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How to Teach Kids About Money

talking with your kids about money
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Teach Your Children Success

It’s no secret that in today’s world kids are growing up with a misrepresentation of how money should be saved, spent, and handled in order to ensure long-lasting financial success. More and more younger people are starting their adult lives with enormous amounts of debt and relying on credit. It’s not necessarily that parents aren’t teaching kids about money, but I believe it’s a lack of understanding of HOW to teach kids about money.


This post contains affilaite links.

How To Teach Kids About Money


What We Do

In my household, we started teaching our children about money at a very early age. We allow them to choose what they spend their money on (within reason) and we teach them the value of saving.


My children both receive a ‘commission’ for the work they do around the house. They are required to complete a set of chores each morning and they receive a ‘payment’ every other week. (We try to mimic a normal ‘job’ as close as possible.)


They also have 3 envelopes each hanging on their wall. One is labeled “Spend,” one is labeled “Save,” and one is labeled “Give.” They are required to stick a certain amount in each envelope.


The “Spend” money they are able to use to buy little trinkets – a soda at the store, some gum, etc…

Save, Spend, Give

Their “Save” envelope is for bigger purchases. We teach them to choose something they really want and then research the price at different stores – Amazon, WalMart, Target, etc… Once they’ve found a price they (and my husband and I) are comfortable with, then they know how much they need to save. This makes their purchase even more special since they worked hard towards their goal.


These are valuable life lessons for our children. They need to work hard and save for purchases – not rely on credit cards that they will pay off later. We believe that this is an important aspect of teaching kids about money. I want to set them up for financial success so they can be independent later on in life.


We believe in a Biblical foundation for giving money. Their “Give” money goes towards our local church.


Each aspect of the “Save”,”Give,” and “Spend” method is important. Our children learn the value of saving money, the excitement of spending their hard earned money, and we are teaching them that money isn’t everything. We should give what we can to those in need.


Where We Learned Our Technique

Most of these principles that we rely on come from Dave Ramsey’s teaching on money. I would highly recommend reading all of his financial books, but when it comes to teaching your kids about finances, I would suggest grabbing a copy of Dave Ramsey’s Smart Money, Smart Kids.

If you’re looking for a fun interactive way, they also have a game set called Finanical Peace Jr. which is a fun way to teach kids the foundations to financial success.


Another Great Resource – The Millionaire Next Door

8 Principles from The Millionaire Next Door

Another great resource for anyone trying to save money or who is looking to lay a foundation to financial success is a book called, The Millionaire Next Door.


See my other related articles on this book.

Live Like a Millionaire – Even if You’re Broke!

How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur 


Within the book are 8 Principles for teaching your kids about money and tips on how to handle your child’s financial situations as adults. Here are those principles:

kid super hero

1. Tell your children that there a lot of things more valuable than money – including themselves!

Always and Often

2. Don’t try to compete with your adult children financially. Encourage them for their own successes!


3. Stay out of your adult children’s family financial matters – and never try and borrow money from your children. You are the adult and need to be financially independent.


4. Never give cash or other significant gifts to your adult children as part of a negotiation strategy. Money is not a tool to be bargained in reward for certain behaviors or outcomes.


5. Minimize discussion of the items that each child and grandchild will inherit or receive as gifts.


6. Assure your children won’t realize you’re affluent until after they have established a mature, disciplined, and adult lifestyle and profession.


7. No matter how wealthy you are, teach your children discipline and frugality!


8. Never tell your children that you are wealthy


While all of these principles might not apply to every household and every family, I believe they offer good advice and words of wisdom.

Teaching your children about money will help set them up for a successful financial future. Even if they never make a 6 figure income, teaching them to be content with what they have is also very important.


If you always stress about the life you don’t have or worry about money in front of your children, then they will grow up to be adults that worry about money – and may even prize money over everything else.


By using the principles found in both of these books you will be on your way to teaching your kids about financial success and setting them up for a great future!

Also check out: Rich Dad Poor Dad


How are you setting up your children for financial success? Do you have other resources or wisdom you would like to share? Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear them!




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Live Like A Millionaire – Even If You’re Broke!

