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How to Become an Authority In Your Niche | Tips for the Long Haul Blogger

Become an Authority In Your Niche
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Become an authority in your niche. Like a Boss!

Here is a complete video on tips and tricks for the long haul blogger. These are ideas on how to become an authority in your niche or an expert in your blogging field. As stated in the video, this is not about keyword research or SEO. You can find these tips also listed under How to Become an Effective Leader. But this video is specifically how those same principles apply to blogging. Enjoy!

Links discussed in the video:

7 Step Ranking Guide to Google

For the Love of Keywords

How to Choose Keywords for SEO and Ideas for When You’re Stuck

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Enjoy the Video!


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8 “Not-So-Secrets” to Becoming An Effective Leader

8 Not So Secrets Laws of Leadership
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8 -Not-So-Secrets- to Becoming an Effective Leader

8 “Not-So-Secrets” to Becoming an Effective Leader

Whether you own your own corporation and have thousands of employees beneath you, or you simply know that running your home can be like running your own business – most likely, you are a leader.

You lead your family, your kids, direct employees at work – or you’re an entrepreneur and you know leadership of yourself for your business is what’s going to drive your business forward!


Here are 8 “not-so-secret” Laws of Leadership to help you Be a More Effective Leader in Life and Business!


8 Laws of Leadership

1. Maintain Absolute Integrity

This is not only a law of leadership – but a law of LIFE. In everything you do, you should choose your thoughts, actions, and words so that they reflect your values – not just for personal gain.

It is true that integrity alone won’t make you a good leader, but without integrity, you will never be one. – Zig Ziglar


2. Know Your StuffLearn, Grow, Succeed

If you’re going to set yourself apart as a leader, you need to be confident in what you are selling. You should never stop learning the arts of your craft – whether that’s parenting, internet marketing, or running a fortune 500 company. This world is always changing – and you need to stay ahead of the game!


See Continuing Education | Online Marketing Courses


3. Declare Your ExpectationsI do Declare....

Set the bar high! Let others know exactly what you set out to accomplish and how you are going to lead them to success. Will everyone like it or be on board – probably not. But THAT’s Okay. Know what to expect from yourself and make known what you expect of others.


4. Show Uncommon Commitment

Let’s face it – life is hard. And when it gets hard, do you bail or do you keep pushing through those tough times until you break the barrier? You need to be the person that shows up – even when no one else will!


5. Expect Positive Results

When you expect great things, you will accomplish great things. It’s only when you let your mind talk you out of something great that you will fail.


See Focus on Your Future | The Power of Positive Thinking


6. Take Care of Your People

You’ve heard the saying, “The customer is always right.” If you’re leading for the sake of saying you’re a leader, then you may be in it for all the wrong reasons. When you lead, you need to actively be changing the lives of those you lead for their good.

Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence. – Sheryl Sandberg


7. Put Duty Before Self

Draw People by your humility and honor, not by your position and power. – Alisa Hope Wagner


8. Get Out in Front

You can’t expect to lead if you’re never in front of your people. You need to stand strong and be seen. The only effective way to lead is to do so by EXAMPLE.


And if you still need a pep talk – here’s one of my favorite videos From Kid President on teamwork and Leadership! 

Do you agree with these 8 Laws of Leadership? Why of why not? I’d love to know your opinion. You can leave the answers in the comment section below.


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Alpine Access now SYKES Work at Home Positions

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Alpine access offers work from home jobs for individuals residing in the U.S. and Canada. These are Call Center/Customer Service Positions for a variety of different companies. They will compare your skill to their client needs and set you up with a company that best fits your skills and needs!

This post contains affiliate links. See my Private Policy | Disclosure page for more information.


Alpine Access, now run by SYKES Enterprise, is another company that hires people to work from home doing customer service and call center work.

Unlike other work at home call center companies, they will hire you for INBOUND call services – meaning you won’t have to make cold calls or lead generated calls. This can benefit more introverted individuals.

They only hire in 40 of the 50 states. States that are NOT eligible are Alaska, California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Montana, New Mexico, Ohio, Rhode Island, Vermont, and West Virginia. But don’t worry – if you live in one of these states, check out these other work at home call center companies.


You can be successful too


This company hires you as an employee – not as a contractor. This means you are eligible for their benefit packages such as medical and dental coverage.

There are jobs for English only speaking individuals, but you have a better chance of getting hired if you can speak English AND another language. Top second languages they are hiring for include:




French (Mostly in Canada)


skyes work at home enviroment

Pay and Benefits

Once hired, you are eligible to take part in their medical, dental, and vision packages. And, according to an article in The Spruce, once you have worked 1,000 hours or one year of service, you will be eligible for their matching 401K retirement plan.

You can make anywhere from $9-$10/hour. They also offer paid training, which is a bonus!


