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How to sell on Amazon with FBA
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how to sell on AmazonThis post may contain affiliate links. See my Private Policy | Disclosure page for more information.



Have you ever wondered how Amazon always seems to have an abundance number of products to sell? How do they get so much inventory?


Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret … Amazon doesn’t waste time creating their own products or go around searching for their hottest ticket item. They hire people like you to do the shopping for them! And the best part is – they do all the heavy lifting. They will pay you per sale for items you find at discount shops, on clearance racks, – even garage sales and thrift stores!


So, if you want to get on the FBA, or Fulfillment By Amazon, train – strap in and see how easy it is to open your Amazon store Today!



Have you ever noticed the little ‘fulfillment by Amazon’ button under the delivery options when checking out prices for a specific item?


fulfillment by amazon


The sellers might be ‘xyz’ but the shipping is directly from Amazon’s warehouse. That means that someone went out and found the product, shipped it to Amazon’s warehouse, and listed it under their own Amazon store. When someone buys the item, the seller gets paid!


Amazon holds the product in THEIR warehouse, so you don’t have to worry about storing anything!


What’s in it for Amazon? They take a cut of the profits (this is different depending on how many times you sell a month and what type of membership you open – see below for the different cost options) but it’s generally $.99 per sold item + seller’s fees.


(Remember that Amazon sells millions of items per day. According to Business Insider, Amazon sold 306 items per second last year on Cyber Monday alone! So even if they were only making $1 per item they sell, that’s millions of dollars a day!)



Yes, you could realistically go out and buy the same products, create your own ecommerce website, sell the item, and keep ALL the profits. But think about the benefits of selling through a FBA store:


  • Amazon already has huge credibility – people know it, they trust it, they shop there regularly

  • Your buyers can take advantage or PRIME through the FBA model

  • Amazon does all the work – shipping, packaging, customer service, etc…

  •  No need for your own storage or warehouses




First, head on over the Amazon and set up your seller’s account.

From the Homepage, scroll down to the bottom and click on Sell on Amazon (it’s under the Make Money with us Headline)

Sell on Amazon


Set up your account – have your phone nearby for the verification methods. You will need 2 separate phones to verify your account, so have your spouse’s or friend’s nearby too!


(My husband wasn’t home when I tried to set this up, so I used our Google Voice Hangout Number)


setting up your account



There are 2 ways to open a store.


You can open a Professional Account or an Individual Account.

The professional account will cost $39.99/month + selling fees.


If you have an Individual account it costs $.99/item you sell + selling fees.

This is a cheap way to get started, but if you sell more than 40 items a month you are losing money in the long run.


2 ways to sell


Each membership option also comes with its own pros and cons – you are allowed to sell in more categories with the Professional Account.


Obviously, you have to have the item in stock to be able to start selling – so you will have to initially invest out of pocket to obtain those items. The more money you have upfront to invest, the more money you can potentially make. But even starting with $100 can make you a great profit!


You will also have to buy basic shipping items – packing tape, etc.…so you can ship your items to an Amazon Warehouse.


But that’s the essence of opening an Amazon FBA store! Once you have your account set up, you can start listing your items!


Bonus Ninja Tips

bonus ninja

1. Price Your Items Competitively…but play nice!


Look and see how other sellers have priced similar (or the exact same) items. Try and match those prices. If you try to low-ball other sellers, then eventually everybody will have to start dropping their prices to compete – this is good for the buyers, but eventually you’ll run out of room to make a profit.


2. Finding Cheap Inventory!

Retail arbitrage, or RA for short, is the simple concept of buying low and selling high. If you can find great sells at your local shopping centers – then you can turn around and sell those items for a hefty profit!


Go to liquidation sales, clearance racks, outlet stores, garage sales, and thrift stores to find your items. You can buy them at a discount and sell them for a profit. Just make sure they are in good condition and they meet the requirements for each category. (most require you to have new/packaged items, but sometimes used in ‘like new’ condition is also acceptable)


3. Get the Amazon SELLER’S APP!…IT’S FREE!



If you’re out at a local store, you can simply scan the item with your smart phone to see what it’s selling for on Amazon. If your local store has it cheaper, then you know it’s a good buy and you can make a profit!


4. Sell you passion!


If you’re going to be in this for the long haul, try and find a product you are passionate about and one that you will enjoy trying to find to sell over and over again! Don’t limit yourself, by all means, but if finding discounted medicines is going to be a soul-sucking activity then it’s one that won’t last.




Research what the hottest items are and then try and find those on sale! Don’t be afraid to go into a new niche to find products that seem quirky – someone want it, just find that someone! If you are interested in ramping up your research then I recommend using a program such as Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout



They simplify your research specifically for AMAZON to help you track products, see what items are selling fast, and give you that competitor’s edge.



But you can also use my Keyword Research Tool to see what people are searching for on Google too!



If you want to learn more about keyword research, click HERE.



Here are some other resources that can help you make the most out of your Amazon FAB store! Happy Selling!

FBA Super Power Resources


Are you interested in other ways to make money from home? Check out my #1 Recommendation for starting your own money-making website Today!




See how Easy it is to open your own Etsy store and Sell on Etsy!


Do you own an FBA store? What makes you successful?

Want to know more? Questions? Comments? Let me know below! I’d love to brainstorm ideas with you!


