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What Is Affiliate Marketing?

What Is Affiliate Marketing fi
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What Is Affiliate MarketingThis post contains affiliate links. See my Private Policy | Disclosure page for more information.


What is affiliate marketing?


Sometimes when I tell people that I am an affiliate marketer, they give me a blank stare in return. Affiliate marketing is something that you’ve all seen (given the assumption that you use the internet.) In short, affiliate marketing is when you advertise for other companies via social media, your own website, or other means of bringing a customer to the seller.


To see how YOU TOO can become a Wealthy Affiliate – click HERE! 


What Does Affiliate Marketing Look like?

Sometimes these ads are really annoying with pop-ups or video ads that you have to sit through, and others can be discrete. Surely, you’ve seen ads off to the side or in the middle of webpages. These ads are the most likely the website owners ‘affiliate links.’


How Do You Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer?

In order to make money from being an affiliate, 99% of the time, the customer you refer has to actually make a purchase. So, if you’ve ever clicked on an ad from a website and made a purchase, chances are that website owner made a little commission from sending the client a customer (you).


Who Can Become an Affiliate Marketer?

Anyone can sign up to become an affiliate marketer; however, there are companies that have specific criteria before you are allowed to advertise. MOST of the time, you will need to have your own website. Some individual companies require your website to be receive sufficient traffic before allowing you to advertise.


Sometimes you will be approved right away and other times there will be a waiting period. You won’t get approved for all advertisers – but don’t worry, there’s plenty of companies who are looking to get their products on the market.


How do you become and Affiliate Marketer?

My favorite affiliate marketing sites are



Rakuten Affiliate Network Welcome Program


and CJ Affiliates.

You can sign up for an account with these companies and then browse through their advertisers. Choose a couple companies or products you would like to promote and request to become an affiliate for that business.


Another easy way to find affiliate programs is to type in “your niche” (or product related to your niche) + affiliate into Google and see what programs are out there that would be a good fit for your website.


For example, if you run a parenting website, you could Google “parenting + affiliate programs” and see what pops up. Here’s what happened when I did:

parenting + affiliates - Google Search


How to Succeed as an Affiliate Marketer

The best way to get customers and make a sale with affiliate marketing is to create your own website and define your ‘niche.’  A niche is your ideal group of people that will visit your website. Try to display ads that your ideal customer would be interested in. For example, (let’s stick with the parenting website analogy) if you display baby ads on a parenting website, you are more likely to get a sale than if you were to place ads about low testosterone fixes.


Anyone can make a website and anyone can grab affiliate links and start placing on the internet. Does this guarantee that you will make money? NO.


There are other skills and criteria needed if you want to be successful as an affiliate marketer. Think of the hundreds of websites on the internet. There are certain things you can do to get your site noticed and ranked on Google’s first page. Because if Google never picks you up, most likely you aren’t being seen.


Learn the Skills Needed to Succeed!

If you are interested and you’d like to know more, you can sign up for my FREE Affiliate Marketing Course. These 10 hands on video lessons will enable you to start your very own niche website and begin making money with affiliate marketing techniques.


You will gain access to an incredible online community of affiliate marketers who have been doing this for years and who are happy to give you advice. Plus, you will have me there beside you every step of the way too! I’ll be there too – it’s like I’m your very own personal coach! Because my business is helping YOU succeed.


To receive your FREE starter affiliate marketing course, click HERE! Did I mention that you get 2 FREE websites?!?! If you want to upgrade down the road, you can, but you ALWAYS have access to the free training and your free websites.

Because if FREE is all you got – The Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Course is all you need!



Do you have questions about affiliate marketing? Let me know in the comments below! Want to learn more about the #1 Affiliate Marketing Course? Check out more details HERE! 


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All Businesses Need a Blog! Here’s Why

10 reasons why you need a blog
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10 reasons you need a blogWhether you own a mom and pop shop on the corner of your local business district, or you run a dog boarding business out of your home – you need a website! And not only do you need a website, but if you own or run a business, you need to keep a blog!



Okay, you might be thinking that it’s weird to keep an ongoing blog for certain businesses. Why would a local candy store need a blog?


#1. It’s estimated that 3.2 Billion people use the internet each day

That’s almost half the world’s population! I know your local business may not be trying to reach people halfway across the world, but think about many times you search the internet looking for local business advice?

This could be anything from a service you need done on your home, to just seeing what there is to do in your local neighborhood.

If you don’t have a website, you could be missing out on potential clients and potential money!


#2. Letting People Know You Exist

Whether you’re a new business or you’ve been doing this for 50 years, new people move into town every day! Even if you live in a rural area and the biggest city is 30 miles away, that’s still a huge market.

There are businesses in my hometown that I’m discovering every single day and some have been in business since before I moved here (that was almost 11 years ago!)

By having a website, not only can people new to the area find you, but you can also let others leave reviews of your products or services. If you run a website, you can control which reviews go public and which ones get deleted (because we all know there’s that ONE person out there who doesn’t like what you’re selling.)


#3. Google likes new content

What do I mean by this? Stop thinking about Google as a program and start thinking of it as a business. They are making money by providing the BEST information possible to their users. They don’t want to offer an out of date website when someone Googles a search.

This is why an ongoing BLOG is so important. Every time you post new content, Google sees this as an update for your website. If you never update, Google will think it’s a dead website (and let’s face it, have you ever run across a website that was WAYYY outdated? I know I have.)

Google isn’t perfect and it doesn’t go through every site individually, so by updating and providing new information on your site, Google will know for sure that you are still in business!


#4.  Communication

A blog is a simple, yet effective, way to communicate with people and let them know how passionate you are about your business! Let’s face it – people respond to people! When you make a customer service call, would you rather speak with a machine or a real person who can answer your questions?