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You Heard Me Right! Here are the Reasons Why You Should Live Like a Millionaire – Even if You’re Broke!

Live Like a Millionaire

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I want to be a Millionaire!” Who hasn’t, right? Well, if you’ve ever wondered How to Become a Millionaire, you might be surprised by these 7 Principles that modern day millionaires live by.


I’m not talking about your “Hollywood” or Tony Stark millionaire…I’m simply talking about the millionaires who are living next door! You’ll probably never notice them or even think of them as “millionaires,” but in today’s world, becoming a millionaire is easier than you think!

This post contains affiliate links.


You can be successful too


These seven Principles come from William Danko’s, “The Millionaire Next Door.” I highly suggest purchasing your copy TODAY and set yourself up for a brighter future! Who knows…you might just be the next Millionaire Next Door!


7 Steps to Living Like a Millionaire

  1. Live Below Your Means

This one sounds a bit counter intuitive. We often think of millionaires as being able to spend money whenever they want on whatever they want. But it’s simply not the case!

Frugality Translates into Wealth.


Needing ways to save money? Check out these 50 ideas to start saving today!


  1. Allocate Your Time, Energy, and Money Effectively in ways Conductive to Building Wealthy

Simply put – Are you spending your time and energy on things that will help you build wealth – like investments or building a business, or are you simply “Spending” your money?


  1. Believe that Financial Independence is More Important than Social Status

Strangely enough, very few millionaires will spend money on things like “New Cars” and houses with extra space they simply don’t need. Take a look at this table below. This is a statistic given in the book, “The Millionaire Next Door.”

It states that over 50% of millionaires drive a car that is at LEAST 2 years old.


millionaire vehicle purchases


  1. Millionaire’s Parents Did not provide them with “Economic Outpatient Care”

This means that they how to get where they are on their own WITHOUT relying on “Mom and Dad’s Money.”

They know how to work hard and go after what they want! They stopped relying on other people – including the government – to give them money


  1. Teach Your Adult Children to Become Economically Self-Sufficient

Children of millionaires can be surprising self-sufficient when it comes to managing their funds. This is because their parents taught them how to do so. When you teach your children how to handle money – they will grow into adults who can be financially independent.

On the flip side, if you have a child who is an adult and they just can’t seem to live below their means or follow the basic principles of spending less than what you make – it’s okay to QUIT giving them handouts. That way, the money you save when your children are young will be there for YOU to enjoy when they are grown and out of your house.


  1. Be Proficient in Targeting Marketing Opportunities

I’ll be honest, this one is hard for me. I’m NOT very good at the stock market. But we HIRE someone to handle our investment accounts. We interviewed several people before we decided on who to trust with our money.

Make sure that IF you hire out that you choose someone who you KNOW without a doubt will have your best interest in mind.


See my post on How to Retire Like a Boss!


  1. Choose the Right Occupation

Yes, you should choose a job that you love and that will bring your joy. But let’s face it – sometimes those jobs are not reliable and you can’t just sit around waiting for your “Big Break.” (otherwise you might find yourself waiting tables)

Find an occupation that will provide a stable financial income and one that will give you MORE money than what you need to live on. (Remember Rule #1).

can you spot the millionaire next door


I love what I do as an online social influencer and blogger! I can write about subjects I love and I can provide some financial stability to my family.

If you want to try out affiliate marketing – or are just interested in learning the ‘ins and outs’ of making money online, I suggest you Try Out Wealthy Affiliate’s Training Program. You will have access to 10 videos that will TEACH you HOW you can start earning an online income. You can Get Started for FREE Today!


Also see How to Build Your Own Online Business.


Another great Resource to learning how to save and spend below your means is Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover. This is a MUST READ for anyone in need of helping them create, plan, and stick with a budget. You’ll also learn about saving for your financial future!

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Are you ready to become the next Millionaire Next Door? Let me know in the comments below how you are setting yourself up for future success!


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Read the PDF of The Millionaire Next Door Here! 

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How to Be A Successful Entrepreneur

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5 Daily Mantras of Successful Entrepreneurs

This post contain affiliate links. See my Privacy Policy for more information.

Are You Wondering the Secrets Behind How to Be a Successful Entrepreneur?