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SAVE $1,000 PAIN FREE: Baby Step #1

ways to save money
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ways to save moneyThis post may contain affiliate links. See my Private Policy | Disclosure
page for more information.

Saving money is hard! Seriously, it seems as if I put aside some extra cash for expense “A,” it always ends up going towards expense “B – C – or D.”

Want a real-life example? We’ve been saving up to buy a new car. Do I have a new car? Nope! But I’ve spent money on braces, a new washer and dryer set, and new garage doors! (Yes, our garage door fell off its hinges…it was a mess!)


But here’s the thing:  We’ve had the money for those ‘emergencies’ because we’ve learned to save and build up an account specifically for those unexpected expenses.


We follow the Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps program for living debt free, building an emergency fund, and saving for the future.


What’s Baby Step #1?

I’m not going to overwhelm you with all 7 steps at once. But here’s the first step you can take to living a stress-reduced and debt free lifestyle.


Step #1: Save $1,000 to go towards those unexpected expenses!


It’s not a question of “if” you will have unplanned monetary needs arise – it’s a question of “when.” Being prepared for those expenses will allow you to tackle them head on without having to take out a loan or falling behind on your mortgage payment.


When my husband and I first started this program, he was working part time while finishing up his student teaching semester for his degree. I was homeschooling our 2 biological children and I stayed home full time with our 3 foster kids we had at that time.


Needless to say, money was tight. Yes, there were times we struggled with decisions about whether to go out for dinner, or eat beans and rice – again. And yes, we cut other unnecessary expenses such as our TV/Cable bills and we used Go-phones instead of hitting up the newest iPhone. But we were able to save up and start an emergency fund.


What was the benefit? When an unplanned trip to the doctor’s office or when the garbage disposal decided to stop working – we had the money to take care of it. Did it suck? Yep! But it wasn’t the end of the world.


If you’re looking to save at least $1,000 – here are some steps from the Every Dollar Budget Plan to start saving for those unforeseen expenses.




You can’t know how to save your money if you don’t know where your money is going. If you need help see HOW TO CREATE A BUDGET AND STICK WITH IT.



It’s not going to hurt you to NOT go to the movies for a month while you’re trying to set aside your first $1000 for emergencies. You may have to stick with store bought coffee instead of going to Starbucks, or keep snacks in the car to help avoid those last-minute trips to the drive through because you’re hungry.


Remember, it’s not forever. Just be disciplined for a time so you can reach your goals. Once you have the financial security to live the life you want – then you can start adding those things back in if you so choose. But define what’s truly important to you and cut out the things that aren’t.



You may want to take on a side job – or just find your hustle! You can walk the neighbor’s dog, cut their grass, baby sit – anything to earn you a little extra cash.


Want to learn how to make money online? Check out these resources.







Do you have bills you can cut? Even if you cut your cable bill for a short period of time (say 1-3 months) how much could you put away? It may be worth it to look at other, less expensive, options for your regular bills – internet, cell phone, insurance, etc.… It pays to shop around and see who has the better deals. Just because it’s what you’ve always done, doesn’t mean it’s what you should continue to do!



Sit down and decide what’s a realistic time frame for you to be able to save your first $1,000. Make a commitment to live under your means – meaning live on less money than what you make so you can save – for a set amount of time. It will be easier knowing you can go back to normal on a specific date – and then try to beat your goal!




It may seem hard and very overwhelming at first – but I promise you that if you follow these steps and you make up your mind to do it – anything is possible. The benefits of having money set aside for those expenses will manifest themselves once those unexpected bills start rolling in.


Bonus Ninja Tips:

bonus ninja

1. Don’t touch your funds!

This $1000 is for EMERGENCIES ONLY! Going to Disney world, or taking a weekend in Vegas is NOT an emergency!

2. If you can spare the money with your current budget – do it!

If you have an unexpected expense come up after you already have your $1,000 but you can cut and save from your current monthly budget to cover it – do that.

3. IF and WHEN you must spend your emergency fund, repeat steps 1-5 to build it back up!

Yes, you might have to start over, or you might only need to save half – but once even a little is gone, work to replenish your savings.

4. Know the difference between and emergency and non-emergency.


Your car needs a new engine – emergency.

Your kids breaks their arm – emergency.


You really want a new chihuahua – not an emergency. (no matter how cute you think they are)

There’s a computer sale – not an emergency! If you own something that works (even if it’s not as good as what’s out there) it’s NOT an emergency!


Of course, you should decide for yourself what is and what is not worth it when it comes to spending your money. But ideally, you will set aside your $1,000 quickly and then not have to touch it again! It will give you a little pace of mind knowing it’s there for when you truly need it.



Do you need help budgeting, saving, or cutting your spending? Let me know in the comments below! I would love to brainstorm ideas with you to get your emergency fund up and running!


Questions, comments, or just want to say Hi? Drop me a comment below! What are other ways you’re being a money saving ninja? Feel free to share your tips and tricks below!


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HOW TO SPOT A SCAM – Earn 3k Today Review

not falling for it
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 not falling for itThis post may contain affiliate links. See my Private Policy | Disclosure
page for more information.

How do people fall for scams?

What does a scam look like?


I’m going to walk you through another internet scam and show you the common techniques scammers use so you know what types of products to avoid! The example I’m going to walk you through is Earn 3K Today.