By keeping a blog roll on your website, it lets people know that you are:

A REAL person

You care about your business

You care about your customer


#5. Social Marketing

Social media is all the rage these days and according to Pew Research Center, 62% of adults get their news information on social media.

Your business should have a blog, but also have social media accounts on popular networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. That way, if people don’t directly visit your website, they can find you and all your recent posts.


#6. Blogging is SEO Power!

When you consistently run a blog, you are not only updating your website, but it’s also getting indexed in Google under new keywords. This means that people who search for something initially unrelated might stumble upon your blog and fall in love with your product!


#7. Analytic Authority

Every website should have Google Analytics, or another analytic program. It’s free and gives you valuable information about the keywords people use to find their way to your site.

This way, you can see what people are searching that attracts them to your website or business and you can use that information to create new posts around those same keywords.

For the ultimate keyword tool that can launch your business to its next level see: For the Love of Keywords.

Or, type in something below to see what people are searching for and how you can use that information to grow and scale your business!


#8. Blogging Makes You Think Outside of the Box

When you’ve been in business for years and things start to slow down or just remain steady, blogging can be a great way to unleash your inner creativity and start thinking about new ways to promote your business! – Plus, it can be fun too!


#9. This is YOUR Brand and YOUR story

As I said before, people love people. You don’t always have to blog about your business. You can always let others get to know the “YOU” behind the curtain.

By intriguing people with stories about you personally and how you live your life, you can build relationships and have great PR power. When people trust you, they are more likely to do business with you.


#10.  Blogging is CHEAP – (and you can make money from it!)

Yes, keeping a blog might require some time and effort, but most of the time, it’s completely free. It’s a great way to advertise your business. Plus, when you share a post on social media, that’s new potential customers you might have obtained for free.

And we all know that ads on a business website might seem a little tacky (especially for competing companies), but you can place ads on your blog roll. Using Google AdSense for your blog roll is a great way to earn a little money while trying to advertise your own business at the same time.


Do you have a website and want to know how to effectively use your blog roll? Sign up for my FREE Blogging Course.

Need a website? Start HERE!

This program shows you how to set up a WordPress website start to finish. You’ll get 10 Free courses for setting up your own business website and start getting your business out there Today!

Related Articles: How to Monetize Your Blog | How to Choose Keywords for a website and SEO


Do you run a business but haven’t started utilizing a blogging feature for? Why not? Let me know in the comments below and I can help you get started!

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Is The WHA Program a Scam?

The WHA Proram
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Work At Home Special Report!

If you’ve been searching the internet for ways to make money online, you might have come across some programs that seem promising. If you’re reading this review, I’m assuming you came across an article (and maybe even sat through the video presentation) online claiming that a stay at home mom is making thousands of dollars a month from a program called the WHA Marketing System. So, is the WHA program a scam? In my opinion, YES.


But if you want to know why, and then learn how you CAN start your own profitable online business, READ ON!


You can be successful too



The WHA program is another MLM – or multi-level marketing – scheme. This is your online version of a pyramid scheme. In short, you order their program and then you turn around and ‘sell’ their program to other people.


Red Flag #1: The Sense of Urgency.

The article insisted that the ‘expiration date’ to join the program just happened to be the same day I visited the article. I’ve actually come across this same program in the past and it’s always expired ‘same day.’ That was part of my reasoning for writing this review!

fake expiration date



Red Flag #2: A video I HAD to watch without the ability to fast forward or move onward without having to watch it first.

What is their program? After watching the entire video start to finish – I’m still not sure what they were trying to sell. All I know is that they wanted me to pay for it.

However, I was able to submit a site support ticket through their website asking for more detailed information. (that was over 24 hours ago and I have yet to receive a reply. But I’ll update this post if/when I do.)

my site support ticket



Red Flag #3: Let’s begin with the ‘landing page’ or the initial funnel that brought you to the website.

It begins with a “Work At Home Special Report” said to have been reported by CNN, USA TODAY, FOX NEWS, and other main stream media channels. They even provide videos you can watch of their ‘special reports.’ Sounds promising, right?


WRONG! And here’s why. I actually watched the reported videos by ABC and the second news channel and while those videos were REAL reports from those news channels, they had NOTHING to do with the WHA program. In fact, they didn’t even mention it!

Real Videos, but Nothing to do with WAH program

But I’m sure it gets your attention by making you think the WHA program is legit, right? I know it caught my attention. Sadly, it’s just another rouse marketing campaigns use to try and lure in unsuspecting customers.


Red Flag #4: You have to PAY. (even though the ad said it was FREE to register)

So, I sat through the video – which was longer than other ones I’ve seen in the past. They are all the same. The nice picture of a mother and son (which is an I-stock photo by the way) gets you to click on a video with a completely different person explaining the program.

In the video, she wants you to sign up as an ‘affiliate’ of hers through the WHA program.

There are many affiliate programs on the internet, in fact, I’m going to introduce you one that I use and that I have made money from, BUT, you should be very weary of having to pay to be an affiliate.


Red Flag #5: The Condition of the Website.

After the video, I did poke around on the website – or at least the portion I had access to without shoveling out $97 to join.

Here’s what I found.

The latest update in the news section was from Feb. 2013. (As I am writing this article, it is 2017) This means the website hasn’t had any news updates for over 4 years!inside WHA latest updates

I also looked up their Knowledgebase tab. And to my surprise, it came up COMPLETELY empty. Website design 101 is NEVER make a tab on your website that leads to NOTHING. It’s just bad taste!

no knowledge



The WHA program is NOT legit and YES, it is a SCAM.

Can you make money from this? Probably. But only for those people who are sitting at the top of the pyramid (and possibly the actors they have promoting their product in the videos!)