The Hiring Process

According their website, here is what you can expect during the hiring/application process.

What to expect in the application / hiring process:

Applying Online – Due to temporary site construction: you will want to complete the application from a desktop computer. Please click “Apply” above to join our Talent Community, then you will want to switch over to a desktop if you are currently using a mobile device.

Assessments – The assessments are designed to understand your capabilities and skills. We use these to recommend the best possible fit for you within our clients’ business needs. What that means is that we are interested in your success right from the get-go.

Status of Application – You may not hear back from us right away. We encourage you to be a bit patient as we seek out just the right opportunity for you. Please watch your email as this is our most common and expedient way to reach you.

Interview – When we find a position we believe you might be interested in, we will invite you to join us on a virtual interview. Like everything else in our process, it is 100% online and over the phone. The interview consists of both individual and group discussions. Interviews will be conducted in English.

Offer – If you are offered a position and choose to accept, you will be asked to complete the required paperwork and pre-employment checks just as you would with any other employer. Because you are working remote, it may involve a bit of extra running around.


***The pre-employment screenings will consist of a background check, drug test, and credit check that WILL cost you up to $45 out of pocket to complete. You will NOT be reimbursed for this expense.



The requirements are standard items that are typical of work at home call center companies. This includes an up to date PC with antivirus installed and a high-speed internet connection. You will need 2 headsets: a USB for training and a telephone headset for taking calls. Here are some additional requirements from their website.

requirements for skyes work at home position


Legit?thumbs up

Yes, this is a legit work at home company. Here is a list of reviews from people who have worked or are working for them now!




If you live in one of the 40 eligible U.S. states and you think this is the right job for you, go ahead and APPLY TODAY!

Canadian residents CLICK HERE to apply on the Canadian website!


Or, you can check out their YouTube video to learn more about their work at home opportunities.

Want to be your own boss?

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How to Make Money on Craigslist: 50 Business Start up Ideas

How to Sell Items on Amazon


Here’s My #1 Recommendation Online Training Program for starting your own Business website! Start training for FREE TODAY! 


Do you have experience with a call center company? Which ones have you tried? Were there any you didn’t like? Let me know in the comments below!


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Working At Home with ViaSource Solutions

Work At Homewith Via Source Solutions
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Work at Home with ViaSource Solutions

ViaSource Solutions, formerly known as 1NW Contact, is another home-based position that involves taking inbound calls from customers wanting to purchase an order they see on TV or from another media source. You can also be hired as a Lead Generator, meaning you call those who have requested information about a company’s product or service.



ViaSource provides an opportunity for those looking to work from home full or part time. This may be a good position for anyone looking for a work at home position including college students, stay at home moms, or for the disabled who physically can’t commute to work.


At ViaSource there are three types of positions you can acquire.

  1. Inbound Calls

  2. Lead Generation Calls

  3. Specific Company Training


You can be successful too


ViaSource is NOT a ‘drop in when you want’ type of position. You will have scheduled hours (although you can have a say in the schedule), and you NEED to show up during your scheduled times. Even though you will be at home, there is still a level of professionalism that needs to accompany your work ethic. Not just for this company, but in my opinion in EVERY job you do!


They do offer an extra incentive for those working BOTH Saturday and Sunday OR those working later than 9pm. You will be provided with training and a coach to help answer any questions you may have. There is also ongoing training through ‘web conferences’ you might be required to attend.


To see their current openings, click HERE.



Inbound Call

With this position, you would take calls from customers who call in looking to place an order from an ad they either heard or saw. (Think Infomercials and radio ads.)happy girl on phone

As an inbound call agent, you would be responsible for entering and verifying caller information as well as answering questions and resolving any issues a caller might have. You will be able to explain products, complete registration forms and offer other products to upsell a purchase.

You should have a ‘phone-friendly’ voice and a quiet work environment.



Lead Generation Calls

This position is more for extroverted individuals who make outgoing calls based on information a customer has provided through a specific webpage. Think of last time you entered your phone number on a survey inquiry or questionnaire. Did you get call right away? That was someone calling you through a lead generation program. (I don’t particularly like these people who call me – but, hey, they got money to make too!)


get paid to teach online clickbank ad


Specific Company Training

With this position, you will learn about the ‘nitty-gritty’ details about a specific company’s product or service. You would be in charge of handling specific questions/comments/or concerns in chat rooms, respond to emails, and work alongside the company performing tasks such as appointment setting, calendar maintenance, etc.



Each position has specific requirements, but most require a high-speed internet connection and updated computer operating system.

You also need at least a high school diploma.




The company has many pros:

  • The ability to work from home

  • The flexibility in the job offers you the ability to create your own schedule, but keep in mind that they NEED certain hours to be filled.

  • They also offer incentives if you work weekends and evenings.

  • They offer weekly pay.