Let’s face it! Sometimes, being an entrepreneur is HARD! It’s hard to know how to be a successful entrepreneur when you’re faced with so many “unknowns.”

But, whether you’re just starting your own business, or you’ve been around a while, sometimes you just need to get your head back in the game.


You can be successful too


Go back the beginning…what was “it” that got you started in the first place? What is the ONE thing that drives you to get out of bed every day and challenges you to be a better person? How do you rekindle the passion of a lost love?

If you find yourself stuck, or you just need a little encouragement, here are 5 Daily Mantras for Successful Entrepreneurs. Print them out, hang them on your wall and remember these 5 words of wisdom and engrave them in your brain!


5 Things to Say to Yourself Every Day to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

successful entrepreneurs mantra

Do you ever find yourself scared that you’re in way over your head – or stressing about your next ‘big break?’ Want to know a secret? Me too.


I know you can be successful! I used to think that if I knew something, then everyone else must know it too. I’ve always thought that if I achieve something, everyone else must be doing well too – because I used to not believe in ME or my abilities as an entrepreneur.

But if someone like ME can be successful, then I KNOW YOU CAN TOO!


For a FREE 10 Course Training Series on how to successfully launch, or revive your online business, click HERE! YOU TOO CAN BE SUCCESSFUL!

Online Entrepreneur Certification - Getting Started Level 1


Want to read more about becoming a successful Entrepreneur? The inspiration from this post came from the book, “The Millionaire Next Door.” Grab your copy today! 


What’s your biggest fear you face as an entrepreneur? Let me know in the comment below and let’s conquer our fears together!


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How to be a Better You by Tomorrow! 

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Get Serious About Your Future! Retire Like a Boss!

Are You Prepared for Retirement Featured Image
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Are You Prepared for Retirement-

Do I need to save for retirement? Yes. The answer is ALWAYS yes. Unless you have a rich uncle that will leave you millions of dollars – AND you are REALLY good at budgeting and managing your own money, then you should be setting at least something aside for your retirement each month in an investment fund. Personally, I prefer setting up a Roth IRA for investments. (see why below)


Topics Discussed in this article:


How much Should You Save for Retirement?


What is the difference between a Roth IRA and a Traditional IRA?


What is the difference between a Mutual Fund and an Index Fund?



Why Invest Your Money?question mark

I guess you could always just open a savings account at your local bank and begin setting extra money aside – or stick cash in an envelope under your mattress. I don’t suggest these methods because you won’t earn any return on your investment this way. See the scenario below.


Plus, it makes its tempting when you can have access to these funds. I suggest investing in a retirement fund – meaning placing funds in the stock market and leaving them there to earn interest over time. We’re talking 20-40 years!


My husband and I started investing in our early 20’s – and even then, we could only put away roughly $50 a month. But it was $50 a month going towards our future! Every little bit helps and the sooner you develop the habit of saving, the better off you’ll be.




How much should you save for your retirement?

This is dependent on a couple of factors.

  1. Your current age

  2. The age you Plan to retire

  3. How much you have saved already

  4. What your estimated return on your investment should be (historically, this will be anywhere from 7-11% return on your investment for the average investor)


Here is a Dave Ramsey Retirement Calculator where you can you input the above numbers and begin to play with these different amounts.

Remember that as your income increases over the years, the more you will be able to invest. So don’t worry if you’re numbers look low right now – you can always contribute more as your income increases.

Ideally, you will put away 15% of your total income into a retirement fund. Most employers have a retirement program – so know what your employer offers and ask questions!


Once you’ve played around with the numbers on the calculator, ask yourself, “How much do I need a year to live comfortably?” This answer will vary person to person.


Just for fun, let’s input the following numbers into the investment calculator. If you were 25 years of age and you had saved up $10,000 towards your retirement and you contributed $300 a month until you were 67 – let’s be safe and say a 7% return…. here are the results.


example of investment


Doing a little math, you would have contributed $161,200 of your own money and your investment would yield over a million dollars. That’s assuming you NEVER add more into the account as your income ideally increases over the years.

THAT is the reason I suggest investing.