Earn 3k Today is another internet scam that has been popping up over the internet. They use flashy sales techniques and promote false promises to entice people to buy their product. Let’s see how it works:


1.They start with a video. This video clearly states that just by watching it to the end, you will get $500.

make money guarantee

I figured this was too good to be true – another sign that it’s probably a scam – but I watched it to the end to see what they were offering. And this was a video that you can’t just skip through to the end either…so annoying.


2. They make it sound like you can earn a lot of money for very little work!

video you have to sit through

Unfortunately, I haven’t come across many things in life that were worth doing without having to put in the effort and work for the result. And outside of anything illegal or immoral – I just don’t believe there is something that exists that will make you money for doing next to nothing.


Seriously, if you know of something – send it my way. I’d be interested. But most likely it’s just another person trying to take advantage of other people.


The video also kept saying (very repeatedly) that this offer was just for a few select people for a very limited amount of time. They want to draw you in on a personal level – but seriously, have they ever met you? How do they know who you are or that you would be the right person for their product?

Simply stated: They are looking for the next vulnerable person to come along and steal their money!


3. They offer you a sign on bonus!

Remember the $500? All you have to do is put in your email address!

offer a sign on bonus

But wait… here’s the catch.


4. You have to pay for the product… so you don’t get $300 just by watching the video.

you have to pay

And what happens when you go to buy the product?


5. They offer a Money Back guarantee! …But it’s really a Clickbank product.

Clickbank is a third-party website where you can advertise other people’s products for a cut of the profits. It’s not the person or company responsible for what’s being sold.

Yes, they offer a money back guarantee, but check out the terms of Clickbank’s money back offer.

clickbank 3rd party no contact info on supplier

You have to contact the company directly. Even after sitting through an almost 15 min. video, I had no idea how to contact the Earn 3K today company or what they were actually trying to sell me!



Earn 3K Today is an online SCAM. And the techniques they used to make money from innocent people are the same techniques being used by other internet scams. So please, if you see any of these prompts from a website promising to earn you gobs of money… RUN. Run far, far away!

Don’t fall victim to another scam website or money-making hoax!


If you are interested in making some real money online, check out my #1 Recommendation for earning an online income! Or just browse these other ideas of ways to make money online.

How to sell on Etsy.

How to make money online by writing.

How to publish an eBook.

Blogmutt blog writing. 

I will keep posting reviews of products and websites that work, along with those that don’t – so keep checking back!


Have you been scammed? Drop me a comment and report it below! I’ll add it to my list of things to stay far, far away from and we can help others not fall victim.

Do you have a great way to earn money online? Let’s talk! Drop it in the comment section below. I’d love to hear your ideas and what’s working for you!



report a scam

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How Does Making Money Online Work?
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What does it mean to earn money online? Seems like a pretty simple concept, right? But HOW does it actually work?

How Does Making Money Online Work?     This post may contain affiliate links. See my Private Policy|Disclosure 
     page for more information.

Let me show you the process of how making money online actually works.



Yes. In fact, there are several legit ways to earn money online. The problem comes from all the ‘flashy distractions’ that take your attention away from the REAL ways to earn money online.

Unfortunately, it’s easier to find a scam website online than it is to find an actual way to earn an online income.



While there are many ways, let’s discuss the most profitable and what I have found to be the best avenue.




By creating your own website that is tailored to a specific “NICHE” – or group of people with similar interests, you can write content that your target audience wants to read. Once you have traffic to your website, you can offer them products to purchase.

They don’t even have to be YOUR products. Affiliate Marketing is a term that simply means you promote someone else’s product online and if they purchase it, you receive a ‘finder’s fee’ or small commission.

For more information on this subject see HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH A BLOG.

Take a look here to see how the process works!process of earning money online

Affiliate Marketing can be a powerful tool – especially if you have powerful content that will bring readers consistently back to your website.

If you can offer them good information about products and services, then you can create a long – term customer relationship with them!



You can also install ADs on your website through various ad programs. Google AdSense is by far the most popular. When a visitor clicks on the add, you could be paid anywhere from $0.01 – $15 per click – THAT’S NOT EVEN SELLING ANYTHING!

But please don’t overuse this tool – it will make your website look spammy and ultimately you will drive your visitors away.

Here’s a short video that can explain and break down the consumer/producer process for earning money online.

Click to watch the video directly from a training website. Just scroll down to find the video, then come back see why most people fail at earning income with their website.

The Process of Earning Money Online



1. They focus on the RACE and not the MARATHON

Like any good business, it takes time and effort to build a website, create content people want to read, and to manage and maintain a blog.

Success doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, it can take months of hard work to begin making money online. But if you stick with it, the time it takes you in the beginning can pay off for a lifetime!

Before I started this blog, I had a personal blog that I had installed Google AdSense on without any knowledge of how it worked. Almost 2 years after not touching my blog, I checked my AdSense balance and had made $2.28! For no work! I shudder at the thought of what I could have made if I actually had put effort into that blog!


2. They Jump in without ANY KNOWLEDGE

Creating a website is fairly easy these days – especially with automated programs and site builders.

But simply having a website doesn’t mean you know HOW to MANAGE a website effectively. It’s better to find a training program, or platform that is willing to teach you and guide you every step of the way.


See how I started making Money in ONE MONTH with the training program I use!


3. They Start Strong, but then STOP LEARNING

It’s easy to jump in, find a lot of internet videos on how to get started, but then we fall into this trap of “I already know enough.”