  • The application process can seem rather long.

  • You need to apply online, answer a questionnaire, and be interviewed by a ViaSource Representative.

  • Once hired you will have to complete UNPAID training sessions.

  • As much as I’ve researched, I can’t find way to progress and move up through this company. You might be stuck at $9/hour. – If you have experience with this and this is incorrect, please let me know!


Legitthumbs up

While this company is legit it only has a 3.6 overall rating at People have commented that it’s hard for them to define ‘working hours.’ Some people said they had trouble getting paid on time, while others report that it has never been a problem.

I will say, that since their name change, it seems as if the company is being managed much better. Here is a comparison of the overall rating from when the company was 1NW Contact verses now as ViaSource Solutions.


side by side review comparision



Here is what people had to say who work for this company.


Click HERE to see open positions and apply today! 


To see other Work At Home Companies that Hire, Click HERE.


Want to Be Your Own Boss, see how I make money on my own time with a website and affiliate marketing! Get started for FREE today – You Can Be Successful Too!


Do you have experience with a work at home company? What did you like about it? What really frustrated you? Let me know in the comments below!

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NexRep Call Center Jobs

Work At Home with NexRep
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NexRep Call Center is Hiring Work At Home Positions

NexRep is a company that hires a variety of call center jobs you can easily perform from the comfort of our own home. They ONLY HIRE US residents – so you will need to be able to legally work in the U.S. to get hired. You can make anywhere between $15-$25 per hour based on experience and which position you land.


Company Overview

There are over ten companies, including Priceline and Grub Hub that hire their call center reps through the NexRep Service company. You will be matched with a company based on your experience, expertise, and desired position within the company. You will be hired as an independent contractor as a NexRep Agent. What’s their mission? According to their website:


Through quality, performance and service, NexRep is a revolution in the contact center industry by leveraging an exceptional US based at-home agent workforce. NexRep is proud to provide modern job opportunities in the face of a changing economy – transforming the call-center industry with the highest class of services


There are 3 types of positions you can apply for:


  1. Customer Service Jobs

  2. Inbound Call Service

  3. Outbound Call Service


If you think this is for you and you are interested, you can check out their current needs for specific positions HERE.


You can be successful too


Customer Service Positions

  1. Tier One – Order Statushappy girl on phone

This is your basic customer service position where you will take calls from clients asking about their order status, handle customer concerns, be a social media support, and provide services based on the clients’ purchase such as returns, cancellations, and account status.


  1. Tier Two – Support and Troubleshooting

tech supportAre you a techy? If you’re good at investigating and diagnosing problems, this position may be for you! You will handle advanced technical support for clients through a help desk troubleshoot and resolve any issues a client may be experiencing.


3. Multichannel Support

If you are talented in more areas than one, you may be hired for a multichannel position – meaning you would be a ‘jack-of-all-trades.’

You may handle inbound calls, make outbound calls, provide email support and/or oversee chat support for a specific website. You could also handle the company’s social media platforms.


4. Appointment Settingappointment

This is exactly what is sounds like. You would handle a multi-system environment for clients by helping them manage their appointment schedule, make their reservations, and oversee updates to their calendars.



Inbound Call Service

Inbound salesHave you ever seen an infomercial? Did you ever wonder who takes all those calls when people call in to order a purchase – especially a sale they’re witnessing on their television? That’s right! If you get hired as an inbound call service rep, it means their calls will be routed to your telephone so you can help them make their purchase.

You will also have to be very good at making and closing the sale – as you will be in charge of trying to upsell, meaning get the customer to buy even more items than what they’re initially calling about.


Outbound Call Service

outbound salesThis position requires a little more experience and finesse. This is where you will make calls based on leads acquired through a website. This could be someone leaving their phone number on an inquiry or someone who abandons their shopping cart before making a purchase.

You would be in charge of calling that person. Yes, you will become one of ‘those’ people – but hey, someone has to do it, right? Why not you? At least you will get paid for it. And since this job is the least attractive for people wanting to work from home, they are almost ALWAYS hiring for these positions. This one takes a strong personality!


Requirements From The NexRep Website:

  • You need to live and be able to work in the U.S.

  • A quiet place to work free from distraction and background noise

  • Access to a cell phone or landline

  • Ability to pass a criminal background check at YOUR expense.

  • When you apply for this company, you must pay $25 for your background check to be processed. This is the only drawback to becoming an independent contractor, and is the only fee you have to pay upfront.



  • You need the ability to read documents on Microsoft Word, Excel, and an Adobe Reader for PDF’s

  • A computer with at least 1 GB of RAM memory

  • As of now you will need one of the following Operating Systems (but I’m sure as OS’s upgrade you will need to upgrade with them to keep up):

  • Printer

  • A noise cancelling headset connected via wired USA connection to your computer – not a Bluetooth connection!