Now, take that total and divide by 20 (this is assuming you live until you’re 97 years old.) That will be the amount of money you would receive each year is you divided up your funds evenly over the course of your retirement.

If we keep with the above scenario, you would retire making with approximately $53,000 a year.


To find out how much you should save for retirement, just play with the numbers until you’ve found one that would yield a nice retirement for yourself. Then, you can set your goals on how much you should start saving. Even if you can’t afford to save as much as you’d like right now, just starting is the important part!


Setting Up an IRA

You have options when it comes to setting up a retirement fund. I prefer a ROTH IRA account, but you can use the traditional IRA as well.

There are differences between Roth IRAs and Traditional IRAs. See the chart below to compare the differences between the two.

Traditional IRA vs. Roth IRA


There are some other terms you might come across when it comes to investing. There are multiple funds to choose from when investing some sort of money. One common question that is asked is what is the difference between a Mutual Fund and an Index Fund.

Here is an easy explanation.


Mutual Funds

buffetThink of these as your ‘buffet.’ You can pick and choose which stocks to buy into. These accounts are actively managed – meaning your investment provider should be watching these to make sure they are placing your money in the stocks that will lead to a higher return on your investment. This is why it is extremely important to find a provider you trust!


Mutual funds have a lower buy in rate, however, the fees you pay your investor will be higher (generally 1-1.5% of your earnings). But remember, your investor wants to make money too – which is why they actively manage these accounts closely!

Mutual Funds also have more volatility – meaning they are more unpredictable. But the average return of your investment is roughly 7%.


***Some people will argue that the average return of your investment is more like 11-12% percent. Which, historically, that is the correct average. However, that includes the 80’s and 90’s where the stock market jumped and the average investment THOSE years were roughly 20%. Which is why the average over time is estimated around 11-12%. But if you only consider the past 10 years, the average is roughly 7%.


Index Funds

same menuIf mutual funds are you ‘buffet,’ then Index funds are more like your ‘summer camp lunch.’ Everyone gets the same thing and a little bit of everything. These accounts are passively managed because they are less volatile and more stable than mutual funds.

Think of it this way. An index fund can include a fortune 500 company. If one branch of that company goes under – there are still 499 that will carry your investment. Because of this, there is a higher buy in – generally $25,000 to begin investing in Index Funds. Exceptions can be made and this number can vary depending on your investor.

But, while the buy in rates are generally higher, the investor fees are lower.


If you don’t understand the stock market, I highly suggest hiring someone to do your investments for you. Click HERE to find some investors near you today and compare rates.


What We Use

We are 100% on a Dave Ramsey Retirement Plan. We use companies and investors endorsed by Ramsey (as linked above) because of his extensive knowledge of the stock market and his abilities to teach someone to plan, save, and setting you up for a great retirement – one that won’t have you depending on the government, or other people in your elderly years.

If you don’t want to have to take on a job after you retire – even though I love my Wal-Mart greeters – you need to be setting SOMETHING aside for your retirement. It’s about living a frugal life now, so you can enjoy the freedom later!

Recommended Reading


Bonus Ninja

bonus ninjaDo you need some ways to increase your income? You can create a website online and learn how to make money in the long term to go towards your investments.

Why not start an online business now – you can receive FREE basic training on how to set up your website and how to start making a residual income online with a website.


Are you looking for a side hustle? You can also check out THIS POST on how to make money doing odd jobs by posting your skills on websites like Craigslist and Facebook.How To Make Money with Craigslist


Or, simply start saving money with these 50 ideas! Sign up to receive a print out of all 50 ways you can save money. Hang it on your fridge and check them off the list as you save money each month towards YOUR future!

Subscribe to stay in the know! You’ll get my weekly Money News Update, plus a FREE info Graphic of 50 Ways to Save Money!

* indicates required

How important is saving for retirement to you? Let me know in the comments below! Comment and tell me what you want YOUR future to look like! What are your goals?

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Arise Work From Home Reviews | Is Arise a Scam?

Is Arise Work From Home a Scam- Find Out! Read these Reviews!
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Is Arise Work From Home a Scam? Check out these Arise Work From Home Reviews

Is Arise Work From Home a Scam- See these Reviews!