Sure, you can make a little money in the short term, but if ever get to the point where you think you ‘know it all’ – then you’ve stopped reaching your potential and you won’t continue to grow in your online income. This will become frustrating, and eventually people give up.

Even I have to go back and re-watch videos and learn to how to re-do certain things to keep up. Plus, the way the internet runs is constantly changing and you have to adjust with it or you will simply fall behind.


are you ready to start making money online

If you need a website CLICK HERE to watch a video on how to quickly and easily set one up!

If you’re serious about making an income online, I highly recommend the training program at Wealthy Affiliate University. It’s free to get started and they offer a complete guide from start to finish.

Read more about how to GET STARTED HERE! 



That’s okay! Maybe you just need a few extra dollars here and there and want to know some other ways to earn money online.

Learn how you can write for other people and earn extra cash!

Or you can write for Blogmutt!

Are you good at crafts? Click here to see how you can open your own ETSY SHOP today! 


What’s your next business idea? Need help brainstorming a niche? Drop me a comment below! I’d love to help you find your place in the online marketing world?

If you have any other questions or comments, drop them below! Or, just say Hi! Keep an eye out for more tips and tricks on how to start and grow your business!


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Start your own etsy shop
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Start your own etsy shop


Are you crafty? Do you love making homemade items? Learn how easy it is to set up a shop on Etsy and start selling your items today!


No product? No problem! If you have an already established website, you can even sell other people’s Etsy items and earn a commission. I’ll show you how!



First things first. Do you have an Etsy account? If not, head on over to Etsy then click Sell on Etsy
Sell on Etsy
Just sign up – confirm your email – and set your preferences!
set preferences
Once confirmed, create a name for your shop! You can get creative here – but make sure people will know exactly what products you’re are selling!

Create a Name



1. Add image.add a listing photo

A picture is worth a thousand words – or in this case, a thousand clicks. Make sure you have good lighting and you can capture the essence of your product’s worth. Take time to get good pictures!



2. Listing Details

Create an awesome title with your keywords inserted for maximum Search Engine Optimization




Create a killer description – tell your customers why they need your product and how your product will help improve their lives!


3. Set inventory and pricing!

4. Set your shipping preference!add shipping details



You can now promote other Etsy shops with their affiliate program! It’s easy to promote Etsy products on your own website! Read THIS UPDATE from Etsy.


Simply click HERE to get started! Once your application is approved, Etsy will send you links to begin promoting other Etsy shops!


Etsy will pay you a small commission, or a “finder’s fee” if someone purchases a product you promote!



If you’re going to promote Etsy shops online, then here are 6 BONUS NINJA steps to take to ensure you reach your maximum potential!

bonus ninja

1. You need to find a passionate market!

See what shops are doing well on Etsy. Then look at what kind of marketing strategies they are using – and learn from what they do! Great target audience ideas include: Sports Moms, Girls Hair bows, Crafts for Kids, Gift guides, etc.…



2. Promote Esty on Your website!

Get really creative here! You can review the store, the product, and tell others what you love about the specific items!


3. Once you get your links and find your market, offer them a hot selling product! See what’s trending – go find those products and promote, promote, promote!


4. Make your customers an offer they can’t refuse!

Find sellers that are offering BOGO offers (buy one get one) or that offer FREE shipping!


5. Go straight to your market!

Start telling people about your Esty Reviews on Facebook, Pinterest, etc.… Let people know you are there and get them to your website to see your reviews!  Find groups on Facebook and Boards on Pinterest that your target audience frequents and list your website reviews there!

6. Then, all you need to do is scale and grow your store… Add more listings, find more hot topic trends and go for the GOLD!



Etsy is reasonably priced when it comes to opening a store. It cost $.20/listing – which is pretty cheap! If you’re on a budget, start small and scale from there!

For an affiliate account, you will have to pay $5 for a security fee, but once approved, your account will be credited that $5 towards your listings!


Looking for other ways to make money online? See how I started making money in ONE month with my website! 

Want to grow your business? Check out My Pinterest Strategy! Or see how you can get ranked on the 1st page of Google! 

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Ways to Save at the Grocery Store
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Ways to Save at the Grocery StoreThis post may contain affiliate links Please ready my Private Policy 
Page for more information.

Learn how to save money on groceries! I am going to show you steps you can combine to be a grocery saving ninja and maximize savings at the store! Don’t shop again until you’ve checked out these grocery bill slashing tips!

Grocery shopping is a necessary evil we are all subjected to regularly. (Unless of course, you’re like Bruce Wayne and you have an Alfred who does the shopping for you.) The only time I rejoice going to the store is when I can get a ‘mom-cation’ and actually do my shopping without having to drag the kids along.

But is there a way we can be more productive and actually enjoy the weekly trip to the grocery store? What if I told you that you could save hundreds of dollars each month and at times even MAKE MONEY – just by shopping!?!?!

Add these  5 websites and apps to your routine and you could be on your way to turning your grocery shopping nightmare into a money saving experience!


5. Grocery IQ

It starts with a list. Write down everything you need before you head to the store. Grocery IQ allows you to create a list straight from your computer or phone.

If you run out of an item you need to re-buy, simply scan the bar code with your phone and it will be added to your list automatically!


create shopping list

Grocery IQ even has the ability to sort your list by store preference (what items you need from which stores) and sorts them by which isle they can be found in! Super cool and a great time saver!