  • High-speed Internet Connection by cable – No WiFi connections

PC Users:


Mac Users:


Make sure you have check the NexRep site before installing any of these programs to see what/if any requirements have changed!



Is this Company Legit?thumbs up

Based on the research I was able to find, in my opinion, YES, this is a legit company to work for. However, there are standards that you will have to meet – you need to be friendly, have a great phone voice, and need to be able to assess situations over the phone in order to provide the right guidance for the customer.



There are a few downsides to the hiring process with this company. These are some of the common frustrations people who applied. This information came from what I found on their Facebook page.

Once you apply, it could take up to 10 days before you hear anything, which can be frustrating – but not unheard of. They do get quite a few applicants so they need time to sort through them.

You also need to be in an ‘independent contract friendly state’ so not all U.S. residents are able to apply – you need to check your state’s guidelines.

You do need to pay the $25 for a background check before being hired.



You can make $15-$25 an hour

You set your own schedule – You are your own boss

You have the opportunity to work from the comfort of your own home

They have a great support system and team that is there to answer any and all of your questions when you need help

testimonials from NexRep



So, if you think you got what it takes, click HERE to submit your questionnaire and apply Today!


Do you have experience working from home? Which companies have you tried? Let me know in the comments below!


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Scam Warning! Watch Out For These Work At Home Programs.

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WARNING! The FTC just Shut Down These Online Scams1Many people dream of working from home and finding legitimate work at home programs. But there are MANY scam sites that you need to be aware of too! Here are some Rules you need to follow before signing up for ANY work at home opportunity and some of newest work at home scams that the FTC recently shut down! Meaning that if you come across them – DON’T send them your money!

This post contains affiliate links. See my Private Policy | Disclosure for more information.

You can be successful too


Some Rules of Thumb:

1.NEVER give out any of your personal information before you COMPLETELY understand what it is you are signing up for!


2. Don’t automatically assume that a program is legit just because they offer a ‘money back guarantee.’

Research the company and see what other people have to say. Scammers will make it extremely difficult, if not impossible for you to be refunded based on their fine print or lack of availability to reach them.


3. Scam sites will often change their names to stay ‘under the radar.’ If it looks like you’ve seen the program before with a different name – BEWARE!scary clown


4. Some work at home companies will offer you a free trial for their paid services. READ THE FINE PRINT. If they offer a $1 special it’s because you will most likely be billed re-occurring if you don’t cancel within their guidelines.


5. If it sounds too good to be true – it IS!

Trust me on this. I’ve researched many work at home opportunities and when I find one that proves to be an overnight success I will jump on it! But even after countless hours – I’ve only found 1 program that worked. (And it wasn’t overnight)



Always see what other people have to say about a particular program. Googling the name of the program followed by the words, “review,” “scam,” or “complaints” can help you determine if a program is a scam or not.


A Scam By Any Other Name…

Most scam sites will simply change the name of their program so they can stay under the FTC’s radar. It’s sad, but true.


Here is the list of recent scams the FTC just shut down. These programs promised to show you how to make money by offering you access to a course for $97. But they are proven to be scams and are no longer allowed to operate. Actually, it’s the same program but it had many different names.




You can also leave me the link in the comment section and I will report them too!

  • Work At Home EDU

  • Work At Home Program

  • Work At Home Ecademy

  • Work At Home University

  • Work At Home Revenue

  • Work at Home Institute


To read the Full FTC Consumer report, Click HERE.


Do you want to know how I learned to make money online? I found a training program that showed me start to finish how to set up my own website, start a blog, and make money through affiliates. This training program is my #1 Recommendation for finding community support, quality training, and affordable education! Anyone can be successful with hard work and determination.


Is it always easy? Nope. See How to Fail At Blogging and avoid these mistakes.


Were you scammed by any programs on the list above? What did you learn from your experience? Are you ready to try something else that works? Let me know in the comment section below!

report a scam

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Best Web Hosting Platforms For Affiliate Marketing

Best Web Hosting Platforms For Affiliate Marketing
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Best Web Hosting Platforms For Affiliate Marketing

Let’s face it – when it comes to web hosting, you’ve got options. There are a lot of platforms to choose from. Here is my #1 Recommendation for those who are looking to start an affiliate marketing website along with other popular and best web hosting platforms.


What Is The Best Web Hosting For Affiliate Marketing?

This post contains affiliate links. See my Private Policy | Disclosure page for more information.

If you’re a newbie blogger who is wanting to learn how to make money online with a website, I would highly recommend you start your affiliate marketing journey inside the Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Platform with WordPress hosting.


Not only will you receive ongoing training, community support, and access to a live 24/7/365 chat room for when you have questions, BUT you will receive unparalleled website hosting that YOU can rely on.


