Take cold (or colder) showers. You won’t be tempted to waste water and you’ll save money on your water heater bill!


33. Use natural light. If you can utilize a window instead of keeping the lights on – do it. Make sure you turn lights off when you leave the room.

Bonus: I charge my kids 10 cents every time they leave the light on in their room. It doesn’t happen very often anymore, but I can put that dime in my spare change jar!


Save money on Special Occasions

34. Have a Date night in. Put the kids to bed early and rent a Redbox!


35. Make Homemade gifts.

People will appreciate them more and you’ll save money on the things they won’t remember in 10 years anyway.


Know your needs vs. your wants

36. Take a second look at your cell phone bill? Is the cost really worth it?

Check out low cost – not contract plans from Republic Wireless and see how much you can save today!

Plans starting at $15 /month & Phones starting at $99


37. Do you need cable? Really? If you want to save big try going without.

You can even buy a Roku and still enjoy your favorite shows for half the price!


Just Good Advice

38. Take a glance at your bank statements. Are there any old subscriptions (magazines, memberships, etc.) that you don’t really use? If so, cancel them!


39. If you frequent a store, see if they have a rewards card. NOT a credit card.

(I’m not a fan of using money you don’t have!)


40. Have some fun! Give yourself some ‘blow’ money each month and don’t go over your allotted amount.

This will make you think about what you REALLY want instead of purchasing those little items you don’t really need.


41. Buy it used!

Go to thrift stores or garage sells to find birthday presents, clothes, etc. It’s even easy to thrift shop online. Find local Swap Shops or Facebook groups in your area!


42. If it’s something you only need every now and then – rent it. Or borrow it from a friend!

I’m always borrowing my friend’s carpet shampooer or my neighbor’s power tools!


43. Always get second opinions on household repair jobs!

We’ve saved a LOT of money over the years by not going with the first quote we’ve received on a repair job!


44. Carpool, Walk, or Bike when possible.


45. Cut your own hair and your kids’ hair…or ask a friend.

You can probably think of someone you know who cuts hair for a living. If they won’t do it for free, see if you can make a trade. Make them dinner in exchange for haircuts.


46. Have no spend weekends! Take an entire weekend off from spending money each month.

Go to the park, play board games – think of ways you can have fun without the funds!


47. Live minimally. It’s not worth keeping up with the Joneses!


48. Build up your emergency fund!

That way, when you need those repairs done around the house, they won’t eat into your normal budget.

See How to Save $1000 Pain Free


49. Get out of Debt! Take your savings and pay off your debt as soon as possible so you can stop paying extra money on interest payments!


50. Spend Money Like a Millionaire! No – not the Hollywood kind.

I’m talking about the everyday millionaire living next door in a modest house and driving a modest car. See how easy it is to build up wealth – meaning save now so you can have money later!

Recommended Reading: The Millionaire Next Door.

Do you have a favorite way to save and I missed it? Share it below in the comments section. I’m always looking for more good advice!

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  1. Jen says:

    That’s alot of great ideas to help our money go further each month. To save some expense, I cut my son’s and husband’s hair. Thankfully they have an easy haircut. If I’m grocery shopping, I always try to take advantage of local grocery sales each week. I find I don’t have alot of time to plan this though. It’s more a hit and miss if I see it in the store. I know some people have more time and really plan this out.

    • Kayla says:

      Hey Jen, 

      Thanks for commenting. YES, I agree that TIME is sometimes a hindrance when it comes to planning – and I have to admit that I don’t do it ALL the time. 

      But like you, I browse the sales at the grocery store and sometimes I do my ‘planning’ after I buy and just make it work that way!  

  2. Neil says:

    I think we all love to save a few bucks, especially when there a lot of folks on tight budgets who really need to cut back on luxuries.

    There are some super cool ways here for saving money in my pockets, and I think the best way for me to cut back would be to find coupons in magazines and certainly shop for items that are out of season.

    In my town, there are plenty of shops with clothing sales on at the moment, so I will get myself some good bargains ready for next summer.

    Thanks for your other money saving tips, and I’ll be sure to put some of them to good use for saving a few bucks.


    • Kayla says:

      Hey Neil!

      So glad you were able to find some good tips and tricks. Saving money is always the goal on everything I try to buy! I want to keep the most money in my pocket or bank account whenever possible.

      Shopping out of season is a great way to save as long as you can find a place to store it long term. I fill buckets up and then place them in my closet under my stairs for when I need them.

      Thanks for the comment. I appreciate you!

      If you’re looking for ways to save on your cell phone bill, click HERE!

      Have a great day!

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