Arise Virtual Solutions is a call center company for businesses to hire out their customer service needs. They train and employ individuals to take customer services calls for specific companies using a cloud technology – meaning, they offer work at home positions. But Arise Virtual Solutions branched off into Arise Work From Home and they now employ people not only to become a client, but they offer the opportunity to open your own small call center business using the Arise Platform.


2 options from Arise

There are 2 options within the Arise Work From Home Platform. Both offer you the opportunity to work from home, but there are a few differences with each.


You can be successful too


Option #1 – Open Your Own Company

There are few things you need to consider before starting your own call center business, (or any business for that matter), including thinking of how big you want your company to be. Do you want to hire employees to help run your call center? Maybe just hire a few friends or family? Or, you could be the solo entrepreneur running and working for your company.


3 Options

   Intent to hire out

   Intent to hire a few close friends and family

  Intent to be the solo person working in your company

3 options for running your own call center


Deciding how much you want to scale your business beforehand will give you a good starting point to your business. But remember, this can change based on the success of your company.


You will be Opening Your Own Business and this is Your Company! As with any small business, you will need to register, or incorporate, your business with your state and there will be some fees involved. Call Center fees can range anywhere from $100-$350 depending on which state you live in.


States Not Eligible: California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, Oregon, Wisconsin and New York


However, options are available in the U.K and in Canada.


Remember, this is your business. You will have fees associated with your start – up costs, as well as monthly fees.

Here is a rundown of the estimated fees from the Arise Work From Home website.

estimated start up costmonthly fees



Yes, you will receive and need to pass a mandatory training course. The training can take you anywhere from 28 days to 8 weeks in length (the distinction is not made clear on the website as to why it differs drastically.)

The course cost anywhere from $50-$250 – again, it’s not clear why the drastic price range from the website.



The estimated amount you would get paid is anywhere from $9-$14 per hour.


You can check out their YouTube Video Here.


Option #2: Register as an Agent and Work for Someone Who Has Opened their Own Call Center

When you register as a client, the start-up costs are drastically lower, but you still have to pay $7.95 for a background check (this considerably lower than what you’ll find with other call center companies) and you have to take the certification course ranging from $25-$249…again, why the difference, I’m unsure.

Here is the Registration Process

register as an agent


But, if you’re looking strictly to work for someone else, or if you don’t want to pay the other fees right away, then this is an option you might want to consider. You could start as a client and once you’re ready move into your own business model.

Even at this level, you are still looking at making anywhere between $9-$14 per hour.



indeed review of arise

Here are some Arise Work From Home Reviews from Overall, the company has a pretty good rating and I found there to be few complaints.

Older reviews did mention that the support from the company was sometimes harsh and that dealing corporate was the worst part about the job – however, I found no such trend from the more recent reviews.

Arise Work at Home Reviews from Indeed


Conclusionthumbs up

Arise Work From Home seems like a good company to work for if you are looking to enter the customer service world.

This is NOT a scam company, but it provides you with the training and tools you need to build your own call center business.

However, for the price to begin working with this company, you could receive the BEST ONLINE TRAINING for creating your own business website where the cost is drastically lower than the Arise Platform.

Plus, with affiliate marketing, you can choose your own schedule and work anywhere from your computer. The BEST PART – is that you won’t have to worry about never advancing and being stuck at making $14/hour for the rest of your career.

You will learn how to scale your business and begin making a residual income and over time, you could be making a six-figure income! That’s MY Kind of work from home solution.


Read my review of the company that TEACHES you how to work from home with your very own website writing about subjects you love. You can start for FREE RIGHT NOW!


Want More Work at Home Reviews? Subscribe to stay in the know and get updates about all my new releases!

Subscribe to stay in the know! You’ll get my weekly Money News Update, plus a FREE info Graphic of 50 Ways to Save Money!

* indicates required

Do you have experience working with the Arise Work From Home Platform? Leave me your reviews in the comment section below!


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Is Live Online Job Another Internet Scam?