If you’ve fallen victim to a scam, don’t worry. You’re not the only one. Read THIS ARTICLE to see what kind of people fall for scams and be reassured that you aren’t the only one!

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The Good News: Here’s What You CAN do!

Do you want a REAL work at home program that works? Wealthy Affiliate is a program the TEACHES you how to build a successful business online. In fact, it’s how I got started without ANY prior knowledge of creating a website, content marketing, or affiliate marketing.


Is it EASY?


Well, yes and no. If you want to make a lot of money overnight without any effort, then Wealthy Affiliate isn’t the place for you. (But if you DO find a program like that, come back and let me know. As I’ve said before, I’d gladly jump ship for a legit program that I can make fast money overnight – legally and morally that is.)


I’ve tried other programs in the past and none has surpassed the community of support I have inside Wealthy Affiliate. Just as an example, I have submitted multiple site support tickets when I have had questions and they have always answered within 10 minutes or less.


Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t promise that you’ll make money. The reason – because people give up after a month of trying and not making a million dollars! But if you do their training, build your website and give it TIME, you can successfully create your own online business. BUT, it is a business and any business takes time to grow.


The best part – it’s absolutely FREE to get started. The creators behind Wealthy Affiliate know that not everybody fits into the same box. Maybe website building is not for you. But you will never know if you never try. Click HERE to see my full review and learn exactly what Wealthy Affiliate teaches and how you can get started today.


Remember, if FREE is all you got, Wealthy Affiliate is all it takes!


Click HERE to see other REAL Work at Home Options that are NOT scams!real ways to earn money from home social



I hope you found this review helpful and I hope you found it before you signed up for another scam program. If you have any questions or would like more information, please leave them in the comments sections below.

Have you been scammed by other programs out there? Please let me know the name so we can warn others! Report the scam in the comment section below!


report a scam

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50 Ways to Save Money
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50 Super Simple Ways to Save MoneyThis post contains affiliate links. See my Private Policy | Disclosure Page for more information.

Whether you’re saving money for a trip, trying to get out of debt, or simply want to keep your hard earned money in your wallet – this is a list of 50 Super Simple Ideas that can save you money each month!


Be sure to Pin this post so you can come back to it later! Let me know your favorites in the comments below!


Sign up and receive a FREE print out of all the ways you can save! Hang it on your fridge and try to make your way down the list – you’d be surprised how truly easy it is to save money each month!

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How to Save Money on Food at Home

1. Keep nonperishable snacks in the car so you won’t be tempted to do drive through.

Make sure your cans have a pop top, or keep a spare can opener in the glove box.


2. Eat at home.

If you plan accordingly, you won’t be tempted to go out to eat if you already have a plan in place!


3. Eat leftovers…or get creative and make brand new meals out of leftovers!


4. Make your own coffee at home.

Skipping the sugary cappuccinos can be better for your wallet, and your waistline!


5. Make large portions of meals at once.

Freeze your leftovers for quick meals later!


6. Brown Bag your lunch and your snacks!

If you take your own lunch to work, you won’t be tempted to eat out or give up your money for a food run!


7. Grate your own cheese…it’s really not that hard.


8. Make your own bread…it tastes better and makes your house smell AMAZING.


9. Go through your pantry.

What’s hiding in there that you forgot about??? You may even find some sweet treasures (or things that really need to be tossed!)


How to Save Money on Groceries

10. Plan your meals and snacks for each week. Only buy what you need!


11. Never go grocery shopping hungry!

That way you won’t be tempted to buy every snack you come across.


12. Buy Generic.


13. Buy Produce and Meat in Season.

See THIS seasonal produce Chart.


14. Buy Meat in Bulk. Take advantage of your freezer space!


15. Save big with Groceries Apps like Ibotta and Checkout 51.


16. PRICE CHECK. Buying in bulk isn’t always cheaper. But when it is, do it!

My favorite things to buy in bulk are Rice, Sugar, Flour, and Dry Beans. We store them in 5 gallon buckets and we generally only have to buy them once a year!


17. Look for coupons in ad sheets and newspapers!

But only use them if it’s something you were going to buy anyway. Remember, you don’t save money by buying something on sale that you wouldn’t have bought in the first place.


18. Price Match at Walmart!

You can even download their app to scan your receipt and you will automatically be credited money for items that are cheaper at competing stores.

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC

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Save Money While Eating Out

19. If you want to eat with friends, suggest doing desserts or drinks and eat your main meal at home.


20. If your friends want to go out, volunteer to be the designated driver.

Most restaurants and bars will give you free drinks (non-alcoholic of course.)


21. If you want to eat out with the family, go for lunch for take advantage of Happy Hour Specials. If you’re going with kids, see where kids eat free on certain days.


Save Money Around the House

22. Keep a spare change jar and every time you find loose change or you get cash back, start filling up your jar.

Make it fun by seeing how fast you can fill it up. Make it more fun by keeping multiple jars for each member of the family and see who can fill theirs up the fastest!


23. Make your own laundry detergent and tooth paste!


24. Drink Water!

Not only is it good for you, but it can also help cut food cravings on unnecessary snacks.


25. Make your own cleaning products 


26. Shop for clothes and ‘seasonal items’ out of season!

Take advantage of clearance racks and save big on next year’s needs.


27. Always check for the latest deals on sites like Amazon and Buy.com.


28. Check for coupons or cash back on items from Groupon or Ebates.


29. Put on a Sweater.

During colder months don’t run to turn up the heat – layer clothes to keep you warm and your heating bill down.


30. Just the opposite, don’t run to turn down the air during the summer.

Spend hot afternoons at your public library (or other places where you aren’t tempted to spend money).


31. Hang your clothes up to dry.


32. Take cold (or colder) showers. You won’t be tempted to waste water and you’ll save money on your water heater bill!


33. Use natural light. If you can utilize a window instead of keeping the lights on – do it. Make sure you turn lights off when you leave the room.