The site even connects you to their parent website: Coupons.com. You can find coupons for the items that are on your list. This is a quick and easy way to save time, money, and the hassle of planning your next shopping trip!ways to save


4. Grocery Smarts

Grocery Smarts is another great site to find coupons for your shopping. You can browse your entire state’s weekly ad deals, clip your coupons, and be on your way! This is a great site for fining manufacture’s coupons that can be used at multiple stores!


choose your state

Plus, if you’re worried about signing up for another program, you don’t even have to create an account. They just send you a verification code straight to your phone and you can start printing your next deal!

Here are just some of the great deals you can find!

clip coupon


3. Saving Star

Saving Star makes it easy to save money from the stores you frequent the most! If you have a loyalty card, simply link it to your account and you will save automatically on items you buy every time you go to the store – so you don’t even have to sift through the coupons!

savings example

You can save on great household items like cereal, diapers, and toilet paper!



2. Check Out 51

Check Out 51 how it works

It’s so easy to save with Check Out 51! Simply Sign up, select your area, and receive weekly offers from stores near you! You can browse by product or by store. You simply choose the offers you want, buy your product, then upload your receipt! You earn cash back instantly for your qualified purchases! Offers are updated weekly!

browse offers choose deal upload receipt



1. Ibotta

Oh, Ibotta, how easy you make it to save. If you can take a picture, you can save money! Ibotta has 3 ways you can earn.

ways to earn



Browse their rebate section and see what items you can earn cash back on simply by shopping at popular stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, and Walgreens! Snap a picture of your receipt, upload your photo and earn cash back!



Do you lose receipts easily? No problem! Simply link your loyalty card to your favorite stores, find the rebates you want to claim, and scan your card when you check out. Don’t worry about keeping track of the receipt!



You can save big with their mobile app! Browse all the cash back offers, launch your app, and purchase directly from popular sites such as Groupon, Hotels.com, iTunes, and more!

You can also take advantage of their refer a friend program! Each time someone signs up using your code, you get cash! Easiest money ever!



Bonus Ninja Tips!

bonus ninjaWho says you have to choose? By spending a little time planning your shopping trip, you can maximize your savings by combining these different deals. Sometimes, you will even earn ALL your money back and then some by combining deals from different websites!

Don’t let money just fly out of your pocket because you don’t want to sit and plan before you leave the house. Make it a habit and a routine to use these coupon sites every time you shop!

Have a budget set aside for your groceries. Need help on creating a budget? Click HERE.


Looking for other ways to save? Check out these popular posts:

Top 6 Money Saving Restaurant Apps

Top Online Coupon Sites to Save You Money


What ways do you save at the grocery store? Drop me a comment below if I missed your favorite money saving website and I’ll add it to my list!


Questions? Comments? Or just say Hi! Let’s connect!


Want to learn how I make money from home? Click HERE to see my #1 recommendation for earning an income online.


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Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy
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Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy


I remember when Pinterest first launched in March of 2010 and one of the biggest questions asked was,

What is the difference between saving a page through Pinterest and just bookmarking it as a favorite on my computer?

Let’s move forward to 2017 >>> Now Pinterest is one of the top marketing platforms for blogs and businesses – you can’t do that with a bookmarked page on your personal computer.

Pinterest has become one of the top websites people go to for new information. It’s estimated that Pinterest has over 175 million active users (stats from April 2017), 85% of whom are women.

If you’re not posting your business on Pinterest, especially if your targeted audience is female, then you could be missing out on a potential audience base you never knew existed!

So whether you’re a business or a blogger, let me show you how to promote your blog on Pinterest!



You could easily live pin your blog posts or your business webpages to your Pinterest account. If you want to gain traffic and target specific audiences, however, you might want to try a scheduling tool. This will save time and will eliminate the hassle of doing these steps manually.

*I will show you how to utilize Tailwind, but remember you could follow most of these steps for FREE without a scheduling tool – it will, however, take up more of your time and energy.



Create an entire BOARD for your specific brand. Whether it’s your website, your blog, or your business – create a board solely dedicated to pinning the content of your website and nothing else. You can do this directly from Pinterest, but also behind the scenes through Tailwind.Create Board list



Create related boards – these should be boards that relate to sub categories from your website. For example, if you run a weight loss website, then you should have a board dedicated to your website, but also boards for sub categories such as Arm Workouts, Leg Workouts, Ab Workouts, Clean Eating, etc…

On these boards, you should pin YOUR specific post relating to the topic, but also try to pin at least 5 other trending pins for every 1 of your posts.

trending boards on pinterest



Create a spreadsheet of all your posts from your website. Make sure to list the URLs from the actual post of your website and the pinned URL to make it easy to find them later. (see Bonus Ninja Strategies below)



Create a rotation schedule!

THIS is where TAILWIND comes in handy.

Tailwind provides you with the ability to create a scheduling queue. You can schedule anything from a day in advance to a couple months in advance. I suggest keeping your queue full for at least a week – maybe even two.

This will allow you time to see any new trends for which you can jump on board! But if you’re going on vacation, you set your queue for an entire month and people will keep seeing your pins!


Tailwind scheduler


Select the day and time you want your pin to appear. You can also select the interval at which your pin goes live. This is helpful because if you pin everything 10 times a day you’re just going to look Spam-y and people will stop coming to your website.