Here is just an example of the type of service you will receive (and they do this all ‘behind the scenes’ so you can focus on what really matters – YOUR CONTENT)!


  • The Managed WordPress hosting you have access to at WA is matched by very few hosts in the industry in terms of quality, security, speed, and support. It definitely is not a budget host like the other shared hosting companies out there. The hosting you get here at WA exceeds the quality of even top tier, $250 per month hosting packages.

  • You can host up to 25 of your own domains and 25 free siterubix websites on your Premium hosting platform here at WA. This is a total of 50 websites.

Go ahead! Type in the name of your website and get started TODAY! It’s really THAT Easy!

  • They recently rolled out our “Free SSL for ALL” platform so all of your websites can now be fully encrypted with your own SSL certificates with the toggle of a button. As the Internet moves forward in the year ahead, it is going to be absolutely essential to have SSL on your sites for rankings in Google and other search engines as it is now part of the ranking algorithms.These are typically $50 per year per website, but are included absolutely FREE with all of your websites that you host at WA. If you have 25 domains, that is a value of $1,250 per year alone (if you were hosting your websites elsewhere).

  • They have some of the brightest minds working on developing and advancing the hosting platform at WA at a pace MUCH faster than the industry. They know WordPress, they know hosting, they know security, they know speed, and they simply understand technology. You are in safe hands at WA.You also get access to our Premium 24/7/365 hosting support. Unlike other hosts, you are getting access to server administrators (not help desk) where they can get to the root of any hosting problems you have with incredible efficiency.

These are just the ‘behind the scenes features you get inside the Wealthy Affiliate Hosting platform. They are my #1 Recommendation – though I will admit that I might be biased because that’s who I personally use. I have found great success with their program training and I trust them with my website.


I cannot attest to the services other web hosting platforms provide. 
But here is a list of other popular platforms on the internet.

Other Popular Hosting Sites:


Blue Host

Blue host has become increasing popular over the years and it seems to be the ‘go-to’ for those who want a word press website. They tend to be one of the cheapest hosing services and they are great for small business owners, and they do offer one-on-one training.

Here are some other popular features they claim to have (again, I’m not with this company so I can’t attest to their credibility):

Unlimited Web Hosting from Bluehost for only $3.95!

Why Might You Choose Bluehost?

Money-back guarantee
1 FREE domain registration
Unlimited domain hosting
1-Click MOJO Marketplace installations
Free drag-and-drop site builder
Unlimited disk storage
Unlimited IMAP & POP3 e-mail support
Our technical support leads the industry and is located here in the USA.
They offer 24/7 chat, email and phone support to our customers.


Go Daddy!

Go Daddy is one of the largest hosting companies in the world! Especially, if you are into flipping websites, Go Daddy might be a good option for you! They will auction off domains and if you know what you’re doing, you can flip them for profit! They are one of the biggest domain registration companies in the world and they allow you to purchase domains in bulk!


Host Gator

Host Gator is one of the most affordable companies for purchasing your own domain. You can also use their free website builder with WEEBLY if you’re just starting out and are looking for a free website. Their ‘drag and drop’ option makes it a great place to start.


The Easiest Way to Create a Website.


You are not required to sign up for any contract longer than month to month service. They have no setup fees on any of our plans.


HostGator provides over 150,000 customers with innovative products and services designed to complement their existing businesses. From Freelancers, to Fortune 500 companies in more than 170 countries worldwide, we grow at an outstanding rate each day.


In 2008, HostGator was recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing private companies in America. According to Inc. Magazine, HostGator is the 21st fastest growing private company in America, the second fastest growing private company in the “business services” sector, and the fastest growing private company in Texas.



Wix can be utilized for FREE for those just starting out, but you will need to upgrade if you want to increase your storage space and bandwidth. It’s great for those just starting out, but if you want to own your own domain, you have to upgrade and your upgrade is only good for one website domain.



Please note that choosing a hosting service is only step ONE in creating your own online Affiliate Marketing business.


Make sure this option is right for you! See How To Fail At Blogging | What to Consider Before You Try! 


If you choose to join the Wealthy Affiliate Platform, not only will you have an amazing Host for all your website needs, but you will receive ongoing training and a wealth of community support as well!


Do you have a hosting site already? Tell me more about it! I’d love to know what works for you and why in the comment section below!

Good luck and get creative!

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How to Choose Keywords for a Website and SEO.How to Choose Keywords for a website

How To Monetize Your Website. 

Get Your Website to the Top of Google | What Every Blogger Needs to Know! Rank Higher


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How To Fail At Blogging | What You Should Consider Before You Try

How to Fail at Blogging And Business
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How to fail at blogging

how to fail at blogging

Are you wanting to learn how to make money blogging at home? Or maybe you’re a blogger spinning your wheels and just can’t figure out why you don’t seem to be moving forward. If you want to know how to succeed as a blogger, first check out why so many people try blogging, but end up giving up.