Bonus: I charge my kids 10 cents every time they leave the light on in their room. It doesn’t happen very often anymore, but I can put that dime in my spare change jar!


Save money on Special Occasions

34. Have a Date night in. Put the kids to bed early and rent a Redbox!


35. Make Homemade gifts.

People will appreciate them more and you’ll save money on the things they won’t remember in 10 years anyway.


Know your needs vs. your wants

36. Take a second look at your cell phone bill? Is the cost really worth it?

Check out low cost – not contract plans from Republic Wireless and see how much you can save today!

Plans starting at $15 /month & Phones starting at $99


37. Do you need cable? Really? If you want to save big try going without.

You can even buy a Roku and still enjoy your favorite shows for half the price!


Just Good Advice

38. Take a glance at your bank statements. Are there any old subscriptions (magazines, memberships, etc.) that you don’t really use? If so, cancel them!


39. If you frequent a store, see if they have a rewards card. NOT a credit card.

(I’m not a fan of using money you don’t have!)


40. Have some fun! Give yourself some ‘blow’ money each month and don’t go over your allotted amount.

This will make you think about what you REALLY want instead of purchasing those little items you don’t really need.


41. Buy it used!

Go to thrift stores or garage sells to find birthday presents, clothes, etc. It’s even easy to thrift shop online. Find local Swap Shops or Facebook groups in your area!


42. If it’s something you only need every now and then – rent it. Or borrow it from a friend!

I’m always borrowing my friend’s carpet shampooer or my neighbor’s power tools!


43. Always get second opinions on household repair jobs!

We’ve saved a LOT of money over the years by not going with the first quote we’ve received on a repair job!


44. Carpool, Walk, or Bike when possible.


45. Cut your own hair and your kids’ hair…or ask a friend.

You can probably think of someone you know who cuts hair for a living. If they won’t do it for free, see if you can make a trade. Make them dinner in exchange for haircuts.


46. Have no spend weekends! Take an entire weekend off from spending money each month.

Go to the park, play board games – think of ways you can have fun without the funds!


47. Live minimally. It’s not worth keeping up with the Joneses!


48. Build up your emergency fund!

That way, when you need those repairs done around the house, they won’t eat into your normal budget.

See How to Save $1000 Pain Free


49. Get out of Debt! Take your savings and pay off your debt as soon as possible so you can stop paying extra money on interest payments!


50. Spend Money Like a Millionaire! No – not the Hollywood kind.

I’m talking about the everyday millionaire living next door in a modest house and driving a modest car. See how easy it is to build up wealth – meaning save now so you can have money later!

Recommended Reading: The Millionaire Next Door.

Do you have a favorite way to save and I missed it? Share it below in the comments section. I’m always looking for more good advice!

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hot to budget for your vacation
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hot to budget for your vacationThis post contains affiliate links. See my Private Policy | Disclosure Page for more information.


Everyone looks forward to their vacation time! It’s important to be able to escape your everyday routines and enjoy your time away. But what’s my #1 Stressor when it comes to vacations? Finances! Here are some tips to make your vacation a little less stressful and how to budget for your vacation!


1. First off – BUDGET.

I’m a huge fan of budgeting for EVERYTHING! If you want to be smart about your finances (even while you’re on vacation) you need a budget! It’s easier on your wallet if you’ve spent time saving up for your vacations a little each month. Even if you put $50 a month into a savings account – you’ll be glad it’s there when you need it!


See how I budget with my Envelope Budgeting System.


2. Next, PLAN

When you plan the details of your vacation beforehand you can know how much money you will need each day of your trip. Give yourself a daily allowance and stick with it!


If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.


  • Look up restaurants near your destination and check out their menus – that way you won’t be surprised when the bill comes!


  • Plan every stop and every sightseeing outing. Check ticket prices online beforehand…most places even offer discounts when you book tickets early online.


  • But put a few extra dollars aside for those impromptu outings as well…let’s face it, you ARE on vacation! Having a little extra ‘just in case’ is nice! You’ll be relieved when realize that you CAN live it up a little!


Do you want to see what type of vacations you can plan on a budget? Click HERE to put in your ideal travel and budget information and World Of Magic Travel will send you an estimated quote on how much your trip will cost! It’s a really neat tool to help you plan your next destination!

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Wicked Offer WDW



If you want to save up for your vacations, it’s best to start cutting your everyday spending. This could be as simple as making your own coffee from home, meal planning to cut your grocery bill, or not eating out for a few months to put that money into your vacation fund.


See How easy it is to Save $1000 Pain Free!


Keep it Fun! Every time you save money, put that amount into a jar and watch it grow! See how much you can save each week and how fast you can fill it up! But don’t touch it! You’ve already budgeted for your NEEDS (step #1). Save that money for your vacation so you can fulfill those WANTS later! You will appreciate the delayed gratification once you’re on your vacation and you don’t have to pinch pennies!



Research different companies offering package deals that can save you money when you book flights and hotel rooms together. Check and see when companies will be offering cashback rebates or having special deals and take advantage of them!


5. ASK

Always ask your hotel if they can provide you with special ticket prices to nearby attractions or discounts at local restaurants.


See what kind of deals you can make! Check out How to Make a Deal: What I learned in China!



Sure, we all love summer vacations, but you can usually find the BEST deals if you travel off-season. It might be fun to take a trip over Christmas Break – it will cost less…. plus, you can avoid seeing your in-laws!


Extra Travel Tips:

Did you know that flights are can up to $100 less when you book them the last few weeks of August?


Fly away our Roundtrip Airfare Sale and get Flat $15* off on flights. Use Coupon Code


Cruise lines are also less expensive when you book your cruise between fall and spring. Wouldn’t it be nice to get away from the cold for a week with a Mediterranean cruise? Sounds nice, right!?!