Is LiveOnlineJob Another Internet Scam-
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Is Live Online Job a Scam? I wanted to find out…

IS this another INTERNET scam-

Here’s the backstory:

I was on YouTube browsing some videos the other day and in one of the comment sections someone had posted that they were making money with a website called Live Online Job. This intrigued me, so I went to see what exactly this website was and how this person was making money. I wanted to know if Live Online Job was a legit website, or just another scam.


(Big Sigh)



Sadly, I was extremely disappointed in what I found – but I imagine that you found something similar somewhere on the internet and you have the same curious questions I did.


Well, it’s a GOOD thing you’re here. I’ll explain what exactly is and why websites like this exist.


What is Live Online Job?

Live Online Job is simply a linking website.

What is a linking website? It’s a website that shady affiliate marketers create trying to pass other people’s products off as their own. While Affiliate Marketing ISN’T a scam when done correctly, the way that Live Online Job does it is HIGHLY Illegal.


See: What is Affiliate Marketing.


Here’s Why this site will most likely be shut down…

Live Online Job is really a website that contains NOTHING. By NOTHING, I mean that they TRY to pass themselves off as a legit company, but all they really do is place their affiliate links on the site.


Every tab or button on the website is directly linked to a Clickbank affiliate account. This means that an affiliate marketer has signed up with Clickbank, created a website and is directing other people to their affiliate links. (This means that they will get paid each time someone joins one of these other programs.)

clickbank hoplinks


In fact, every single link contained the same hop link ID number – meaning that they all belong to the same person. I REALLY hope the person behind this website finds this post because what they are doing is ILLEGAL!

hop link ID


The type of marketing they are doing is NOT illegal – it’s because they don’t have an affiliate disclosure located on their website.

According to the FTC anytime you could make money from someone’s purchase through your affiliate link, YOU MUST DISCLOSE. You must have a disclosure on your website and you must disclose before you give out your actual link in any post/page.


FTC Disclosure Policy

You can read all about the FTC guidelines HERE.

If this person gets caught by the FTC they could be fined up to $50,000! That’s not worth the few dollars they’re making on those sales!


Ignorance, or SCAM?

I really wanted to give this website the benefit of the doubt, so I did poke around a little to see if I could find SOMETHING that made them legit. I thought maybe they’re just an uneducated or new marketer trying to make a quick buck – but sadly again, I think the mastermind behind the site is just another internet scammer trying to pass this off as a legit company.


What I Found

Besides the direct hop links, there were 3 other tabs located at the bottom of the website, other than the home page.

Company – Services – Contact Us

Under the Company Tab

It seems as if they are trying to pass themselves off as some kind of accounting company for internet marketers. I imagine this is how they’ve been hiding, or staying under the FTC’s radar so far.


company at a glance


Under the Service Tab

Service tab was completely blank. This is a big no-no. Website design 101 – you NEVER have a blank tab/page/post. It’s just unprofessional.


Contact US Tab

I did send an inquiry requesting more info about their services, but I have yet to receive a reply. That was almost a week ago when I considered doing this review. I wanted to be sure because I would hate to slander someone’s name for no reason. But I’m confident that this is NOT a legit company.

Also, see how their contact us page is set up…

Contact Live Online Job


Is Live Online Job Legitthumbs down

Nope. While they can legally market their affiliates with a website, the way they’re doing it is ILLEGAL.

This website’s sole purpose is a shady – or I would say LAZY way of trying to do affiliate marketing.

The BEST way to go about promoting these Clickbank products is to try them out for yourself, then write a thorough review based on what you find. Then you can direct others to either purchase the product, or to stay away.

This post contains affiliate links. See my Privacy Policy | Disclosure Page for more information.


If you want to know more about affiliate marketing – you can check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review. This review provides detailed information about how you can join a training platform and get started making money online LEGALLY with affiliate marketing.


Yes, if you sign up it will be through my affiliate link. <<< This is my disclosure!


But it’s THE program that taught me everything I know and it’s one I still use because I continue to see fantastic results with their training.

If you don’t want to read my review, you can always click the link below to sign up. All you need is a name and an email address to get started. YOU TOO can SUCCEED at Affiliate Marketing and making an online income.


You can be successful too


If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below. I’d be happy to talk more with you about this opportunity. If you scroll down to the bottom of this page you will find my direct email in the contact section. If you wish to email me, I will get back to your personally within the next 24 hours!