Don’t make these same mistakes – and if you find yourself in a rut, see if these apply to you and let’s figure out how to break through your blogging block together!

This post contains affiliate links. See my Private Policy | Disclosure page for more information.

Why People Fail at Blogging

1. You Think Working From Home is Easy.lazy

While working at home does have its perks, it’s not the fairy tale land where you can sit on your rump all day and expect money to magically be added to your bank account.

Blogging is WORK. Unless you’re running a personal blog just for fun, (and even in those cases too) blogging takes time, effort, research, and a self-disciplined attitude to bring you back to your computer day in and day out – even when there’s heaps of laundry and piles of dishes that need to be done.


2. You Are Inconsistent

The point of blogging is gain traffic and then turn that traffic into devoted followers of YOUR blog. If you post inconsistently and aren’t reliable, people won’t come back to your blog.

woman holding headOnce you have followers, they will expect you to post regularly – whether that’s once a week or five times a week! Just be consistent – not only with your posts, but also your emails, when you pop into your social media hangouts, etc.… People will get to know your schedule and know when to expect things from you!


3. You’re Not Solving a ProblemHelp

People search the internet to gain information. Usually they have a question they need answered or a problem they are wanting advice on how to solve. If you’re blogging as a business or to make money – you need to be solving your reader’s problems with great content!

Show them you are reliable enough for them to get their answer and then come back to see what else you have to say. Simply telling your reader your opinions may not be enough. You need to SHOW them how to solve their problem by offering practical advice they can then turn around and use.


4. You’re Not Doing Your Keyword Research

seo blocksDid you know that people all over the world will consistently type in the same phrases? Google tracks these phrases and it has a huge impact on which blog content shows up at the top of a Google search.

If you use those same phrases within the content of your blog post – then you have a greater probability of being ranked higher in Google. (and other search engines too!) When you know what people are searching for, then you’ll know what questions you need to answer within your niche.

Go ahead – See what People are Actually Searching for in Search Engines!


5. You Stop Learning

The internet is an ever-changing beast and if you don’t stay on top of the latest trends, newest algorithms, and hottest social media platforms then your blog will seem outdated and you will fall behind very quickly.


See Continuing Education | Online Business Blogging Courses.Online Business Marketing Course


6. You compare yourself to other bloggers

If you find yourself doing this: see this video of Bob Newhart’s best advice! 

This can only discourage you. Yes, visit other sites and get ideas, learn from those people who are successful and implement what you learn from them – but STOP trying to be a carbon copy of them. Your blog is unique – and THAT’s what will drive people to you.


7. You Give Up

According to Grant Sabatier, the average website lasts about 6 months. Many people try blogging – and many give up because of unrealistic expectations. It takes time to build a business. It takes time to gain traffic and it takes time to build a brand.

Grant Sabatier also tells his story of how he spent over 500 hours on his blog before making his first dollar! Now, he makes an average of $100-$200 per HOUR that he spends on working on it!


Why does it take so long?

Remember that Google and other search engines are BUSINESSES. They want to provide their users with the best possible outcomes to their searches too. It can take anywhere from 6 months to a year before you become an authority in your niche. Search engines don’t trust new blog sites. Remember, blogging is about the marathon – it’s not a sprint.


The Good New! You CAN Succeed as a Blogger!

successBut don’t worry. I’m not going to leave you on a discouraging note. Here are some ways we can attack this list and can get your blog back on track and be re-inspired today!

Do you want to get your content ranked on Google? See THIS post on the 7 steps to Google Ranking.Rank Higher

These are things you can do right now to your blog posts and they are FREE! In reality, they’re just SEO hacks – super simple steps to getting your blog back on top!


Do you need to be inspired and break out of your writer’s blog? Check out THIS post on how to choose the right keywords for your website and search engine optimization!How to Choose Keywords for a website

This will give you some creative ideas on how to bring your creativity back and get re-inspired!


Stay on course! Keep learning how the internet works, what algorithms are changing, and stay up to date!

If you don’t already have a blogging platform (meaning someone working behind the scenes to make sure your blog stays up to date and up to speed) then I would highly recommend bringing your blog into the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

You get access to a great community and they take care of ALL your web hosting needs. They also offer continuous training, with a live training every Friday. (But you can always go back and watch the recorded version if you can’t make the live class)


I hope I haven’t scared you away from blogging. It’s truly a great creative outlet and can make you good money – IF you can stick with it after the first few months. It’s HARD work, but remember, the hard work you put forth NOW can make you a residual income for a lifetime! Plus, it does get easier with time.

When I first started, it took me almost 4 hours to create a post start to finish. (including the marketing side – social media, etc.…) But, I have been able to cut that time at least in half – and I’m getting faster with every post!