It’s always nice to bring home some sort of ‘memento’ from your trip. But do you really need another trinket that just lays around the house? Never underestimate the power of pictures! Pictures make great memory books and can generally be made pretty cheap.


Choose what you want to look for beforehand. My husband and I try to get either a shot glass or a coffee mug from our destination. They’re cheap, practical, and I get to reminisce on our vacation every time I drink from one!

Magnets also make great gifts!


Never underestimate FREE gifts! You can always bring home the sand from the beach or dirt from the Rocky Mountains!


Grab a bargain Summer Fares to top cities nationwide. Get $15 off with promo code DEAL15. Book Now!

If you want to know some other Travel Stressors and how to avoid them, click HERE.

I hope this list gives you a good idea of how to budget and plan for your next vacation! What’s your next destination? Let me know if the comments below!


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Continuing Education | Online Business Marketing Courses

Online Business Marketing Course
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Do you wish you could go back to school, but just don’t have the time or money to spend on an expensive college program? Have you been looking for a way to learn the skills the experts use to generate money from online marketing? If you’ve ever wanted to take courses to learn how to start an online marketing business…READ ON!

Online Business Marketing CourseThis post contains affiliate links. Please see my Private Policy | Disclosure for more information.



Traditional 4-year college marketing courses can cost an upwards of $60,000! That’s not just chump change – that’s your money HARD at work.

Hard at work paying the professors, the school’s building fees, and the bureaucracy of modern day education!

Your money is not working very hard for YOU! In fact, most people leave college without a job, without real work place knowledge, and with astronomical amounts of DEBT!


According to an article in the Washing Post, only 27% of College Grads have a job related to their major…That leaves 73% of graduates who spent their TIME and MONEY on courses they never needed!



What if I told you that you can learn those same marketing skills at a fraction of the cost AND actually use those skills while you’re learning?!?! And the best part is, you can start for FREE. What college programs have offered you a chance try out an ENTIRE course free of charge – Not just a single class, but an entire set of online marketing courses free?


What does FREE mean?

Wealthy Affiliate offers the best place to get online marketing classes for free. All you need is an email address and you can access their Level One Certification Program at no cost!

You will have access to 2 FREE business websites where you build your business as you go. It’s the best ‘on the job training’ program on the market. Here’s the course outline.

lessons included in level 1



There are 2 other options for those who want to utilize Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium Program. These courses will go more in depth and help you build on the foundation skills you learn in level one.

These 5 courses will show you not only how to start an online business – but how to SCALE an online business. You will learn the ins and outs of how to start an online marketing business and how to become an affiliate marketer.

courses 1-5




You have the freedom to choose how long you want to extend your education. You can pay monthly for $49/month– which is an affordable option and you’ll learn how to make that money back in no time.


Or you can take the leap and pay for a full year’s worth of education for just $359/year! That’s a great price considering you could spend $15,000 a year a traditional college and simply learn – not put into practice!



  • more expert help – you have access to an entire COMMUNITY of entrepreneurs

  • the ability to EARN while you LEARN

  • direct support from people that are SUCCESSFUL – from people who started just where you are

  • current education, up to the minute

  • live 24/7/365 interaction, support, and mentorship

  • ability to ask any question anytime and receive direct answers within minutes!

  • education diversity (we cover over 13 online business models)

  • live video classes that you can watch over and over again




Still think you can’t do it?

What’s holding you back? If you have a dream of starting your own online marketing business, THIS is the best program that money can buy – and you can start for FREE.


I know it’s a little overwhelming. There’s so much information out there that it’s hard to decipher from what works and who’s just after your money. But I’m so confident that you will fall in love with this program, that I’m offering you an ENTIRE WEEK with complete access to the premium level membership.


That’s right – a FREE WEEK to have unlimited access to the Wealthy Affiliate Community, the Advanced Training Modules, and 2 FREE Websites to jump start your online business. If you decide you want more time with the Premium program within that first week – you can have your first month for just $19! And remember, you can cancel at ANY time. YOU are in charge of YOUR education.


If you’re not in a place where you can afford the Premium Membership just yet, keep the websites and you will still have access to the Complete Level One Certification course. You have NOTHING to lose and a wealth of KNOWLEDGE to gain!

Online Entrepreneur Certification - Getting Started Level 1


In fact, this 30-minute video will explain everything start to finish about how to set up your account, how the program works, and how you will make money with the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. That’s right – within the next 30 minutes you will learn how to start your online business and be on your way to a fuller, richer education!

video 1



Do you still have questions about the Wealthy Affiliate Program?

See my Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review – How I made money my FIRST MONTH!

What Does it Mean to Earn Money Online? Click HERE to see How Making Money Online Really works!


Please drop your questions in the comment section below. I’d be happy to go into further details about the program and/or my personal experiences. I hope to see you on the inside of Wealthy Affiliate!


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Spread the Love. Share and Enjoy!

Nelson Mandela Quote


How to be a better you by tomorrow!


Do you need a change?

We all want to be a better version of ourselves, right? Let me show you some practical steps you can take TODAY to learn how to be a better you by TOMORROW!



The first thing we need to define is “What is Better?” What does ‘better’ mean to you? The CRITICAL thing you need to identify is WHAT SPECIFICALLY needs to improve. Saying you need to improve “all of you” doesn’t provide a way to formulate a game plan.


Here is a list of some SPECIFIC examples of things you might want to change.

Do you want to be:

Get Specific




Richer? or Debt Free?

A Better wife/husband?

A better mother/father?


It could be a combination of any of these things listed, or something else that is personal to you.

Think about who you are right now, and then think about who you want to be. Once you can identify what SPECIFIC areas in your life you want to improve, then you can begin to take practical steps towards change!