A good rule of thumb is to set your interval to pin a post 1 time a day MAX. ***Just to clarify, you should pin multiple posts, but each specific post to a specific board at most 1 time a day.

Every time you create a new post, you should immediately add it to your queue.



Tailwind not only makes scheduling your pins easy, but they also have some other really cool features such as the ability to:

  1. Monitor Your Domain Traffic

  2. Track Your Performance 

  3. Create a Pin directly from your account

  4. Suggest How to Optimize Your content with other Trending Pins

  5. Offer FREE Pinterest Marketing Courses for Optimizing Your Pinterest Strategy

  6. Their Extensions for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox make it easier to schedule directly from a webpage or a post

  7. They are now connected with Instagram!

  8. You can Schedule from your phone with their Mobile App

  9. You can see who liked your post, who followed your board

  10. Weekly performance stats linked to your Google Analytics 



You can sign up for a FREE TRIAL account. The best news…it NEVER expires! With the trail account, you are allowed to schedule 100 pins.

After your free trial, it’s $15/month with the option to pay for an entire year for a discounted rate of $119 (which averages out to $9.99/month).

They also offer an incentive with an affiliate link that will credit your account $15 for each person who signs up – plus $5 towards an Amazon Gift Card.



bonus ninja

Take out your spreadsheet that lists all your previous posts. Start at the top and schedule the first 10 posts to re-pin for 10 days. After that 10 days, move down to the next 10 on your list and do the same.

This way you are constantly pinning and effectively utilizing your archived content. There are new members on Pinterest every day and the more fresh eyeballs you get on your content, the more traffic you will have.

If someone finds an older pin of yours interesting, they may visit your site to sift through all your old content to see what all you have to offer…but most people won’t sift through your archives. But when you constantly re-pin your old posts, you are increasing your chances of reaching a new follower – maybe even your biggest follower yet!


Go ahead – Give TAILWIND a try today!

If you sign up through this affiliate link – you will automatically be credited $15 – That’s 1 month FREE – towards your PLUS ACCOUNT!

(I didn’t get this offer when I signed up directly from the website! Don’t make my mistake!)tailwind affiliate


What Social Media Platforms do you use? Drop me a comment below! Are you a fellow Tailwind user? Talk to me about your experience! Feel free to share any other marketing strategies you use!


Need a Website? Learn how to CREATE ONE HERE!

Wanting to Maximize your SEO? Check out the best KEYWORD TOOL HERE.

Want to rank higher in Google? Learn my Strategy HERE!


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5 STEPS ON HOW TO ACHIEVE A GOAL + plus bonus Ninja Strategies

5 Steps for reaching your goals
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5 Steps for reaching your goals


We all have them, but the act of achieving them is hard! (Remember your last New Year’s Resolution? Neither do I)

Sure, we have motivation in the beginning, but how do we stand by our promises when things get tough? When things get down and dirty it’s easy to wash our hands and release ourselves from the grind and hard work it takes to achieve our dreams.

But don’t give up! Don’t give in and let failure become yet another adjective that describes you. You can do this! And if you follow these 5 simple steps on how to achieve a goal – with a little hard work – anything is possible. Let’s go!




1. WRITE IT DOWN!pen and paper

Write down what you plan to achieve. Once you write it down, you have begun to create a plan of action. That’s a great first step. It’s simple, easy, and accomplishable. So go ahead – write it down.

Now, take out your calendar, your day planner, or any other app you use for keeping track of your schedule. Block out time each day to actively work on your goal. Whether it’s a writing goal, a workout goal, or simply cleaning out the refrigerator – if you don’t actively schedule it into your life, it won’t happen!

It’s easy to make excuses or make last minute plans – but keep to your schedule. You might have to start by waking up early, going to bed late, or even skipping your lunch break. But if there’s a will, there’s a way!



jump into actionAfter you’ve written down your goal and have a time slot dedicated to achieving that goal, it’s time to make a plan.

What practical steps can you take to move you closer to where you want to be?

For example, your overarching goal might be to lose weight. But that’s not a plan of action – that’s simply an idea.

A plan of action would be to use your time you have already blocked out in your calendar to create a meal plan for the whole week. You might also use that time to create a list of exercises to do each day – and then go do them!

Your plan is only as good as the actions you are willing to actually do! Try creating an overarching goal and then breaking it down into simpler steps. Create a goal for the week and write down practical steps to take each day.

Give yourself small goals that are achievable every day. It feels good to accomplish something and it will help keep you motivated if you can actively make progress each day.


3. GET RID OF TIME WASTERSstop wasting time

You have a goal to achieve! Get rid of time wasters and time-wasting activities (like worrying if you will make it). You’ve got steps to take and places to go! You don’t have time to be bogged down by negative attitudes or people who aren’t helping you achieve your dreams!

Whether it’s a person or an activity, stop putting valuable time and effort into those things aren’t encouraging and that will weigh you down in the long run. It might even be as simple as temporarily giving up your nightly television routine to make time for what you really want to accomplish.



too legit to quitWhat motivates you? What gets you out of bed in the morning? Find something every day that will keep you motivated and on track for following your dreams. This could be a blog, a video, or simply a friend who is always encouraging!

I like to find encouraging quotes and hang them on my mirror! They are the first things I look at every day and they allow me to start my day in the right mindset.