If you want to see why Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 Recommendation for a blogging platform, click HERE.


What’s your #1 Struggle as a blogger? Let me know in the comments below and we can brainstorm ways together to get you out this rut!


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Zip Nada Zilch is Nada Worth it!

Zip Nada Zilch
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Is Zip Nada Zilch Worth Your Time?

Is Zip Nada Zilch Really Worth Your Time-

So, you’ve heard of Zip Nada Zilch, but aren’t sure what it is. Is it a scam? Is it worth your time? Maybe you found your way here because you were you looking for a Zip Nada Zilch review. This is my personal opinion and review of the Zip Nada Zilch program. I’ll show you what I like, what I don’t, and why I think there are better ways to earn money online.



Is Zip Nada Zilch a Scam? No.

(At least not when you understand how it works)

Is it worth your time? Not mine.


You can be successful too


Are they deceptive in their advertising? Yes.

Do I think there are better programs out there? Yes.


 Here are the claims of you get with this system.

the basics at znz


The Zip Nada Zilch program is what I would consider a multi-level marketing or MLM program. I know they say otherwise, but here me out. Investopedia defines MLM as:

Multilevel marketing is a strategy that some direct sales companies use to encourage their existing distributors to recruit new distributors by paying the existing distributors a percentage of their recruits’ sales; the recruits are known as a distributor’s “downline.”


There are endless debates about whether MLM programs are scams or if they are just for those who get lucky. I want to make it very clear that SOME MLM platforms are legit and you can make money from them – but there are A LOT of other ones out there that will steal your money – so you NEED to do some research before investing in ANY program…. okay, now that I have that out the way – let’s continue.


Getting Started

Zip Nada Zilch is a referral based program – meaning you sign up and the goal is to try and get others to do the same. When you sign up, you are required to complete a trial offer to earn ‘credits.’ Each offer can range from .2-.6 of a credit – so you need to complete more than one to qualify.

offers to sign up for


Why a trial offer?

This is actually where the money comes from that you would be getting if you sign up for this program. Big box companies know that the internet is the #1 place for them to advertise because commercials just aren’t cutting it anymore. Let’s face it – most people can choose to skip through commercials with modern TV devices anyway.

So, what do they do? They take part of their advertising budget and get people like you to place ads on the internet. Zip Nada Zilch has created a platform where all those links can be found in one place. If someone clicks on your link – you get a commission. Let’s call this a ‘finder’s fee’ for sending the customer to the company.


Not only do you try to get them to sign up for the Zip Nada Zilch program – but you are trying to get them to sign up for trial offers being offered by big box companies. You are sending customers to bigger companies who are paying you to ‘advertise’ their trial programs online.


Is Zip Nada Zilch Really Free?

Free? Really?


The Zip Nada Zilch platform claims to be free – and they’re not lying – “technically.” You can complete the ‘trial offers,’ most of which are free – but if you aren’t careful you forget to cancel the free trial memberships, you will be billed for the service you signed up for.


To me, this is very deceptive. And THIS is how you would make money. You would send customers to these ‘free trials’ in hopes that they would forget to cancel, therefore, increasing your commission.


There is a ‘free side’ to the program – but they do try and upsell you to their advanced advertising platform for $20/month.


What I Like

*I like that this program can be done for free – IF you remember to cancel your trial memberships.

*I see the potential in this program and I believe that it CAN work.

*I really like the fact that you can skip through each of the videos and you’re not forced to watch a spammy video in its entirety before having access to the program.


What I Don’t Like

*I think that their platform is very deceptive. The videos claim you can make good money while spending more time ‘outdoors’ or with your family – but the fine print tells the REAL story – that it’s by hard work and effort. You can’t just sit around all day and expect to make money for doing nothing!


*This is the most complicated program I’ve ever come across as far as their sign-up procedure. It’s almost as if they couldn’t come up with a name for the program. The initial web address is cash2flow, but the headings seem to change based on which training you watch. For example, I could easily see how this program could be called:


Get Paid Daily – Daily Income Career Network – Internet Payday System

get paid dailiydaily income career networkinternet payday system








*For someone just starting out, the false promise of being paid right away can be very disappointing.


*The initial videos seem to be outdated, i.e. The pictures displayed look like they’re from the 80’s.


*It’s not as easy as the video claims. Here’s the fine print that tells a more accurate tale:

[results] are not typical and do not constitute an income guarantee

znz fine print


I will say that I made it as far as the getting to the trial offers and then didn’t continue to give up my credit card information. Therefore, I can’t attest to the type of training you will receive with the ZNZ program. But they wanted my name, address, phone number, etc… and that was just way too much information for me to feel comfortable handing out for a program that I don’t feel 100% confident about.


Is There a Better Way?

While the Zip Nada Zilch system could earn you money – I think there is a better (and more ethical) way to earn money online.