Here are 3 questions that I want you to spend some time thinking about. This will help you identify the areas you need to work on, and help give you the confidence to use the skills you already have by identifying the things you already do right.


1. What are you doing right?

Let’s focus on the positive for a moment. What is an area in life that you really rock? Now, think about why you are talented in that area. How did you develop those skills? Were you naturally good at it, or did it take time and practice?



2. What needs work?

Make a list of everything – every skill, quality, etc.… that you want to change. It might seem very overwhelming at first, but hang in there – it gets better.



3. What is the most important quality you want to change.

Out of everything you identified in #2, list them in order of importance. Now, we are going to choose ONE thing to work on at a time.



First off, you CAN be a better you by tomorrow. But remember, better doesn’t mean perfect. When we focus on ONE thing we want to change, we can take small steps each day.


Choose the 1 thing you can do today to build a better tomorrow.


For example: if you want to be healthier, start by simply drinking the recommended amount of water a day. (8 glasses or 64 oz. for adults). Do this every day for a week.

Then, on week 2 choose ONE meal that you can consistently keep healthy. Just ONE. That might be breakfast, lunch, or dinner – but don’t try to do it all because that would be overwhelming.


When we try to change all at once, there is a higher probability that we will fail. It will seem too hard and we are more inclined to give up. Set up small, measurable, goals that you can do EACH DAY.

Take a look at my personal goal tracker. I list my overarching goal in the middle. I list ONE goal I want to work on each week that will get me closer to that BIG goal. Then, I list each day how I am going to achieve my weekly goal.

Personal Goal Tracker Breakdown


Sign up and Receive a FREE Download of My Personal Goal Tracker!

* indicates required


What was my goal for today?

I generally stress out about the cleanliness of my house. But, my goal for today was to mop my bathroom. That’s it!

I can choose to stress out about the entire house, feel overwhelmed, defeated and then NOT be productive – but I chose to focus on ONE thing that I wanted to get done and I was PROACTIVE.


Ultimately, when you want to make a change, you have to develop new habits. It takes 3-4 weeks to develop a habit, so give yourself time. But starting today and having a game plan will help you learn how to be a better you by tomorrow!



bonus ninja1. Use my Personal Goal Tracker to write down your goals and your game plan!

By writing them down, you are more likely to remember to do them!

See: 5 Steps on How to Achieve a Goal

2. Place sticky notes full of encouraging quotes and personal affirmations around your house to help keep you motivated!

3. Fake it until you make it – never under estimate the power of confidence!


See Focus on Your Future: The Power of Positive Thinking

4. Believe in yourself – and find someone else who does too! Find your own personal cheerleader who can inspire you and encourage you along the way.


If finances are stressing you out, you might like




Do you want to be Financially free? THIS 30-min video can change your life and put you on the path to financial success!

How are you going to be a better you by tomorrow? Let me know in the comments below! I’d be happy to help and answer any questions you have. Or if you just need help brainstorming ideas for goals, I’d love to chat with you!


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Spread the Love. Share and Enjoy!


How to Make a Deal: The Art of Haggling

I’ll be honest. I’m not one who tends to negotiate with people. I’m too ‘nice’ and I have a hard time saying ‘no’ to pushy salesman. (Which is why I usually leave situations like that up to my husband). Of everything I learned in school, ‘How to make a Deal’ wasn’t been one of them.

So when my husband and I traveled to China a few years ago, I was a little culture shocked by the constant haggling and ‘wheeling and dealing’ that went on in every shop and on every street corner.

Different vendors were selling the exact same products throughout the malls and street merchants. And each vendor had a different price listed for the same product! I’m not talking pennies, but prices varying as much as$10-$50! Needless to say, I was a little overwhelmed. Okay – I was A LOT overwhelmed.

I’m so thankful for our translator, Susan, who traveled with us. She was a strong woman with a good sense of authority. She made sure we always got the best prices possible! I learned so much from watching her interact with the vendors.

With Susan’s help, I was able to browse the different stores, pick out what I really wanted, and then I let the Negotiations began! (all through Susan of course!)

I’m an introverted woman by nature. So when I see a woman who can rock the art of deal making, I take notice!


Why are Introverted women notoriously bad at making deals?


We are too nice.

We tend to think that we will hurt the other person’s feelings if we say no. Women are driven by emotion more than men and so we feel bad for turning away someone’s offer.


We don’t like to argue.

Not only do we not to like to argue, but we really don’t want to make a scene. We tend to give into things so we can avoid a potential conflict or uncomfortable situation.


We tend to think it’s ‘good enough.’

Sure, we can shop around all day searching for the best price online, but when it comes to negotiating the price with someone in person, we want to get it over with as fast as possible and will usually cut a deal that is ‘okay’ instead of landing an exceptional one.


How to Make a Deal

So here are the tips I picked up from watching Susan. I was able to bring these tips home with me and now I am more confident in my haggling skills!


1. Research

Get to know the product you want, who has it, and see who is willing to negotiate the price with you.

A practical example would be if you’re going to buy a car. Research sites like Blue Book to see what the suggested price point is for the make, year, and model you want.


2. Ask

You won’t get a better price unless you ask. And let’s face it – the worst they can say is ‘no.’

I’ll never forget the time I took son, who was 6 years old at the time, garage selling. He really wanted a stuffed penguin, but he had to pay for it with his own money.

It cost $5, but all he had was $2. He, very politely, walked up to the woman and asked if he could have it for $2. And she said Yes! (4 years later, he STILL sleeps with that stuffed penguin – now named Fluffy).


3. Show Cash

Never under estimate the power of ‘showing’ someone the amount of money you are willing to give them. For example, if you want to buy a car that’s listed for $8,000 from someone – start counting out your money in front of the seller.