5. THE IMPORTANCE OF A BREAKrest and rejuvenate

Never underestimate the power of taking a break.

We all need rest and breaks from everyday routines to keep ourselves from getting ‘burned out.’

Think of it this way – when I workout, I usually do short bursts of high intensity training followed by a lower impact move.

If I only did the high intensity, I wouldn’t have lasted long in continuing my workout routine. Sometimes, the only thing getting me through a high intensity workout segment is knowing that in roughly 3 minutes, I will get a chance to catch my breath.



When you’re trying to achieve a goal, try and find these 3 people: 


1. Someone who has been there

Find someone who has already achieved the goal you have set ahead for yourself. Learn from them, grow from their knowledge and wisdom, and they can become one of your biggest motivators.


2. Someone who IS there

Find someone who has as similar goal and who is close to where you are currently. You can help motivate each and share your learned wisdom along the way. It’s nice to have a buddy who you can run through the ‘trials and errors’ with. This is a learning process and when you’re on a journey with someone, it’s easier to stay on task.


3. Someone who is where you were 

Never underestimate the wisdom you have already gained in your life’s journey. There is someone out there who could use your knowledge to help them succeed and achieve their goals. Be someone’s person they can come to for advice.


The Power Helping others:  live each day to make an impact on someone else’s life. Think of it this way: What will you leave behind? What will your legacy be?

If I die tomorrow and this is the last thing I leave behind, the last thing I get to write – I’m okay with that. Live each day like THAT – every day should be an opportunity to make a difference in somebody’s life.


Need some more motivations? Check out THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING.

What are your goals?

CHALLENGE: Leave ONE goal in the comment section below and I will follow up with you to see how you’re doing! Because together, we can make things happens!


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BEST BUDGETING APPS – Know Your Options!

budgeting mobile apps
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Spending your money on an endangered cat species – Optional.


Keeping track of your money with a budget – Not Optional

(unless you really don’t care where your money goes. And if that is the case – I’m in need of a new air conditioning unit. 😊)

budgeting mobile apps

But if you’re looking to stay in control of your money, here is a list of some of the top budgeting apps that can help you keep track of your financial goals.

Note: Budget apps generally have the same core features. They let you set up a budget and help you keep track of your expenses. Most Apps are free with options to pay for the privilege of linking your bank account.

Here is a list of some of the top-rated budget apps. I will highlight some of the features that set them apart from the rest of the bunch.

Choose the one that looks good to you and start budgeting today!


Budget APP Options


  • Wally is a relatively new company that offers an app that lets you compare your income with your expenses.
  • You can set goals directly with the app and see your progress
  • My favorite feature is the ability to scan your receipts
  • You can also keep track of your spending daily as well as monthly


Level Money

  • Level money allows you to link more than one bank account
  • This is your simple, basic tracker
  • Favorite Features: they make predictions for your balances and regular bills. They also have a spendable feature which allows you to label your purchases as ‘essentials’ vs. ‘non-essentials’ which is good if you’re trying to save money and need a quick reference on what items you can cut out of your spending.


Mvelopesmvelopes app

  • This app follows the principles and ideas of Envelope Budgeting
  • There are 3 different versions: Free, Premium, and Coaching
  • With the free version, you are allowed only a set amount of budget categories. If you want the unlimited option you have to become a Premium member.
  • I do like their coaching feature. If you’re really struggling to save and budget, they offer coaching sessions to help maximize your budget and help you plan for retirement.



  • Mint is a more popular budgeting system that prides itself on being the “All In One” budgeting app
  • They do budgets, automatic billing, and lets you track your credit score
  • They offer investment ideas and will even give advice on finding loans and opening credit cards


Pocket GuardPocket Guard App

  • This is a very simple budgeting app. They offer a paid version with more features.
  • The home screen lets you see how much money you have ‘in pocket’ (be aware of the account balances trap)
  • They track your bills, your income, and your outgoing expenses.


Good Budget

  • Relies heavily on the Envelope Budgeting System (my preferred method)
  • They offer a free plan, but their paid plan is only $5/month or you can pay for the whole year at a discounted rate of $45. I would highly recommend this app if you are wanting to mobilize your envelope budgeting method


YNAB – You Need A Budget

  • This is a Paid service. You can try it free for 34 days, but after that you pay $5/month or $50/yr.
  • They also rely on the envelope system.
  • They have 4 basic principles:
  1. Give Every Dollar a job
  2. Embrace your true expenses (i.e. saving for car repairs)
  3. “Roll with the Punches” – a nice ‘don’t sweat it’ attitude.
  4. Age your money – This is the heart of their training. They offer classes to show you how to save enough to begin living off last month’s income.


My #1 Choice

Every Dollar budget app. See how to set up your budget with this Step-by-Step tutorial. EveryDollar was founded by Dave Ramsey who made the Envelope Budgeting system famous. This is what I personally use in my home.

Check out Dave Ramsey’s life changing book!


Did I miss one? What’s your favorite Budget app? If you want more details about budgeting please drop me a comment below and I’d be happy to guide you anyway I can.


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Envelope Budgeting
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Envelope Budgeting



Envelope budgeting is a technique made famous by Dave Ramsey to teach you how to curb your spending and teach you discipline. It’s a budgeting method that allows you to plan how you will spend your money in advance.