Affiliate Marketing – when done the right way – can prove to be a very successful way of making a residual income online. All you need are the right tools!


What is Affiliate Marketing? Click HERE to find out more.What Is Affiliate Marketing





The training you receive at Wealthy Affiliate is designed to help you build your own website and TEACH you how to become an effective affiliate marketer. They don’t promise you’ll make a lot of money because they know it’s up to you – it’s YOUR hard work and effort that you need to put into place that will help you be successful.


See Continuing Education | Online Business Marketing Courses.Online Business Marketing Course





I do love Wealthy Affiliate’s step-by-step training program. They give you the steps you need to be successful. And it’s easy to sign up – you literally just need an email address and choose a password. There’s no sign ups through other membership programs.

It really is that easy


You can start for FREE at Wealthy Affiliate and they give you the foundational skills you need to get started. If you decide to become a member, you will have access to their ENTIRE training program that is constantly being updated to meet the needs of the ever-changing internet.


Even if you decide that you don’t want to pay for the program, you will ALWAYS have access to the starter membership trainings and 2 free websites to use for your solid business foundation.


Inside Wealthy Affiliate is an entire COMMUNITY that is dedicated to helping you succeed. You have support 24/7/365 – I’m on the live chat feature daily helping newbies answer questions, as are many other members that have personally helped me along the way.


So, there’s really nothing to lose – you can try it out for FREE today. You can start training and get your very own business website up and running with all the tools at your fingertips. If you decide it’s not for you – no harm no fowl. However, I will say that once I gave it a try – I was instantly hooked. The program was so easy to follow!

Check out the video of how to become a Wealthy Affiliate HERE. 



In conclusion, the Zip Nada Zilch – or any other name you want to call it – is NOT a scam. But I personally don’t like their way of doing ‘business.’ You might be able to make money – but I can’t say that for sure.


I can say that I have been able to make a sustainable income based on the training I received inside Wealthy Affiliate. That’s a program that works, and while I’m always looking for new ways to earn online, Wealthy Affiliate has been my #1 Recommendation thus far.



Have you used the ZNZ program? What was your experience? I’d love to know in the comments below!


Do you have any questions about how you too can become a successful affiliate marketer? Drop me a comment and I’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


Now, go out there and rock your day!


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Stress Free Meal Planning For Every Budget

stress free meal planning on a budget
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Are you looking for an easy, stress-free way to plan your family meals? Do you find yourself cooking the same old thing every week? (not that I’m against Taco Tuesday) … But if you’re like me and challenged in your culinary skills – or you just need some fresh ideas, MyFreezEasy makes meal planning and prep super easy – which saves you time, money (because you won’t be buying things you never use), and gives you back your sanity!


What is MyFreezEasy?

MyFreezEasy is a subscription service that delivers meals plans straight to your inbox – complete with a shopping list and assembly video! It’s designed to give you 10-12 easy freezer meals you can prep in under 1 hour!

The meals change each month and it’s designed to save you money by planning for meals around produce and meats that are in season.


10 meal plans

Meal Plans

The MyFreezEasy basic plan gives you 5 options for different meal plans depending on your dietary needs and/or preference. They offer:

Traditional Meal Plans

Gluten Free Meal Plans

Slow Cooker Meal Plans

Clean Eating Meal Plans

20 Meals Meal Plan (this is 5 meals from each category above)


But it’s not Just Recipes!

What you get at MyFreezEasy

Premium Membership

With the Premium Membership, you have access to all the basic membership plans plus the desktop app. This allows you to swap out meals and create your own unique plan.

Their drag and drop option makes it easy to customize your own plans. Plus, you have access to a My Favorites section which gives you the ability to save the meals you really love and re-work them into your meal plans!

This gives you the ability to Build and Create Meal Plans that Fit Your Family and Your Lifestyle!



I was pleasantly surprised at how affordable this program is! I’m not one to spend money on subscription services – but THIS one is a MUST in my household! You can try it month to month for only $12! That’s less than what you actually save on shopping – and it’s worth having stress free dinner prep!

You can get 2 months free if you sign up for an entire year at a time – but my absolute favorite part is that you have access to everything no matter how you choose to pay! There is nothing offered in the yearly membership that is not offered in the $12/month membership (apart from the discount for the entire year). But you have access to all the videos, all the plans, and even a FREE meal planning video course!

myfreezeeasy membership plans



This is the best meal planning program I have come across and it’s so affordable – especially for what you get each month! But don’t just take my word for it. Here are what others have to say about this program!

MyFreezeEasy Testimonials


So, go ahead – give it try today! You’ll spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your family! $12 a month is worth your sanity!

Looking for other ways to save money? Check out these related posts!

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What’s your biggest hassle when it comes to meal planning? Let me know in the comments below!

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