But only bring $7,000 with you. You can show them that you are willing to pay $7,000 right now if they’ll drop the price. It’s really hard to say ‘no’ to $7,000 when someone is trying to hand it to you.


4. Negotiation is a Two-Way Street

Remember that sellers want to make money. If you low ball them too much, they’ll not want to negotiate with you and you might be out of a product you really want.

Know what price you want to pay beforehand and stick to your guns! Offer them a lower price at first but be willing to have an open window for them to negotiate too.


5. Be Prepared to Walk

Never be afraid to walk away from a deal that isn’t worth your time! This is why your research is so important. If you can truly find it cheaper – do it!


Where to Haggle

In China, locals never expect to pay full price on anything! (That was for tourists like me!)

Let’s face it – haggling is not generally a western mindset and so it can be hard to think of places where the prices are not fixed.

The obvious places that come to mind are garage sells, used car lots, thrift stores – or anything that is not overseen by a larger corporation.

But it’s perfectly okay to haggle with your cable provider or your phone provider (I do it!), and see what deals they can give you.

I signed up with our internet provider during a special they were running. I received a discount for 12 months – and at the end of that 12 months, I asked to be placed back into that deal. I’ve been with them for over 5 years now and have kept my discounted price the whole time – BECAUSE I ASKED! I also make sure they know I’ll switch in a heartbeat if they don’t. It’s not personal – it’s business!

I even haggle with hotels. You might not be able to get a cheaper room, but most of them can offer deals for local attractions – all you have to is ASK!


Bonus Ninja Tips

bonus ninja


Be Nice!

 No one wants to negotiate with someone who comes off as a jerk.


Be willing to go back and forth on the price.

Know your price, but start by offering a lower amount. Be willing to negotiate until the seller will agree on your top dollar amount.


Look Confident!

Dress for success to have the right mindset. When you look confident, you feel confident, and others will know you are force not to be reckoned with!


Be creative!

Maybe you have some coupons lying around. You could offer them cash plus your coupons or other valuable item.



Do you have awesome negotiation skills? What are your tips on how to make a deal? Drop me a comment below.

Or maybe you’re like me and haggling makes you feel uncomfortable to the extreme! Come on ladies, let me know! I’m sure you’re out there – don’t make me feel alone in this! Tell me your worst haggling fear in the comments below!


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OR check out these other ways to make money from home.

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MEET KELSEY! The Essentially Blessed Oily Momma

Essentially Blessed Oily Momma!
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Essentially Blessed Oily Momma


Have you ever wondered if there are any REAL work at home moms out there? Sure, you’ve heard of them – but are they just some mythical women who don’t actually exist? Are you someone searching for REAL work at home jobs for moms?

Well look no further! Yes, Virginia – there is a Santa Clause, and Yes, Real work at home moms do exist!

Allow me to introduce you to one of those women who are rocking their at home business and see what you can do to get started too!


Meet Kelsey

Meet KelseyKelsey is a sales distributor for Young Living Essential Oils. She runs a Facebook Page called Essentially Blessed Oily Momma where she educates others about the benefits of essential oils and how they can use her products to cure every day ailments naturally and increase your overall daily health.

You can request to join her Facebook Group HERE!


What is Young Living Essential Oils?

Young Living Essential Oils is a company that provides essential oils to help benefit your overall well-being.

Essential oils are a great safe and healthy alternative to the toxic OTC products. There are many uses for Young Living Essential Oil products including health and wellness, cosmetics, dietary supplements and natural home cleaning products.

All products are 100% plant based and have all-natural ingredients.


Why Does Kelsey Believe in THIS product?

I {Kelsey} got started with Young Living shortly after I had my oldest child. He had many minor health issues that were very persistent and recurring.

I had read several things about essential oils and how amazing they were. I decided to give them a try and to this day I am still finding new ways to use them.

They just fit into our lifestyle and I love that it gives us a healthy natural route to everyday problems. Naturally, I just wanted what was best for our children and Young Living Essential Oils has given us exactly that!

And now Kelsey is sharing her new-found knowledge of Essential Oils with moms just like YOU!



Do you love Essential Oils?

Head on over to the Young Living Essentials Oil website to place your order today!


Are you ready to become one of those REAL work at home moms?

Do you think THIS business is right for you?


There are 2 options to getting started.

The first option is by signing up for free where you can purchase the products at retail price.

The second option is the purchase a Premium Starter Kit for $160. The starter kit includes 11 5ml bottles of oil, a diffuser, lots of samples, educational resources and a wholesale membership – that’s a 24% discount!!!

Premium Start Up Young Living Kit


Do you want this to be YOUR next Business Opportunity? Click HERE to sign up!


Benefits of Becoming a Young Living Distributor


Take a look at what’s in store for you when YOU become the next Sales Distributor!

Generous Compensation: Young Living offers an industry-leading compensation plan with generous commissions and bonuses

Wholesale Pricing: Save 24 percent off retail pricing on Young Living products, and save even more money with exclusive specials and promotions every month.

Essential Rewards: As a member, you are eligible to enroll in the Essential Rewards program and earn as much as 25percent each order back in Essential Rewards points.

Exclusive Experiences: Participate in unique events such as the Global Leadership Cruise and our annual International Grand Convention, and experience our Seed to Seal process firsthand at farm harvests and plantings.

Community: Enjoy a close-knit community of support. In addition to your sponsor, the entire Young Living family is ready to assist and encourage you in your journey.

Education: Young Living provides ongoing health education opportunities through conventions, seminars, and newsletters to keep you informed and assist you in your wellness progress.

Recognition: As you expand your organization and advance toward the prestigious rank of Royal Crown Diamond, you will enjoy special recognition for your accomplishments and leadership!


What does Kelsey have to say about this business?