This will not only allow you the freedom to spend your money as you choose, but also helps halt spending sprees that can slap your account balance with overdraft fees. Making a conscious choice of how you are going to spend your money beforehand will allow for discipline in your everyday spending choices.


Account Balances vs. Envelope system

boxing kangarooIt’s very common for people to use the account balance system when making their spending choices.


What is the account balance system?

Great question! This is when you look at your deposits, see how much money you’ve already spent, and make a choice to purchase something based on your account balance.

Deposits – Withdrawals = Account Balance

This is great in the short term – or just a quick check up, but let’s look at a scenario where this might get you into more trouble than it’s worth.


  • Sally gets paid $2000 at the beginning of the month.

  • Sally sees that she still has $1200 by the 15th of the month. This is great! She made it half way through on minimal spending and decides she wants to treat herself to a few new outfits.

  • She buys a few outfits for $300 and then decides to eat at a fancy restaurant and spends another $50.

  • Sally still has $850 left – and seeing that she only spent $800 the first half of the month this seems like a good scenario. Except one little detail. Sally also forgets things.

  • Sally forgot that her rent payment of $450 is due on the 25th.  She also forgot that her water and electric bill are also due at the end of the month which is another $175.

  • Now, she has to make it on 2 weeks spending under $225. Sure, she could eat Ramen every night for dinner – but when her car breaks down, now she is very worried that her account will be over drafted and she will have to pay those fees on top of everything else!


Have you ever found yourself in a similar scenario? I know I have. I remember in college when there was a time that I literally had $.02 in my bank account – THAT was scary! And yes, I ate Ramen for dinner – a lot of Ramen…

If this has ever happened to you, or if it’s still happening, then you might want to consider the Envelope System.


No, seriously – What is an Envelope Budget?the answer

This is a budgeting system designed to Plan and Track ALL your projected expenses. This is the rent payment, the water bill, the phone bill, grocery shopping, gas money – any category of items you knowingly spend money on each month.


Here’s how it works:

When you get paid, cash your check! If you get paid 1x a month, you can choose to cash half of it – especially if this is a new system. That way you can see how you are doing in the middle of the month and learn to play around with your numbers until you get them right.

Buy envelopes – standard, Manila, whatever you prefer. (or, if you’re broke, staple 2 pieces of paper together to make your own!)

Write a category on each envelope – 1 category per envelope. You will most likely have one for RENT, one for GAS, one for WATER/ELECTRIC, GROCERIES, etc.…You’re going to need a lot of envelopes!

Decide upfront how much you are going to spend in each category.

Start with the payments that are consistent, (most likely your Mortgage, Cell Phone Bill, Car Payment, Cable Bill, etc.…)

Then, put the exact amount of money (that you cashed) into each corresponding envelope.

Next, decide your other categories (restaurants, groceries, etc.…) Then, decide how much money you will spend that month (or half the month if you have decided to go that route) and put that amount of money into those envelopes…Did I mention that you will need A LOT of envelopes???

They Even Come In Pink!

If you have extra money left over, you can add more to a specific category – or what I do is set aside a MISCELLANEOUS fund for when the air conditioner breaks, etc.…

Use ALL your money. Put it somewhere – don’t just leave it without a home. (you can always revisit this later: see important notes below)

Finally, throughout the month, every time a bill comes up, grab your cash and pay! There’s no fuss and no wondering if the money will be there because YOU decided BEFOREHAND to set that money aside for that specific purpose.


What happens when you run out of money?

You stop spending in that category. Don’t go out to eat if it’s not planned in your budget. If you’re friends call you up to go out, volunteer to be the designated driver. (*tip: most restaurants give the DD free fountain drinks)

If you run out of grocery money – you might have to eat rice and beans a few nights.


Three things you learn when Envelope Budgeting

1. How to allocate all money to specific categories

2. How to Control Impulse Spending

3. Shows you practically and in real life how much you’ve spent and how much you have left to spend.


  1. Celebrate your left overs

2. Don’t Cheat! If you get to the store and forget your envelope at home – turn around and go back for it!



This is a tool to help you allocate where your money goes. Are you going to get it right the first time? No. Will have to adjust and re-adjust your categories and your envelopes until you find a routine and system that is personal to your own lifestyle? YES!

Please don’t starve for the sake of ‘doing it right.’ If you budgeted $175 for your water/electric bill and it only costs you $125 for that month, then you can plan on moving the extra into another category that might be running low – groceries/gas, etc.…

Remember THIS is your budget. This is YOUR lifestyle. No one can come in and magically set up a perfect budget for you. YOU have to do it.

Once it becomes a habit, I promise that you will barely notice it. And it really is freeing knowing what you get to spend money on each month!

My husband and I each have money set aside as our ‘blow’ money. This means we can spend it on whatever we want – no questions asked! If I want to spend it on Coconut water and Yoga, I can!



Isn’t carrying around all that cash dangerous? Probably. But if it’s the discipline you need to get you started on your way to having more control, then do it – even if it’s just for a while. But if you want a more secure way, there are many programs out there that will allow you to follow this system digitally either by APP or computer.


Or go mobile with these TOP BUDGETING APPS.

If you want more personalized advice on how to use this budgeting system, drop me a comment below! I’d love to help you get started.

Looking for ways to save money? Check out these top Money Saving Restaurant Apps and Top Online Coupon Websites!

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