Go rock your day! Stay away from Live Online Job – and find REAL opportunities that will work for you!

 Check out my full list of legit ways to earn money from home!real ways to earn money from home


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Can You Make Money Writing Reviews For Amazon?

How to Make Money Reviewing Amazon Products
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How to Make Money As an Amazon Review

Do you simply love Amazon products? I mean, it’s one of the biggest shopping centers in the world – so who doesn’t love it, right? Did you know that you CAN make money writing product reviews online? But it’s not the ‘typical’ job you might be thinking of. Yes, you can money, but I wouldn’t quit your day job just yet.

But if you’re interested in learning how to make money writing reviews online, let me show you what it takes!

This post contains affiliate links. See my Privacy Policy | Disclosure for more information.


When it comes to making money writing Amazon reviews, you have a couple options. With the first option, you don’t get ‘paid,’ but you do receive FREE stuff – which is still pretty cool!


Option #1: The Vine

Amazon Vine ProgramThe Vine is an Amazon program that won’t pay you – but they do send you free stuff so you can try a product and leave a thorough product review.


***WARNING – there are vendors on Amazon who will email you ‘special’ deals – some say even 99% off a particular product IF you leave them a 5-star review.

Amazon does NOT endorse this method and if a company DOES offer you such a deal, you should report them to Amazon right away.


With the Vine program, the goal is provide quality reviews for customers based on a product that you have experienced and have insider knowledge about. You are NOT required to leave a 5 star review every time. They simply want your honest opinion and bad reviews won’t affect your ability to participate in the program.


Can anybody participate in the Vine?

No. The Vine is an invitation only program. They offer this to people who already leave quality reviews that others have found helpful. So, if you want to receive an invite – you should already be reviewing products faithfully on the website.


But, after you review a product, you can always turn around and then sell that product back if you wish. Or, sell it through some other avenue – I mean, you did get it for free. Even if you only make a few dollars – it was still free money!

You can read more about their program HERE.


Option #2 – Create a Website and Join Amazon Associates Program

This is my #1 Recommendation for promoting and selling Amazon products online. And the best part, this option is open to absolutely Everyone! It’s so easy to start a blog or a social media page dedicated to reviewing and selling Amazon products.


Sign Up

If you head over to Amazon and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page, you’ll see a category that says, “Make Money With us.” Click on the Become an Affiliate link. Or just click HERE to go there now.Amazon Associates or Affiliate button


What You Need

  • You will need an Amazon account. (If you don’t already have one, it’s free to sign up).

  • You will need a website or blog – but don’t worry, these are not as hard to create as you might think.

  • Want to start your own website now? Choose an awesome name for your website and see if it’s available!

Once you have a website up and running, you can start leaving product reviews and then link those products with your Amazon Associates account. If someone purchases a product through your link, you will receive a commission, or a ‘finder’s fee.’ Amazon will pay you – not the customer. This is money that Amazon has set aside for their marketing budget. You are basically advertising for Amazon at this point.


Read more about How the Process of Making Money Online Works.

the process of making money online


This method takes TIME! You won’t start making money overnight, but you can earn a residual income – meaning that a product you review today can earn you money a few years down the road if someone stumbles upon your review.


Read THIS CASE study, done by Josh. In 12 months, he went from making $0 on Amazon to making at least $500 per month simply by posting 3 reviews every 2 weeks for a year! (and it’s not hard to post 3 times in 2 weeks – that’s $500 you could be making in your spare time!)


Plus, you don’t even have to sell the product you are reviewing. If anyone clicks on your amazon link and purchases ANYTHING within your cookie duration, you get credit for that sale!


Bonus Ninja Tipsbonus ninja

1. Be educated. Learn the skills it takes to create a profitable website. You can start right now for FREE with a 10 lesson video series that will break everything down for you.

2. Choose a specific group of products to review – this is called your ‘NICHE.’ It simply means that if you can attract a certain type of person to your website and generate an interest catered to a specific group of people – they are more likely to come back and re-visit and buy more products from your website.