I love that this business benefits both my family and myself by allowing us to live healthier lives and also getting paid to share that with other people! I would love for you to join my team!


Kelsey with kids


Check other Real Work at Home Moms HERE on my Featured WAHM Page.

Are you a real work at home mom that would like to be featured on The 6 Figure Housewife? Drop me a comment below and I will be in touch!

Are you looking to start your own online business? Click HERE to see how easy it is and get the training to launch your successful online business Today!

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Spread the Love. Share and Enjoy!

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5 ways to monetize your blogThis post contains affiliate links. See my Private Policy | Disclosure Page for more information.

How to make money with a website: 5 ways to Monetize Your Blog

Do you want to monetize your website? There are many different avenues you could take if you want to gain financially from your blog. Here are 5 different ideas on how to make money with a website. You could do any or all of these to start ramping up your online business and earning money with your website today!

To see the video that accompanies this post, click HERE! 

Are you new to the online world? See What Does it Mean to Earn Money Online? 


  1. Google AdSense

  2. Affiliate Programs

  3. Amazon Associates

  4. Newsletter and Email List

  5. Create your own product


1. Let’s talk Google AdSense

By far, the easiest route to start monetizing your website is to install Google AdSense. Let’s face it, Google dominates the search engine industry and having them on your side is always a win! With AdSense, you are simply ‘renting out ad space’ on your website to Google.


I installed Google AdSense on a personal blog over two years ago. This was before I knew anything about blogging and I eventually gave up on it. I re-opened my account for this website and found out I had made over $2 with my old blog.


That doesn’t seem like much, but for just sitting on the internet without being touched is pretty good! I’ll take that!



  • It’s easy to get approved

  • It’s easy to install

  • It’s easy money

  • Once approved, you can add this to multiple websites

  • Google controls the ads based on the users search history – so they should be relevant to each user



  • You have to make $100 before you get paid

  • You get paid every time someone clicks on your ad, so that nice – but the payout is small compared to affiliate programs. Most clicks are only a few cents.

  • You DO have to have your own domain name before approval – but if you get approved once, you can add it to multiple sites

  • You have no control over what the ads are that are showing up on your website


2. Affiliate Programs

By adding affiliate programs to your website, you can control which ads are placed on your website and where. Affiliates are great way to sell other people’s products online. The difference between affiliates and AdSense is that the customer has to buy something before you get paid.


To find affiliates for your website simply search “product name + affiliate.”


Some Popular Affiliate Websites include: ShareaSale, CJ Affiliate, Rakuten, Clickbank



  • You make more money with Affiliates

  • You have control over what ads go on your website

  • There are many programs to choose from



  • Getting approved for most affiliates is hard without some existing traffic

  • People have to buy the product before you get paid

  • Affiliate sites can be confusing and hard to navigate without proper training – especially if you’re a newbie or don’t have previous knowledge about affiliate marketing


3. Amazon Associates

Amazon is another leading industry in the online marketing world. The Amazon Associates Program is similar to affiliate marketing, except that when you are approved, you can advertise ANY and ALL of Amazon’s items.


This is a huge advantage because almost everything you can think of is listed on Amazon. Plus, if someone heads to Amazon from your site, they don’t have to buy the product you advertised. If they buy ANYTHING from Amazon within your cookie duration, (usually 18 hours), then you will get credit for that sale!



  • Easy to get approved

  • Easy to find items to place on your website

  • Have a Huge Selection of items to choose from

  • Minimum payout is only $10 (by direct deposit or Amazon Gift Card)



  • Has a smaller cookie duration than other Affiliates

  • You don’t make as much commission with Amazon as other programs

  • If you don’t make a sale within your first 6 months, your account will become invalid

  • If you want to receive a check, minimum payout is $100 with a $15 processing fee


4. Newsletter and Email list

If you haven’t started capturing your visitor’s emails – you should start. Programs like Sumo and Mail Chimp offer features that can give visitors the option of signing up for your newsletter or to receive an email notification every time you create a new post.


This will allow you to stay in contact with your readers and give them a reminder that you are still there!


5. Sell Your own products or Products You Buy!

Yes, you can come up with your own products.


These can physical products you make (See how to sell on Etsy) or you can go out and buy cheap products to resell (see how to sell on Amazon.)


You can also offer your own ‘How To’ manuals, courses or eBooks.

Here’s a lesson on How to Add a PayPal Shopping Cart to your website!



Bonus Ninja:

bonus ninjaYou can choose to be an affiliate only website, an AdSense only website, or utilize both! This is YOUR website. Just make sure you create a fantastic ‘user’ experience.


Make sure you are solving the reader’s problems and showing them WHY they should listen to you.


If you can create a faithful audience who trusts you, then you will be able to sell them your products. You need to become an authority on the topics you are discussing.


To get a faithful audience to your website, you will need TRAFFIC! This means, you need SEO KEYWORDS.


To learn more about creating keywords to optimize your website, click HERE!


Only sell products you endorse! Don’t try and sell items you wouldn’t buy – you will lose trust with your audience real quick if you do!


Want to learn more about my training program? Check out the FREE Level One Certification Course from Wealthy Affiliate. Online Entrepreneur Certification - Getting Started Level 1


They’ll show you how to set up your website and train you from beginner to professional online income maker. It’s where I got my start and how I learned to make money with a website!


Want to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate and it’s program. Read my Full Review!


Want to learn more about creating an online business?

See my 5 Steps to Online Marketing.


Want my secret to utilizing Pinterest? See my Pinterest Marketing Strategy!


Just getting started and need a website? Click HERE to learn how to set one up now and start earning today!


If you have any questions or comments, please drop them in the comment section below. If you’re just getting started and need more advice, ask away! I’d love to help any way I can!


Now that you’ve learned how to make money with a website, go start monetizing your blog today!

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