3. Be genuine. Don’t try to sell people a product just because it’s worth a lot of money and you’ll make more for that sale. If you don’t believe that product will make other people’s lives better – don’t say it will. You don’t have to leave good reviews all the time either – tell people what to stay away from. They’ll appreciate you and respect your opinion more if you do.


I hope you learned a little about how to make money online by reviewing products. It’s not your typical ‘job’ but if you are good and you give it time, this can be your full-time income. I know plenty of individuals who make a LOT of money promoting Amazon products online.


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Check out these other ways to earn money from Home!real ways to earn money from home


What’s your favorite thing to buy from Amazon? Let me know in the comments below. OR, if you have any questions about making money online, I’d be happy to answer them. Just leave them in the comments section below.

Go rock your world today!

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How to Save Money on Airline Tickets | 3 MUST SEE Sights for Frequent Flyers

Airfare Money Saving Sites!
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Sites that Save YOU BIG Money on Airfare

Are you a frequent flyer? Do you want to me be? Maybe you’ve always thought flying was too expensive. But YOU TOO can enjoy the luxury of air travel at an affordable price. Here are 3 MUST SEE site reviews for finding Cheap Airline Tickets and Discount Airfare. Let me show you how to save money on airfare!

This post contains affiliate links. See my Privacy Policy | Disclosure for more information.


Lookupfare is my #1 Recommendation for finding AMAZING travel deals. Not only do they have deals on Domestic and International flights – but they offer special deals that other companies CAN’T match!

lookupfares domestic travel

Lookupafres International Destinations


Did you know that you can book a flight for Under $39?!?! Yep! Especially if you are a weekend traveler, you need to look HERE before booking anywhere else.

lookupfares deals under $39

Most of their cheaper deals are flights that you could easily drive to in about 3-5 hours. But you would spend more on the gas money to get you there than you would on flying!

This is for the

  • business men and women who travel to weekend conferences

  • the college student who wants to go home for the weekend

  • or for the surprise romantic weekend getaway!

Instant Savings On Last Minute Flights. Promo Code : LM20

Here are some of the deals they were offering today!

lookupfares deals on one way flights under $40


I’m using these deals just to let my kids experience flying on an airplane. It’s about making memories that last a lifetime!


Here’s just some of what they have to offer in other categories!

Deals Under $39

Deals under $99 and under $199



…and so much more!


You can be successful too



Smartfares is more of a coupon discount site. Smart Fares Cheapest Airfares can be found by calling and booking your flight over the phone.

However, you can also find great deals on this site, plus coupon codes for almost every occasion!

smart fares coupon codes


They also offer special deals on International flights as well. Just for fun, I wanted to see how much it would cost if I were to book a flight from Chicago to Mumbai, India. The result was surprising cheaper than I would have imagined!

Smart Fares from Chicago to Mumbai India

I couldn’t believe I could travel to India and back for under $700! THAT’s pretty cool!



CheapFlightNow is another Coupon Site that offers special deals on flights and airlines. It’s very similar to Smartfares in the sense that they want you to call and book your flight to find the greatest deals.


This time, I wanted to see what kind of a deal I could get on a domestic flight. I decided to see what a trip from New York City to Las Vegas would cost.

When booking at least 2 months out, I found the price to be under $200!

cheapflights now new york to las vegas


No matter when you travel or where you travel, these sites can help you find the Cheapest Deals so you can spend more time and money on the things that matter! I hope you find them as helpful as I did!




Bonus Ninja Tipsbonus ninja

Plan ahead – book most flights in advance. (unless you find a great weekend deal from Lookupfare under $40!)

Have a friend drop you off and pick you up at the airport. That way you can avoid a car rental fee or taxi fare.

Did you know that the ‘magic’ booking date for flights is the 2nd and 3rd weeks of August? Most airline tickets will be discounted 20-40% if you book a flight during those weeks? Why? Because of the ‘back-to-school’ season, most airlines see a decline in flights for those weeks.

Travel off season! Don’t travel over major holidays – you can always celebrate Christmas in July with those relatives you missed during the already busy holiday season!


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Cheap Cell Phone Plans with NO Contract! 


What’s your #1 hassle when it comes to dealing the airport hustle and bustle? Let me know in the comments below!


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